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Old 02-26-2019, 10:53 AM   #1
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Default Desperately Seeking Svengoolie Shows

Anyone have any Svengoolie shows that they are interested in trading? I recently lost over 100 Svengoolie shows that I had foolishly transferred from DVD to Hard Drive and that Drive crashed, and now I'm only left with about 20 shows on DVD yet, and he's my favorite to watch. I don't have much in the way of horror host stuff to trade but I do have a large collection of W/O/C recordings to offer if that's of interest? I'm also interested in finding out horror host stuff like The Ghoul, Elvira, Sammy Terry, Ghoulardi, Big Chuck and Lil' John, Crematia Mortem, Saturday Night Dead etc. Please PM Me if you have any Sven shows. I'm really craving them.

here's my trade list:

Movies W/O/C (Recorded off of television with commercials):

2001: A Space Odyssey (WTXX-20 Waterbury, CT 11-15-85 w/o/c)
2001: A Space Odyssey (WSOC-TV Charlotte, NC 1-9-88 w/o/c 2DVD)
976-Evil (USA Network Airing 10/1996 w/o/c)
10 (WGN-Airing 7/9/1986 w/o/c + timeshift )
13 Ghosts (TNT Network; 100% Weird mid/late '90s w/o/c)
A Chump At Oxford (WPIX-NY Ch. 11 Mid 80s w/o/c)
A Christmas Carol (CBS 12/22/1985 w/o/c)
A Christmas Carol (TBS Airing 1988 w/o/c)
A Christmas Story (TBS Airing 1995 missing first 15mins)
A Star Is Born (ABC Sunday Night; 11/2/1980 w/o/c 2 DVD)
A Taste For Killing (USA Network TV-Movie Late 1992)
Adventures In Babysitting (ABC Movie Special; 10/20/90 w/o/c)
Airplane! (NBC Monday Night Movie 4/15/1985 w/o/c)
Airport '75 (NBC Sat. Night Movie 4/22/78 w/o/c)
All The President's Men (NBC Sunday Big Event; 11/9/80 w/o/c 2DVD)
Altered States (ABC Movie Special; 6/7/1985 w/o/c)
Alien ( 3/25/84 ABC Sunday Night Movie w/o/c)
Aliens (CBS Special Movie; 3/14/1989 w/o/c 2DVD)
American Graffiti (TBS Airing-Late Night Early '90s w/o/c)
American Graffiti (WPIX-NY 10/18/1986 w/o/c 2 DVD)
American Graffiti (NBC Sunday Big Event; 3/8/1981 w/o/c)
American Graffiti (1997 TNT airing w/o/c 2DVD)
Annie (NBC Monday Night Movie 1987 w/o/c)
Annie Hall (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 9/16/79 w/o/c)
Annette Funicello Story (1995 CBS TV Movie w/o/c)
Any Which Way You Can (CBS Special Movie; 2/6/1983 w/o/c)
Apartment, The (Jack Lemmon; WDZL-11 NY; 3/15/1983 w/o/c)
Apocalypse Now (ABC Sunday Night Movie 05/08/1983) 2 DVD
Apocalypse Now (WPIX-11 NYC 11/20/1987 w/o/c)
The African Queen (WGN Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
Army Of Darkness (USA Network Airing 1998 w/o/c)
Arsenic & Old Lace (Colorized; WGN 10-10-1988 w/o/c)
Back To School (TBS Airing 1997 w/o/c)
Bates Motel (NBC Sunday Night Movie; 7/5/1987 w/o/c)
Beatles Help (Los Angeles KTLA-TV 1982 w/o/c)
Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story (ABC TV-Movie Mid/Late '90s)
Beat The Devil (John Huston; KSTW-TV Movie 1985 w/o/c)
Bedknobs & Broomsticks (ABC Special Movie 2/12/1989 w/o/c)
Beverly Hills Cop (ABC Sunday Night Movie 5-15-88 w/o/c)
The Big Chill (CBS Wednesday Movie; 5/28/1986 w/o/c)
The Big Sleep (WGN Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
Black Sunday (CBS Special Presentation; 1/21/79 w/o/c 2DVD)
Billy Jack (CBS Special Movie; 5/10/1980 w/o/c)|
Birds, The (Hitchcock; KSTW-TV 1985 w/o/c)
Black Hole (ABC Movie 5/23/1987 w/o/c)
Blue Hawaii (TBS Airing 6/16/1983 w/o/c)
Blue Angel, The (Von Sternberg; Public Television with Bumper Mid '80s, No Commercials)
Blue Thunder (ABC Airing 4/6/1986 w/o/c)
The Bodyguard (CBS Monday Night Movie 1998 w/o/c)
Bonnie & Clyde ( 1988 TBS Airing w/o/c 2DVD)
Brainstorm ( KMSP-Minneapolis 6/3/1985 w/o/c)
The Blues Brothers (ABC Sunday Night Movie 10/17/1982) 2DVD
The Blues Brothers (TBS 1991 airing w/o/c 2DVD)
Brave New World (NBC Night TV-Movie 1998 w/o/c)\
Breaking Away (ABC Monday Night Movie; 5/5/1980 w/o/c)
Breakfast At Tiffany's (CBS-NY Late Show 1981 w/o/c)
Caddyshack (CBS Thursday Night Movie 2/8/1983)
Caddyshack TBS Airing-Big Playstation Saturday 11/15/2003)
The Candidate (NBC Movie Special; 2/10/1980 w/o/c)
Capricorn One (NBC Sunday Big Event; 4/19/1981 w/o/c)
Carrie (CBS Tuesday Night Movie-Alt.Cut Version 10/3/1978)
Casablanca (WGN Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
Casablanca (Australia Television airing 1982 w/o/c)
Cased Closed (CBS Made-for-TV Movie 1988 w/o/c)
Cat's Eye (Stephen King; MGM/UA Premiere Network KCPQ-TV 1988 w/o/c)
Child's Play 3 (USA Network 1997)
Chinatown (TBS 3-19-88 w/o/c)
Children Of A Lesser God (CBS Special Movie 1/2/1990 w/o/c; missing a few minutes at the end)
Christmas Carol, A (1984) *(1988 CBS Airing w/o/c)
Christmas Toy (Jim Henson; ABC Sunday Night 12/6/86 w/o/c)
Cinderfella (Jerry Lewis; WFAA-8 Dallas, TX 3-25-1982 w/o/c)
City Slickers (ABC Sunday Night Movie 1994-w/o/c) 2 DVD
Citizen Kane ( Orson Welles; WCIX-6 Miami 4/11/1984 w/o/c)
Clambake (Elvis; Fox Affiliate 08-30-1987 w/o/c)
The Clone Master (1993 Sci-Fi Channel Movie w/o/c 2 hrs)
Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind (ABC Sunday Movie 12/30/1984) 2DVD
Cocoanuts, The (Marx Bros.; WGN Chicago 5/1979 w/o/c)
Coming Home (NBC Monday Night Movie; 9/20/82 w/o/c 2DVD)
The Conversation (CBS Wednesday Movie; 8/9/1978 w/o/c)
Convoy (ABC Sunday Night Movie 4/12/81 w/o/c)
Cracked-Up (TV Movie 1987)
Creepshow ( TNT Airing Saturday Movie 10/1997 w/o/c)
Creepshow ( WPIX-TV Ch. 11 Philly, PA Oct. 1990 w/o/c)
Darkman (NBC Sunday Night Mid '90s w/o/c)
Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (TBS-Airing 10/13/1988 w/o/c)
Day The Earth Stood Still, The (WGN Airing 9/27/1983 w/o/c)
The Day After (ABC Special Presentation 1983 + Post-airing discussion on Nightline) 2DVD
The Deep ( ABC Sunday Night Movie ??/1980 w/o/c 2 DVD)
Deliverance (NBC Monday Night Movie; 4/9/1979 w/o/c)
Detective School Dropouts (Comedy Central 1997 w/o/c 2DVD)
Diamonds Are Forever (ABC Sunday Night; 5/27/1990 w/o/c)
Die Hard 2 (CBS Tuesday Movie; 11/9/1993 w/o/c 2DVD)
Doctor Zhivago (ABC Sunday Night; 3/23/1980 w/o/c 2DVD)
The Dove (A&E Network 1991)
Dune (Universal Pictures Network; Early '90s Airing w/o/c) 2DVD
Dracula (WTTX-TV Hartford, CT. 10/12/1987)
Dracula (1975) (CBS WBBM-TV Chicago 11/28/1992 w/o/c)
Dr. No (ABC Sunday Night Movie; Late '80s w/o/c) 2 DVD
Driving Miss Daisy (ABC Movie Of The Week Early/Mid '90s)
Drowning Pool, The (NBC Big Event; 2/25/1979 w/o/c)
Duel (Steven Spielberg; Australian Airing TVQ 7/8/1985 w/o/c)
Duel (Steven Spielberg; KTSW-TV 1987 w/o/c)
Earth's Final Fury (NBC TV-Movie Date: ?? w/o/c)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (CBS Thanksgiving Movie 11-26-1991)
Educating Rita (CBS 7/22/1988 w/o/c + Beauty & Beast w/o/c 2DVD)
Elvis: The Movie (WXMI-TV Grand Rapids, MI Late '80s - missing couple mins. at front)
Elvis: The Movie (ABC Sunday Night; 2/11/1978 w/o/c 2 DVD)
Elvis & The Colonel: The Untold Story (NBC Sunday; 1/10/93 w/o/c)
Elvis And Me (ABC Sunday Night Movie 2/7/1988 w/o/c)
Embryo (NBC Friday Night Movie; 9/18/1981 w/o/c)
Empire Strikes Back, The (Australian TV Airing 9/2/1986 w/o/c)
Empire Strikes Back, The (NBC Sunday Night; 6/28/92 w/o/c 2DVD)
The Enforcer (NBC Sunday Night Movie 1985)
Excalibur (J. Boorman; KTHV-TV CBS Little Rock 7-16-85 w/o/c)
The Executioner's Song (NBC Sunday Night Movie KNBC-L.A. 11/28/1982 w/o/c - Part 1 of 2 only)
The Exorcist (CBS Friday Night Movie 5-9-81 w/o/c)
Ewok Adventure, The (ABC Sunday Night 11/24/1984 w/o/c)
Falling Down (Michael Douglas; ABC 5/11/1995 w/o/c)
Falling From The Sky (ABC TV-Movie 1995 w/o/c)
Far & Away (ABC Sunday Night Movie Mid '90s w/o/c 2 DVD)
Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1997 WSBK-TV Airing w/o/c)
Five Easy Pieces (TBS 11-27-84 w/o/c)
Flashdance (NBC Airing 2/17/1986 w/o/c)
Fletch ( 1997 TBS Airing w/o/c)
Flight Of The Gray Wolf (A&E Network Early '90s w/o/c)
For Love or Money (CBS Movie Of The Week 11/20/1984 w/o/c)
Friday The 13th Part 5 (TNT Network 100% Weird Late '90s w/o/c)
Friday The 13th Marathon (Parts 1-3 TNT Network '96 w/o/c) 3DVD
Friday The Rabbi Slept Late (Ch. 7 Detroit, MI Mid '80s airing w/o/c 2hrs)
Frankenstein (WTTX-TV Hartford, CT. 10/24/1987)
Frankenstein Conquers The World (TNT Network 100% Weird Late '90s w/o/c)
Firefox (ABC Sunday Night Movie 3-23-1986) 2 DVD
First Blood (NBC Sunday Night Movie 09/29/1985)
Footloose (TBS Dinner & Movie 08/1996 w/o/c 2hrs)
Footloose (CBS Airing 1/3/1988 w/o/c 2hrs)
Footloose (CBS Airing 1/5/1987 wo/c 2hrs)
Freefall: Flight 174 (1995 ABC Movie w/o/c)
From Russia With Love (ABC Sunday Night + Timeshift 12/26/80 w/o/c 2 DVD)
Funny Farm (ABC Movie Of The Week 1993)
Gauntlet, The (ABC Airing 3/4/1985 w/o/c)
Gentleman Jim (1982 KTLA-TV Los Angeles w/o/c)
Ghostbusters (ABC Movie of the Week 1/29/1989 w/o/c)
Ghostbusters (ABC Thursday Night Movie 9/24/1987 w/o/c)
The Ghost & Mr. Chicken ( TBS 10-3-86 w/o/c)
Gimme An 'F' (WXMI-TV Fox-17 Grand Rapids,MI. 1995)
GI Joe: The Movie (Unknown Network w/o/c 1987)
GI Joe: Revenge Of Cobra (Unknown Network w/o/c 1984)
G.I. Blues (Elvis; TBS-Airing 10/8/1986 w/o/c
Goldfinger (ABC Sunday Night Movie 9/24/1982 w/o/c)
Godzilla Marathon (WTIC-TV Ch. 61 Fox Affiliate 3.5 Godzilla movies Late '80s) 4hrs.
Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (WTSW-TV Seattle, WA Mid 1977 w/o/c)
Goonies, The (NBC Special Movie 10/1988 w/o/c missing first 10 minutes)
Gone With The Wind (CBS Airing 2/14/1984 w/o/c 2 DVD)
Goodbye Girl, The (ABC Sunday Night; 11/1/1981 w/o/c)
Grease (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 11/8/1981 w/o/c)
Grease 2 (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 1/26/1986 w/o/c)
Great Muppet Caper, The ( 1989 airing w/o/c)
Gremlins (NBC Sunday Night Movie 1/1989 w/o/c)
Gremlins (WTXF Fox-29 w/o/c 12/90's)
Gung Ho (NBC Sunday Night Movie; 1/15/1989 w/o/c)
The Gypsy Moths (NBC Special Movie 3-27-81 w/o/c)
Hardly Working (Jerry Lewis Hosted; KTLA-Los Angeles, CA 1989)
Harvest Of Fire (CBS TV-Movie Of The Week Mid '90s)
Harvey (KTLA-TV Los Angeles, CA 1984 w/o/c)
Halloween ( NBC Special Movie 10/31/1981 w/o/c)
Halloween II ( NBC Special Movie 10/30/1987)
Halloween II (PHIL-17 Philly, PA Oct. 90 w/o/c)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch ( KCPQ-TV 1987 w/o/c)
Happy Gilmore (NBC Broadcast Airing 1996 w/o/c)
Harry & The Hendersons (KSTW-TV 1989 Airing w/o/c)
Heartbeat (1993 CBS TV-Movie w/ John Ritter)
High Noon (TBS-Airing 9/21/1985 w/o/c)
Home Alone 2 (ABC Movie Of The Week 1997)
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (CBS 11/26/1991 w/o/c)
Hooper (WGN Airing 3/26/1986 w/o/c)
Invasion USA (TBS-airing 1997 w/o/c)
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday ( TNT Airing 1993 w/o/c)
The Jacksons: An American Family (ABC TV-Mini Series 1992- Part 1 of 2 only)
Jayne Mansfield Story (CBS Detroit; Wed. Night Movie 10/29/80 w/o/c)
Jaws (ABC Sunday Night Movie 1980) 2DVD
Jaws II (TBS Airing Mid '90s)
Jaws II (ABC Sunday Night Movie Mid 1983 w/o/c)
Jaws: The Revenge ( TBS Airing Early '90s w/o/c)
Jeremiah Johnson (1972) (1998 w/o/c)
The Jerk (Ch. 50 Detroit, MI. 8/13/1988 w/o/c)
The Jerk (ABC Monday Night Movie 2/15/1982 w/o/c)
Jesus Christ Superstar (WXYZ-TV Detroit, MI. 4/7/80 w/o/c)
Joan Of Arc (CBS TV-Mini-Series 1999 w/o/c) 2 DVD
John Carpenter's The Thing (WTXX-20 10-16-1987 w/o/c)
The Karate Kid (NBC Sunday Night Movie 3/2/1987) 2DVD
Key Largo (WGN Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
The Killing (Stanley Kubrick; 1956 WKID-Miami Ch. 51 4/21/1981 w/o/c)
King Kong (WOR-NY Holiday Movie 11/26/1981 w/o/c)
Kingdom Of The Spiders (ABC Friday Night Movie; 7/31/81 w/o/c)
King Of Kings (Nicholas Ray; 1992 TBS Airing w/o/c)
Kramer Vs. Kramer (ABC Sunday Night; 11/7/1982 w/o/c 2DVD)
Kung Fu: The Movie (ABC Special Presentation 1977 w/o/c)
The Ice Pirates (WPIX-NY 9/28/1986 w/o/c)
Invasion USA (1997 TBS Airing w/o/c)
I Was A Teenage Werewolf (1955 WOR-TV New York Airing 1983 w/o/c)
I Walk The Line (1970) (TBS 9-15-84 w/o/c)
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (WLIV-TV Boston, MA. 1989)
It's Alive (1969: Larry Buchanan; TBS: Nite Flix Early '90s)
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (CBS Sunday Night Movie 1983) 2DVD
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (CBS 12/31/1976 w/o/c)
Lefty! The Carol Johnson Story (WILX-10 Lansing, MI 10/22/80 w/o/c)
Little Darlings ( 1990; WPVI-TV Philly, PA Million Dollar Movie w/o/c)
Living Daylights, The (ABC Sunday Night; 4/15/1990 w/o/c 2DVD)
Long, Hot Summer, The (NBC Mini-Series; 10/6-10/7/85 w/o/c 2DVD)
Lost World, The: Jurassic Park (Fox Network Airing Late '90s w/o/c)
Love Leads The Way (Disney/ABC Sunday Night Movie 10/7/1984)
Lucas (FOX Family Channel 00/1998 w/o/c)
Mr. Sardoncius (TNT Network 100% Weird mid/late '90s w/o/c)
Macabre (TNT Network; 100% Weird; MId/late '90s w/o/c)
Mad Max (Australian Television Airing 11/9/1984 w/o/c)
Magical Mystery Tour (1967) - The Beatles, Taken from Night Flight on USA Network 7/1985 w/o/c
Main Event, The (ABC Thurs. Night Movie; 7/24/1985 w/o/c)
The Maltese Falcon (WGN Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
The Manitou (WCBS-New York 8/29/1984 w/o/c)
Marilyn & Me (ABC Special Movie 9/22/1991 w/o/c)
Mask (Cher/Eric Stoltz; 12-1-87 NBC Special Movie w/o/c)
The Mechanic (Brosnon; WNYW-TV Fox NY; 2/25/1987 w/o/c)
Merlin (NBC Special TV-Movie 1998 w/o/c 4hrs)
The Memory Of Eva Ryker (5/7/1980 CBS Special Presentation; 3 hrs) 2 DVD
The Midnight Hour (ABC Movie Special; 11/1/1985 w/o/c)
Midway (NBC Sunday Night Movie 1980 w/o/c 2DVD)
Missing ( Jack Lemmon; CBS Special Movie; 3/13/1985 w/o/c)
Mommie Dearest (CBS Special Movie 11/19/1983 w/o/c) 2DVD
Mommie Dearest (CBS Airing 8/9/1986 w/o/c)
The Monster Squad (WFXG-TV Augusta Mid/Late '90s 2hrs w/o/c)
Monkey Business (Marx Bros.; KTLA-Los Angeles 8/1984 w/o/c)
Moonraker (ABC Sunday Night; 11/22/1981 w/o/c)
Moonraker (ABC Sunday Night; 7/29/1990 w/o/c)
Mrs. Dellafield Wants to Marry (Airing 12/12/1987 w/o/c)
Munster, Go Home! (TBS Airing 8/16/85 w/o/c)
Muppets Take Manhattan, The (CBS Sat. Movie 1/24/87 w/o/c)
The Murder Of Mary Phagan (Fox-47 Lansing, MI. 1989 airing some commercials) 3 DVD
Murder By Death (ABC Airing 1983 w/o/c)
Naked Gun 2 1/2 (WGN Airing Mid '90s w/o/c)
National Lampoon's Animal House (WPIX-NY 11/13/1986 w/o/c)
National Lampoon's Vacation (NBC Sunday Night Movie 1985)
National Lampoon's European Vacation (TBS Airing Mid '90s)
The Natural (NBC Sunday Night Movie; 7/10/1988 w/o/c 2DVD)
Neanderthal Man (TNT Network 100% Weird Late '90s w/o/c)
Needful Things (TBS Airing Late '90s w/o/c)
Neverending Story, The (WPHIL-17 Philly 10/1988 w/o/c)
New York, New York (Scorsese NBC Airing 5/13/1982 w/o/c 2DVD)
Network (WCIX-6 Miami; 11/20/1984 w/o/c)
Nightmare On Elm Street 3 (USA Network 10/2000 w/o/c)
Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (USA Network 1997 w/o/c)
Night At The Opera, A (Marx Bros; KPDX-Portland; 5/88 w/o/c)
Nightstalker: Crackle Of Death (WQTV-Boston 1987 w/o/c)
Northstar (ABC Pilot-Movie 1986 w/o/c)
Odd Couple, The (WGN-Chicago 1987 w/o/c)
The Odyssey (NBC Mini-Series 1995 w/o/c) 2DVD
The OJ Simpson Story (Fox-TV Movie Ch. 56 Indianapolis, IN 1/31/95)
Omega Man, The (WTVJ-CBS Late Show Movie; 2/16/80 w/o/c)
Once In A Lifetime (Danielle Steele NBC Mid 90s w/o/c)
On Golden Pond (Sunday Night at The Movies; 2/5/1984 w/o/c)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (ABC Sunday Night; 8/1/82 w/o/c)
Outlaw Josey Wales, The (ABC Monday Movie; 11/1/1982 w/o/c)
Pennies From Heaven (Steve Martin; 12/1/1984 WCIX-Miami)
The Perfect Bride (Lifetime Movie '90s w/o/c)
Peter Benchley's Creature (ABC TV-Movie 1998 w/o/c) 2DVD
Pet Semetary (USA Network Airing 1993 w/o/c)
Pink Panther Strikes Again, The (1980 ABC Airing w/o/c)
Platoon (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 5/13/1990 w/o/c)
Playing For Time (CBS Special Movie; 9/30/1980 w/o/c)
Poltergeist (ABC Sunday Night Movie 4/14/1985)
Police Academy 2 (TBS Airing 1997 w/o/c)
Police Academy 3 (CBS KIRO-TV 1989 w/o/c)
Pretty Woman (NBC Sunday Night Movie Early '90s w/o/c 2DVD)
Prince in The City (ABC Monday Night Movie 1984 w/o/c Pt. 1 of 2 only; 2hrs)
The Princess Bride (KDAF-Fox Dallas; 1/22/1990 w/o/c)
Problem Child ( USA Network 1997 w/o/c)
Problem Child 2 (USA Network Airing '98 w/o/c)
Project ALF (NBC Special Movie 2/17/1996 w/o/c 2hrs)
Psycho II (CBS Special Movie 10/25/1986)
Raiders Of The Lost Ark (ABC Sunday Night Movie 1982) 2DVD
Rear Window (WBFS 33 Miami; 2-4-86 w/o/c)
Rear Window (WGN-Chicago 1991 w/o/c)
Rebel Without A Cause (A&E Network Late '80s some commercials only)
Rebel Without A Cause (TBS 2-13-86 w/o/c)
Rebel Without A Cause (ABC airing 12/4/1981 w/o/c)
Reckless (WPIX-NY MGM Network 7/14/1986 w/o/c)
Reluctant Astronaut, The (Don Knotts; TBS Airing 10/19/81 w/o/c)
Return Of The Incredible Hulk (CBS Movie 11/27/1977)
Return Of The King (Animated Hobbit; Ch. 20 Detroit 1985 w/o/c)
Return Of The Jedi (Australian TV Airing 1987 w/o/c)
Return Of The Jedi (NBC Sunday Night; 3/19/89 w/o/c)
Revenge Of The Pink Panther (1985 CBS Airing w/o/c)
Rich Men, Single Women (ABC TV-Movie 1/29/90; Missing last 30mins)
Right Stuff, The (ABC Sunday Night Movie 5/25/1986 w/o/c)
The Road Warrior (ABC Sunday Night Movie 12/1984 w/o/c)
Robocop (ABC Sunday Night Movie 1990)
Robot Carnival (Anime; TBS Airing 1994 w/o/c)
Rocky (CBS Sunday Night Movie 1979)
Rocky 2 (CBS Saturday Night Movie Early '80s) 2 DVD
The Rocketeer (ABC Saturday Night Movie 1994; missing first 30mins w/o/c)
Romancing The Stone (ABC Sunday Night 2/8/1987 w/o/c 2DVD)
Rumble Fish (A&E Network Airing 1991 w/o/c)
Shaggy Dog, The (ABC Sunday Night Movie 10/18/87 w/o/c 2DVD)
The Shining (ABC Sunday Might Movie 1985) 2 DVD
Sixteen Candles (WBFF-TV Airing Early '90s w/o/c)
Shootist, The (CBS Special Presentation; 10/27/1979)
Smokey And The Bandit (ABC Night Movie 01/1993)
Smokey And The Bandit III (USA Network w/o/c Late '90s)
Something Wicked This Way Comes (WPIX 11 NY 10/13/91 w/o/c)
Some Like It Hot (WOR-TV NJ 11/8/1984 w/o/c 2DVD)
Something Evil (Spielberg TV Movie; KPLR St. Louis 6/85 w/o/c)
Splash ( ABC-Airing 11/9/1986 w/o/c)
Spirits of the Dead (Eastern Coast Broadcast 1986 w/o/c)
Splendor In The Grass (Kazan; WCIX-Miami 3/11/84 w/o/c)
Saturday Night Fever ( ABC Movie Special; 9/20/1983 w/o/c 2DVD)
Spy Who Loved Me, The (ABC Sunday Night; 11/9/1980 w/o/c 2DVD)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ABC Monday Night Movie 3-9-1987) 2 DVD
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (ABC 2-24-85 w/o/c)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (ABC 2/11/88 w/o/c)
Star Trek III (ABC Monday Night Movie 4/20/1992 w/o/c)
Star Trek III (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 1/28/1990 w/o/c)
Star Trek 4 (ABC Sunday Night; 3/4/1990 w/o/c)
Star Trek 5 (ABC Sunday Night Movie 12/3/1991 w/o/c)
Starman (John Carpenter; CBS Tues. Movie; 1/10/1989 w/o/c)
Star Wars (CBS Movie Of The Week 1982)
Star Wars (CBS Movie Of The Week 2/1987) 2DVD
Star Wars (Australian TV Airing 1985 w/o/c)
Stephen King's IT (ABC Mini-Series 11/18-19/1990 w/o/c) 2 DVD
Stephen King's Storm Of The Century (ABC Mini-Series 2/18/99 Part 2 only w/o/c)
Stone Pillow "CBS TV Movie Tuesday Night; 11/5/85 w/o/c)
Streets Of Justice (NBC Movie Of The Week 2/3/1986)
Streetcar Named Desire, A (Ann-Margret ABC Movie; 3/4/1984 w/o/c)
The Stepford Wives (WTVJ-CBS Ch. 4 Miami 5/12/80 w/o/c 2DVD)
The Sting (ABC Sunday Night; 4/20/1980 w/o/c)
Stripes (ABC Sunday Night; 11/27/1983 w/o/c)
Summer of '42 (ABC Special Movie; 9/1/1984 w/o/c)
Summer Of My German Solider (TBS Airing 5/1986 w/o/c)
Superman: The Movie (WPIX 1988) 2DVD
Superman II (ABC Network 2/20/1984) 2DVD
Superman II (ABC Network 12/1985) 2DVD
Superman III (ABC Network 1986; Missing first 30mins)
Supergirl (ABC Saturday Night Movie; 6/22/1991 w/o/c)
Taxi Driver (ABC Sunday Night Movie 1/28/79 w/o/c)
Take The Money & Run (Woody Allen; WPIX-NY 11/7/84 w/o/c)
Teen Wolf (NBC Sunday Night Movie 1987)
Terror Comes To Tiny Town (USA Network Night Flight Airing 07/1986 w/o/c)
The Terminator (NBC Night Movie 9/26/1987 w/o/c)
Threads (WTBS Superstation Airing 1985 w/o/c)
Thunderball (ABC Movie 12/20/1981 w/o/c) 2DVD
Tickle Me (Elvis; TBS Airing 2/1989 w/o/c)
This House Possessed (TBS-Airing 10/31/1988 w/o/c)
The Tingler (TNT Network; 100% Weird; Mid/Late '90s w/o/c)
To Kill A Mockingbird (TBS Airing 12/1986 w/o/c)
Tootsie (ABC Sunday Night Movie; 3/27/1988 w/o/c)
The Tower (FOX Network TV-Movie 1993)
The Towering Inferno (WPIX-NY 1/24/88 2 DVD)
Trial By Fire (ABC TV-Movie 1995 w/o/c )
Tremors (USA Network Airing Late '97 or '98 w/o/c)
Twilight Zone: The Movie (Ch. 50 Detroit, MI. 1990 w/o/c)
Uncle Buck (USA Network 1992 w/o/c)
V: The Mini-Series (NBC Mini-Series; 7/30 & 7/31/1983 w/o/c 2 DVD)
V: The Final Battle (NBC 3-Night Mini-Series w/o/c 3DVD)
Victory (CBS-Airing 6/20/1986 w/o/c)
Village Of The Dragon (TNT Network 100% Weird Late '90s w/o/c)
The Warriors (KTLA Los Angeles, CA 2/25/1983)
Watcher In The Woods, The (WWOR-Secaucus 9/28/1990 w/o/c)
Where The Boys Are '84 (CBS Thurs. Movie 1/15/87 w/o/c)
White Dog (Samuel Fuller; Lifetime Network 1987 w/o/c)
White Lightning (CBS Friday Movie; 12/7/1977 w/o/c)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (CBS Airing Early '90s w/o/c)
Who's Daughter Is She? (CBS-TV Movie Mid 90s w/o/c)
The Wiz ( CBS Special Movie; 5/5/1984 w/o/c 2 DVD)
The Wizard Of Oz (CBS Network 3/19/1989 w/o/c)
The Wolfman (WTTX-TV Hartford, CT. 10/24/1987 w/o/c)
The Wolfman (WGN Chicago 10/9/1971 w/o/c)
Women of Independent Means, A (WXMI-TV Grand Rapids, MI. 1995 w/s/c) 3 DVD
Woodstock: The Movie (PBS Ch. 50 Detroit 1985; No commercials, only PBS breaks)
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles; 1984 TV Airing w/o/c)
Yojimbo (TNT Network Airing Early '90s w/o/c)
Zuma Beach (NBC Wed. Night Movie; 9/27/1978 w/o/c)

everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

Amazing Stories (NBC Original Broadcasts S1 w/o/c) 1 episode per DVD

Ghost Train (9-25-85)
The Main Attraction (10-6-85)
Alamo Jobe (10-20-85)
Mummy Daddy (10-27-85)
The Mission (11-3-85)
The Amazing Falsworth (11-5-85)
Fine Tuning (11-10-85)
Mr. Magic (11-17-85)
Guilt Trip (12-1-85)
Remote Control Man (12-8-85)
Santa '85 (12-15-85)
Vanessa In The Garden (12-29-85)
The Sitter (1-5-86)
No Problem At The Beach (1-12-86)
One for the Road (1-19-86)
Gather Ye Acorns (2-2-86)
Boo! (2-16-86)
Dorothy And Ben (3-2-86)
Mirror, Mirror (3-9-86)
Secret Cinema (4-6-86)
Hell Toupee (4-13-86)
One For The Books (5-11-86)
Grandpa's Ghost (5-25-86)

A-Team (NBC 2-Hour Pilot Movie 1/23/1983 w/o/c)
Buck Rogers (NBC 09/27/79 "Pilot Movie 2hrs w/o/c)
Buck Rogers (NBC 1/30/1980 "Twiki Is Missing" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 2/7/1980 "Olympiad" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 2/19/80 "A Dream Of Jennifer" w/o/c 60mins
Buck Rogers (NBC 3/27/80 "Flight War Witch" w/o/c 60mins
Buck Rogers (NBC 1/29/1981 "The Guardians" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 2/5/1981 "Mark Saurian" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 2/19/1981 "The Golden Man" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 3/5/1981 "The Crystals" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 3/19/1981 "Shgortachx!" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 3/26/1981 "Hand Of Goral" w/o/c 60mins)
Buck Rogers (NBC 4/9/1981 "Testimony Traitor" w/o/c 60mins"

Friday Night Videos (5/7/1983; No Host-Videos only)
Friday Night Videos (9/1983; No Host-Videos only)
Friday Night Videos (9/1983; No Host-Videos only)
Friday Night Videos (10/24/1986; Host: Justine Bateman)
Friday Night Videos (06/1987; Host: Chris Elliot)
Friday Night Videos (07/17/1987; Host: ALF)
Friday Night Videos (10/30/1987; Host: Elvira)
Friday Night Videos (11/6/1987; Host: Elayne Boosler)
Friday Night Videos (11/13/1987; Host; Buddy Hackett)
Friday Night Videos (11/20/1987; Host: Jason Bateman)
Friday Night Videos (11/27/87; Host: Yakov Smirnoff)
Friday Night Videos (3/11/1988; Host: Lisa Bonet)
Friday Night Videos (3/18/1988; Host: Jeff Altman)
Friday Night Videos (4/1/1988; Host: Sandra Bernhard)
Friday Night Videos (4/15/1988; Host: Argus Hamilton)
Friday Night Videos (4/22/1988; Host: Richard Lewis)
Friday Night Videos (4/29/1988; Host: Sean Lennon)
Friday Night Videos (5/6/1988; Host: Emo Phillips)
Friday Night Videos (5/13/1988; Host: Kadeem Hardison)
Friday Night Videos (5/20/1988; Host: Ron Howard)
Friday Night Videos (6/10/1988; Host: Jerry Seinfeld)
Friday Night Videos (6/17/1988; Host: George Miller)
Friday Night Videos (06/24/1988; Host: Gallagher)
Friday Night Videos (07/1/1988; Host: Richard Belzer)
Friday Night Videos (8/6/1988; Host: Michael Douglas)
Friday Night Videos (1988; Michael Jackson Tribute)
Friday Night Videos (1/13/1989; Host: Sinbad)
Friday Night Videos (2/3/1989; Host: Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Friday Night Videos (09/15/1989; Host: Michael Winslow)
Friday Night Videos (9/22/1989; Host: Penn & Teller)
Friday Night Videos (10/13/1989; Host: Tempestt Bledsoe)
Friday Night Videos (6th Anniv. Show 1989)
Friday Night Videos (2/9/1991; Host: Bell Biv Devoe)

Manimal (NBC Pilot Movie; 12-31-83 w/o/c 2hrs)
Miami Vice (Series Finale Episode 5/21/1989 w/o/c)

NBC Timeshift (11/18/78; Sat. Night Live, News, Jukebox 2hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (3/27/79; Daytime; Donahue+Game Shows 4 hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (02/06/81; Harper Valley, Brady Brides ++ 2hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (2/25/1981; She's A Good Skate, Charlie Brown ++ 90mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (4/21/1981; Hollywood Squares/50K Pyramid/Wheel +++ 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (2/3/1983; Family Feud/Fame 90mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (09/26/1984; Tonight Show/Late Night+ 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (06/22/1984; Tonight Show/Late Night 2hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (2/28/1985; Cosby/Family Ties/Cheers/NightCourt/Hill St. 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (05/28/1985; Bob Hope Special/Tonight Show/News+++ 4.5 hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (9/26/85; Cosby, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (10/3/1985; Cosby, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/10/1985; Amazing Stories/Hitchcock Presents 60mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/14/1985; Reagan Speech/Cosby/Family Ties+ 2 hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/17/1985; Amazing Stories/Hitchcock Presents 60mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (12/15/1985; Amazing Stories (Santa '85) + Hitchcock 60mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (2/14/1986; Disney Special / Knight Rider / Miami Vice)
NBC Timeshift (5/13/1986; A-Team/Hunter/Stingray 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/10/1986 & 11/17/1986; Alf x 2 / Amazing Stories x 2)
NBC Timeshift (10/24/1986; Friday Night Videos and The Tonight Show)
NBC Timeshift (11/24/1986; Alf / Amazing Stories 60mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (7/2/1987; Cosby/Family Ties/Cheers/Molly Dodd 2.5hrs. w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (10/28/1987; Highway To Heaven/Year In Life/St. Elsewhere 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (01/16/1988; She's Sheriff/Carter Country + 90mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/13/1988; Disney Special/Family Ties/ Back To The Future w/o/c) 2DVD
NBC Timeshift (02/04/1989; Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Hunter w/o/c 2 hrs)
NBC Timeshift (10/16/1989; Morning Block Game shows+Talk 4hrs w/o/c) 2 DVD
NBC Timeshift (1992; Final Cheers/Leno Tonight Show/News 4 hrs w/o/c) 2 DVD
NBC Timeshift (7/1/1992; Late Night Block: Leno/Letterman/Tom Synder 2.5hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (5/20/1993; Quantum Leap/Final Cheers/NBA Special 3hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (11/28/1993: Back To Bonanza Special / Seaquest 2032 2hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (2/2/1995; Mad About You x 2 / Seinfeld x2 4hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (3/21/1995; News Radio Premiere/Frasier/Craig Berko 90mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (3/28/1995; News Radio/Frasier/Craig Berko 90mins w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (4/4/1995; Frazier,Pride Joy, News Radio w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (4/29/1995; Empty Nest Finale/Sisters ++ 3 hrs w/o/c)
NBC Timeshift (1996: News Radio/Craig Berko Show + 90mins w/o/c) +++
NBC Timeshift (03/17/1997; Mad About You/Caroline City ++ w/o/c 2hrs)

Quantum Leap – Pilot Movie “Genesis” 03/26/1989 2hrs w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Kamikaze Kid 05/10/1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - The Americanization of Machiko 10-11-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Blind Faith 11-1-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Good Morning, Peoria 11-8-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Thou Shall Not... 11-15-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Jimmy 11-22-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - So Help Me God 11-29-1989 6omins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Catch A Falling Sar 12-6-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - A Portrait For Troian 12-13-1989 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Good Night, Dear Heart 3-7-1990 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Pool Hall Blues 3-14-1990 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Leaping In Without A Net 3-28-1990 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Maybe Baby 4-4-1990 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Shock Theater 5-22-1991 60mins w/o/c
Quantum Leap - Goodbye Norma Jean 5-29-1991 60mins w/o/c

USA Network (W/O/C Shows/Timeshifts/Etc)
everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

USA Network Timeshift (1995; 4 hours - Duckman / Weird Science + others w/o/c )
USA Network: Kung Fu Theater (Ninja Exterminators; Mid '80s w/o/c 2hrs)
USA Network: Kung Fu Theater (Shadows At The Equator; Mid '80s w/o/c 2 hrs)
USA Network: Kung Fu Theater (The Kung-Fu Instructor Mid '80s w/o/c 2hrs)
A Hard Day's Night (USA Network, 12-24-1991)
Alien (USA Network, 7-26-96)
Cabin By The Lake (USA Network, 02-01-2000)
Candyman: Farwell to the Flesh (USA Network, 1-11-1998)
Curse of the Cat People (USA Sat. Nightmares, Late-80s)
D.C. Cab (USA Network, 12-02-1992)
Dangerous Pursuit USA Network, 7-4-1993)
Friday the 13th Part 8 (USA Network, 5-15-1994)
Getting Even (USA, 11-8-1995)
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 (USA Network, 5-23-1998)
Hellraiser Marathon (Hellraiser I and Hellraiser 2) USA Network 10-19-1996 (2 DVD)
Hellraiser 3 (USA Network, 1-11-1998)
Hider in the House (USA, 1-2-1993)
Jaws 3 (USA Network, 7-26-1996)
Ladies and Gentleman: The Fabulous Stains (USA Network, late-1980s) Not sure if it has commercials.
Meteorites (USA Network, 6-3-1998)
Nobody's Children (USA Network, 3-3-1994)
Past Midnight (USA, 12-20-1992)
Pet Semetary (USA Network, 10/1993)
Problem Child 2 (USA Network 1998)
Problem Child 3 (USA Network 1999)
Return to Horror High (USA Network, Late-80s)
Rubdown (USA Network, 9-15-1993)
Serial Mom (USA Network, 2000)
Shattered Image (USA, 1-23-1994)
Spiders (USA, 10-13-2000)
Tainted Blood (USA, 3-3-1993)
Terror Comes to Tinytown (USA Network, 7-4-1986)
Terror Tract (USA, 10-18-2000)
The Godfather Saga (GF1 and GF2 Edited Together) (USA Network, 2000) (4 DVD Set)
The Guardian (USA, 10-30-1993)
The Hills Have Eyes 2 (USA Network, 8-22-1987)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (USA 8-8-1992)
The Take (USA, 8-26-1992)
Ticks (USA, 5-23-1998)
Tremors (USA, 1997)
Tricks or Treats (USA, 10-31-1988)
Trucks (USA Network, 10-29-1997)
Uncle Buck (USA Network, 1992)
Vertigo (USA Network, 1992)
Voyage (USA Network, 1993)
Wolfen (USA Network, 1994)

W/O/C ABC Network (Shows/Timeshifts/Etc)

everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

ABC 3-D Week (5/6-5/7-5/8-5/9-1997 4-1 hour Timeshifts w/o/c) 2 DVD
ABC Timeshift (05/20/1978; Love Boat/Fantasy Island 2hrs + w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (01/13/1979; Welcome Back Kotter/Carter/Love Boat ++ w/o/c 2.5hrs)
ABC Timeshift (5/1/1980 Mork & Mindy/Benson 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/30/1980; Charlie's Angels 3 hr premiere w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (7/11/1981; Love Boat/Fantasy Island/News 2.5 hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (2/2/1982; 3's Company/Too Close Comfort 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (10/3/1986; Sledgehammer/Sidekicks/Starman 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (2/13/1987; Daytime; General Hospital/Oprah/News 2.5hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (6/23/1987; Who's The Boss/Growing Pains/Moonlighting/Spenser/News 4hrs. w/o/c 2DVD)
ABC Timeshift (10/30/1987; Full House/Married Dora/Belvedere/Pursuit 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/13/1987; Full House/Married Dora/Belvedere/Pursuit 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (12/12/1987; Ohara/Sable 2 hrs. w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (4/18/1989 90mins Roseanne/Wonder Years +++ w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (4/28/1989 Perfect Strangers/Full House/Mr. Beledere+ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (10/13/1990 China Beach/Twin Peaks 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (0?/0?/1991 Family Matters/Step/Dinosaurs/Baby Talk 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (1/11/1991; Friday; Full House +++ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (1/29/1987; Daytime; Donahue/5pm News 85mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (4/26/1991; Full House +++ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (9/25/1991; Wed. Growing Pains/Doogie/Anything But Love + 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (9/27/1991 Friday; Family Matters/Step By Step ++ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (9/28/1991 Sat. Night Block 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (10/4/1991 Family Matters/Step By Step +++ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/23/1991 Sat. Night Block 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (03/20/1992; Dinosaurs +++ 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/10/1992; Full House/Cooper/Roseanne/Coach 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/17/1992; Full House/Cooper/Roseanne/Coach 2hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (1/4/1993; Daytime; All My Children/News 85mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (9/14/1993 Full House/Phenom 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (9/24/1993 Family Matters/Step By Step 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (10/29/1993 Family Matters/Boy Meets World x 2 +++ 2.5hrs w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (1/8/1994; Family Matters/Edith Ann/Step By Step ++ 95mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (10/10/1994; Coach/Blue Skies 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (11/01/1994; Home Improvement/Grace Under Fire 60mins w/o/c)
ABC Timeshift (12/16/1994 Family Matters/Boy Meets World/Step By ++ 2 hrs w/o/c)
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 09/17/78 Pilot Movie (2 DVD)
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 09/24/78 "Lost Planet Gods Pt. 1"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 10/1/78 "Lost Planet Gods Pt. 2"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 10/8/78 "The Lost Warrior"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 10/15/78 "The Long Patrol"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 10.22.1978 S1 E6 'Gun On Ice Planet Zero Part 1'
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 10.29.1978 S1 E7 'Gun On Ice Planet Zero Part 2'
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 11/26/78 "Living Legend Pt. 1"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 12/3/78 "Living Legend Pt. 2"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 12/17/78 "Fire In Space"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 1/14/79 "War Of Gods Pt. 1"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 1/21/79 "War Of Gods Pt. 2"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 1/28/79 "Man W/ 9 Lives"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 2/18/79 "Murder Rising Star"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 2/25/79 "Greetings Earth" 2hrs
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 3/11/79 "Baltar's Escape"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 3/18/79 "Experiment In Terra"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 04/1/1979 "Take The Celestra"
Battlestar Galactica - W/O/C - 4.29.1979 S1 E21 'The Hand Of God'

Twin Peaks ( Pilot Movie ABC Network Broadcast KATU-TV 1990 w/o/c)
Twin Peaks ( Complete Series ABC Broadcasts 1990-91 w/o/c 16 DVD)

Young Indiana Jones (2-hour Pilot Movie/Episode 3/4/1992 w/o/c)

W/O/C CBS Network (Shows/Timeshifts/Etc)

everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

CBS Storybreak: J.T. (Directed By Robert M. Young Mid '80s w/o/c 60mins)
CBS Timeshift (5/7/1978; Elvis Presley Special / All In The Family / Alice 2hrs w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (11/5/1979 3hrs; Mash, WKRP, Lou Grant, news + w/o/c 2 DVD)
CBS Timeshift (1/18/1980; One Day At A Time x 2 60mins w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (11/14/1980; Incredible Hulk/Dukes Hazzard/Dallas 3hrs w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (11/23/1984; Wheel Fortune/Dallas/Dukes 3hrs w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (12/6/1984; Magnum/Simon & Simon w/o/c 2hrs)
CBS Timeshift (12/25/1983; Alice / One Day At A Time 60mins w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (02/13/1986; Magnum / Simon & Simon 2hrs w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (08/17/1986; 60mins/Murder She Wrote/Spencer 3/5 hrs. 2 DVD)
CBS Timeshift (10/03/1986; E.T./Once Lifetime/Scarecrow & Mrs. King 2 hrs w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (10/16/87; Night Stalker, News, Signoff w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (10/30/87; Night Stalker, News, Signoff w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (11/13/87; Night Stalker, News, Signoff w/o/c)
CBS Timeshift (7/24/1992; Gunsmoke TV Movie/Jake & The Fatman 3hrs w/o/c) 2DVD
CBS Timeshift (5/10/1993; Evening Shade/Murphy Brown 60mins w/o/c)
Star Wars: Holiday Special (11/17/78 w/o/c)

Kolchak: The Night Stalker (CBS Syndicated Re-Runs Mid/Late 1987-88 w/o/c)
Ep: "The Zombie" Airdate: 10/10/1987 w/o/c
Ep: "They Are, They Will Be" Airdate: 10/16/1987 w/o/c
Ep: "Bad Medicine" Airdate: 10/23/1987 w/o/c
Ep" "Spanish Moss Murders" Airdate: 10/30/1987 w/o/c
Ep: "Primal Scream" Airdate: 11/13/1987 w/o/c
Ep: "The Vampire" Airdate: 1/1/1988 w/o/c
Ep: "The Ripper" Airdate: 1/8/1988 w/o/c
Ep: "The Werewolf" Airdate: 1/22/1988 w/o/c
Ep: "Mr. R.I.N.G." Airdate: 1/29/1988 w/o/c
Ep: "The Devil's Platform" Airdate: 2/5/1988 w/o/c
Ep: "The Sentry" Airdate: 2/5/1988 w/o/c

W/O/C Fox Network (Shows/Timeshifts/Etc)

everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

The American Chronicles (David Lynch series FOX 1990; w/o/c Complete) 2 DVD
The Edge (Sketch Show-Complete Series 1990/91 with some commercials) 3 DVD
FOX Timeshift (9/12/1987; Werewolf/Beans Baxter/Down & Out/Karen's Song 2hrs w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (9/26/1987; Beans Baxter/Down & Out/Karen's Song 90mins w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (10/3/1987; Werewolf/Beans Baxter/Second Chance/Karen's 2hrs w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (11/07/1987; Mr. President/Women Prison++3hrs w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (12/17/1989; AmericaWanted/Simpsons/Married/Tracy Ullman 2.5hrs w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (2/9/1992; Roc (Live Show) / Married with Children 60mins w/o/c)
FOX Timeshift (4/20/1992; Fox/MTV: A Concert For Life + News ; 3 hrs w/o/c) 2 DVD
FOX Timeshift (9/27/1992; Ben Stiller Show/In Living Color/Marshall/Woops! 2hrs w/o/c)
Fox Timeshift (02/00/1995; 4 episode special night of Tales From Crypt w/o/c 1 DVD

Star Trek (O.S.T. Episodes Fox Syndicated Re-Airings Regional 1986-1988 w/o/c 2hrs per Disc)

Disc 1: "Who Mourns for Adonnis?" and "Doomsday Machine" KCPQ-TV Tacoma, Washington 1987 w/o/c
Disc 2: "The Menagerie Part 1" and " Part 2" KCPQ-TV Tacoma, Washington 1987 w/o/c
Disc 3: "Shore Leave" "The Squire of Gathos" from WCPQ-Seattle and " Spectre Of The Gun" from KSTW-Seattle 1987 w/o/c
Disc 4: "All Our Yesterdays" and "Patterns of Force" KVOS 1986 & KTSW-TV 1986 w/o/c
Disc 5: "Taste Armageddon" & "Space Seed" KTSW-TV 1986 w/o/c
Disc 6: "A Piece Of Action" & "By Any Other Name" KTSW-TV 1984-85 w/o/c
Disc 7: "Archons" & "Battlefield" KTSW-TV 1986 w/o/c
Disc 8: "City On Edge" & "Catspaw" KTSW-TV 1986 w/o/c
Disc 9: "Plato's Stepchildren" & "Wink Of Eye" KTSW-TV 1985 w/o/c
Disc 10:"Cloud Minders" & "Way To Eden" KTSW-TV 1986 w/o/c
Disc 11:"Where No Man Has Gone Before" & "Corbomite Maneuver" WDSI-TV Ch. 61 Chattanooga, TN. 1985 w/o/c

W/O/C Syndicated Programming (Shows/Timeshifts/Etc)

everything contains all the original airing commercials unless noted.

Comedy Central Timeshift (4-29-97; 4hrs w/o/c 2DVD)
The Howard Stern Show - WWOR (NYC) Ch. 9 1990-92 ( 62 Episodes W/O/C; 35 Discs)
Three Stooges Marathon (WWCP-TV 1990 w/o/c 2DVD)
Nickelodeon Nick@Nite Timeshift (1994; Kroft Marathon w/o/c) 4 DVD
Nickelodeon Nick@Nite Timeshift (1995; 6 hours - The Monkees/Laugh-In/ etc.. w/o/c)
Nickelodeon Nick@Nite Timeshift (12/24/1995; Christmas Shows 4hrs w/o/c)
Nickelodeon Timeshift SNICK 07/31/1993 w/o/c 3 hrs
Nickelodeon Timeshift SNICK 11/17/1993 w/o/c 3 hrs
Sci-Fi Channel Timeshift (1995; 6 hours - Hitchcock/Night Gallery/Ray Bradbury/Ripleys)
Sci-Fi Channel Timeshift (1997; 4 hours - MANTIS / The Flash / Robocop/ Xena) 2 DVD
Sci-Fi Channel Timeshift (1997; 4 hours - TalesDarkside/Twilight Zone/Sightings w/o/c)
Sci-Fi Channel Timeshift (2002; Twilight Zone Marathon 6hrs w/o/c 2 DVD)

Monsters: (1988-90; WPIX-TV New York, NY. Original Syndicated Airings- All w/o/c )
DISC 1: (4 Episodes: Museum Hearts, Reaper, Farmer's Daugther, Penchant To Dream
DISC 2: (4 Episodes: Stressed Environment, Shave & Haircut, The Hole, Waiting Game
DISC 3: (4 Episodes: The Feverman, Holly's House, New York Honey, The Vampire Hunter)
DISC 4: (4 Episodes: Fool's Gold, Far Below, My Zombie Boyfriend, The Young & The Headless
DISC 5: (4 Episodes: Moving Finger, The Offering, The Face, Portrait Of An Artist

Tales From The Darkside (KMGT-TV Hawaii 1987 Syndicated Airings-All w/o/c)
DISC 1: Trick Or Treat (Pilot), Inside The Closet, Madness Room, Ring Around The Redhead
DISC 2: Florence Bravo, Season Of Belief, Basher Malone

Freddy's Nightmares (1988-90; WXXA-TV Albany, NY. Original Syndicated Airings-All w/o/c)
DISC 1: Freddy's Tricks & Treats / Judy Miller
DISC 2: Saturday Night Special / Sisters Keeper
DISC 3: Mother's Day / Do Dreams Bleed
DISC 4: Rebel Without A Car / Love Stinks
DISC 5: Deadline / Cabin Fever
DISC 6: School Daze/Dreams That Kill
DISC 7: The Bride Wore Red / It's A Miserable Life
DISC 8: No More Mr. Nice Guy / Killer Instinct

WPIX-NY Twilight Zone Marathon 8/1987 (4 hrs. w/o/c 2 DVD)
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I got a bunch of those.. i only want darkman and police academy 3 off of your lists though
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I’d be careful if you decide to deal with wild90man. It’s Justin Bozung. He has a reputation as a bad trader. He’ll either outright scam you (I.e., receive your stuff and send you nothing), or send like half of what he owes and then claim he doesn’t have the ability to send the rest. If you deal with him, make sure he sends first.
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Thanks for the heads up!
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Originally Posted by justins5256 View Post
I’d be careful if you decide to deal with wild90man. It’s Justin Bozung. He has a reputation as a bad trader. He’ll either outright scam you (I.e., receive your stuff and send you nothing), or send like half of what he owes and then claim he doesn’t have the ability to send the rest. If you deal with him, make sure he sends first.
Thanks for looking out! Does this mean you like me and care? Can i have the PI workprint please?

I'm gonna try to trade and see how it goes anyways.
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Originally Posted by justins5256 View Post
I’d be careful if you decide to deal with wild90man. It’s Justin Bozung. He has a reputation as a bad trader. He’ll either outright scam you (I.e., receive your stuff and send you nothing), or send like half of what he owes and then claim he doesn’t have the ability to send the rest. If you deal with him, make sure he sends first.
I just did two trades with him this weekend.. he's actually pretty fast sending, and responds to emails in a timely fashion. Maybe he has had a change of heart?

Hey it's giving Sunday Funday today Justin5256... can i have a copy of the PI workprint please? C'mon I'll be your bestest super friend EVER EVER!!! The deleted scenes from teh workprint can be found on the DVD but i would so LOVE a copy of the complete workprint.
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