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Old 05-31-2019, 07:59 AM   #1
Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Rviews: "Manager of The Baseball Team" ('52 Lost) & more:

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Manager of The Baseball Team" ('52 Lost version) & Script of "Alice's Birthday" (Lost version):

Episode #52 (Syndicated episode #65)
TV: Attached to "Income Tax."
VCR: Attached to "Cupid."
DVD: Attached to "Teamwork Beats The Clock", "Quiz Show" & "The Wit & Wisdom of Ed Norton."
Air Date: 5/9/53

"Manager of The Baseball Team" ('52 Lost version):

Before I start this review, let me say this. MPI has received a lot of complaints about accidentally attaching the 1953 version to "Hero" (where on the box, it advertises the 1957 version). They also have gotten a lot of complaints when they accidentally attached the 1953 episode to the DVD release that has "Teamwork Beats The Clock", "Quiz Show" & "The Wit & Wisdom of Ed Norton" (where once again on the box, it advertises the 1957 version.) MPI probably did it by mistake since the both versions of this episode are very much alike. In 2002, I managed to get the MPI cassette Vol. 28 that has the 1957 version of this episode (even though some versions of Vol. 28 have the '53 version on it.)

The episode opens up with Alice worrying about where Ralph is. Ed and Trixie come down. Alice says that she is worried about Ralph. He was supposed to come home a while ago. So, Trixie asks Ed to go outside and come back when he comes home. Ed says no because what's going to happen if he is in the hospital, he would have stayed out for nothing. Ed also says that because Ralph is married, he probably ran away. Ha! That's a very nice thing to say. Ed brings up a story about what happened to a person he knew. That person ran away and when the cops asked him questions, he didn't know anything. He was 3 years old. Ha!

Ralph comes home and has champagne for everyone. In fact, in the 1953 version of this episode, Ralph tires to open the bottle, but has a hard time doing so. That wasn't supposed to happen, so to cover it up, he says: "We will be drinking champagne if I can ever get this bottle open." He does. Ralph says that he is now the new manager of the Gotham Bus Depot. He always knew that he had the right qualifications. Yeah, sure he did. When Alice asks Ralph, how did he find out, Ralph says he heard it while walking by the president of the bus company's office. He later hears that a telegram will come tonight to confirm the whole thing. Ralph mentions that with him becoming the manager, he might even become the president. When he does become president, he's going to make some changes like having pretty stewardess on each bus and to make sure that those people who happened to miss the bus by one minute, he's going to make sure every bus starts a minute late. Question: Wouldn't that rule make some people a little angry that they might be one minute late to go to whatever they are going to? Just a thought. Ralph says that the salary he gets for being a manager is big. He says that with the money, he and Alice are going to go on a second honeymoon with Ed and Trixie and that Alice is going to get that bunion removed off her foot. Ralph also says that now that he's in the money, should he and Alice move out of this joint. He later says no. That place has been awful lucky to them. Yeah, sure it has.

After Ralph leaves, the telegram arrives saying that Ralph has become the manager all right. The manager of the Gotham City Baseball Team. Alice, Ed, and Trixie are all upset thinking that Ralph was becoming manager of the company and that all the plans that Ralph had for becoming president were not going to come to fruition for a while.

Ralph comes home and mentions about the respect Alice will get when she goes down to the store Ralph was just at. Ralph says with the money he's going to get, since it gets hot in the summertime, he's going to buy a mattress for this place. Yeah, Jackie made a blooper when he said that. Alice presents Ralph with the telegram and when Ralph reads it he's disappointed and apologizes to Alice. Alice says that Ralph is the most important thing in her life. They hug and kiss.

When I rented the video entitled: "Cupid/Manager of The Baseball Team (1953 version)" in 1996, I originally thought I was going to get a thirty-minute episode of Ralph being the baseball manager. (Imagine how funny that would be.) You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that the episode was less than fifteen minutes long.

Episode #53
DVD: Attached to “The Norton Interviews”, Radio versions of “Letter To The Boss” & “Love Letter”, “Additional Sketches & Commercials”, “Lost Episodes Story”, script to “Easter Hats” & “All About Trixie: Joyce Randolph Interview.”
Air Date: 5/16/53

"Alice's Birthday" (Lost version):

Even though on the DVD Box Set, it says that the script for “Missing Pair of Pants” is there, when you click on it, it’s the script for “Alice’s Birthday.” There is also another link to “Alice’s Birthday” entitled, of course, “Alice’s Birthday.” Looks like MPI struck out again…until they reissued the set later on.

Thanks to ChrisTV for typing the whole script. For this review, I will copy and paste the whole script. I will insert a note or two.

And now it's time for another visit with Ralph and Alice Kramden, better known to you as The Honeymooners. You know being married to Ralph is a constant challenge to Alice. She has to exert all her tact and diplomacy in coping with Ralph's unpredictable manner. Suppose we look in on Ralph and Alice and see how Alice deals with Ralph's mood of the moment.

[As travelers part camera holds on an establishing shot of the Kramden kitchen. Alice is discovered on. She has a jar of cheese spread which she is spreading on crackers which she places on plate. Trixie enters. She is carrying gift wrapped package.]

Happy Birthday, Alice.

Thanks, Trixie.

[Trixie crosses to Alice and hugs her. As they break, Trixie extends gift to Alice.]

Here, Alice, many happy returns.

Frank’s Note: Both of those girls hugging make me feel good if you know what I mean.

[Alice takes gift.]

You're very sweet, Trix. I'm dying to know what it is but I'll wait and open it when Ralph gets home.

By the way, how many candles are you putting on your cake this year?

Twenty five.

Alice, you mean you're only twenty five?

That's not what you asked me. And let’s change the subject.

[She crosses to bureau and puts gift on top of it.]

Did Ralph give you his gift yet?

No, but it's going to be a nylon slip.

You mean he told you what he's going to get you?

No, he doesn't even know about this himself yet. You see, Trixie, every year on my birthday Ralph forgets to buy me a present. He just never remembers. Well, tonight some of my friends are going to drop in. They do every birthday. And every year Ralph gets embarrassed when they start giving me their gifts and he doesn't have one for me. Well, to make sure that doesn't happen this time I phoned Jo Ann's lingerie shop and told them to send a nylon slip to me as Ralph's gift.

Gee, you think of everything.

I even dictated a card for them to enclose. Does this sound romantic enough [reciting]... "To my darling Alice... I love you now and forever. This is just a little something from the man who adores you."

Gee, Ralph is certainly romantic. He forgets to say the sweetest things!

Oh, by the way, Trix, I may need some extra glasses for tonight. Could I come up and borrow some?

Well, I've only got six, but I don't know if you'd want to use them.

Why, what's wrong with them?

On the bottom of each glass it says, "I'm a big girl. I drank all my milk." Ed got it by mistake, when he sent in a box top. He expected a space cadet helmet!

[As Alice chuckles the door opens and Ralph and Norton enter. They ad lib hellos.]

Alice, I got to tell you what happened while I was driving the bus today. Now I've been driving a bus for twelve years, but what happened today tops everything. About four o'clock today I'm cruising along heading downtown. Well, all of a sudden I notice a kid in the bus. He was about five years old. He was running up and down the aisles, jumping on the seats, swinging the straps. So I turned to the kid and said, "Will you cut it out and sit with your mother?" and the kid said, "I can't. My mother got off the bus and left me here." Well, I figured it was an abandoned kid and that I'd turn him in at the depot at the end of the line. But as I stop at Kleins, the kid’s mother gets on and says to him, "Are you alright, Herbie?" Well, I get steamed and I turn to the lady and say, "You got a lot of nerve lady. What's the big idea of leaving your kid on the bus all afternoon?" and she said, "Where else can you get a baby sitter for a dime?"

[They laugh it up.]

Ralph, I have to go up to Trixie's. I'll be down in a minute.

Trixie [To Norton]
I'll have your dinner ready in a few minutes.

Did you get watermelon for dessert?

Watermelon's not in season.

Don't give me that. That's what you've been telling me all winter.

[Trixie gives him a "You Poor Soul" take and leaves with Alice.]

You know Ralph, you were talking about the aggravations you get driving a bus all day. I work in a sewer. My job ain't no bed of roses either. Take last night, I was to quit at five. We'll I didn't get out of the sewer till eight thirty.

Why? Did you have to work overtime?

No. I couldn't get out. Some jerk parked his car over the manhole!

Norton, you are beautiful.

[Knock at door.]

Come in.

[Uniformed delivery boy enters with gift wrapped package.]

I got a package for Mrs. Kramden.

I'm her husband. I'll take it.

[Ralph takes package. And fishes in his pocket.]

Norton, I haven't got any change on me. Take care of him.

[Norton reaches in his pocket and hands boy a coin. Boy looks at coin in his hand.]

A dime! I walked my feet off coming over here. What can I get with this?

Buy yourself a corn plaster!

[Boy reacts and leaves.]

I wonder what this is. Its gift wrapped. It couldn't be….

[Ralph snaps fingers]

I forgot it again. Today is Alice's birthday. Norton you got to do me a favor. Run down to the candy store and get the biggest box of candy they got. You know with ribbons and everything. Then take it up to your place and I'll pretend I had it hidden up there all the time.

Okay but first I want to get a piece of fruit. I'm starved.

[As Norton crosses to ice box.]

I wonder who sent her this package? Maybe it's from one of her girlfriends. Hey, there's a card here. I'll find out.

[There is a card in envelope tied to the ribbon. Ralph removes card. Scans it and his eyes bulge.]

Norton, get a load of this...[reading] "To my darling Alice... I love you now and forever. This is just a little something from the man who adores you." And it isn't signed!

It isn't signed, huh? Now you'll never know if it's from one of her girl friends or not!

Norton, you are a mental case. Don't you realize what this means. There's another guy in Alice's life. [He paces a few steps.] I wonder who it could be... I'm with her every night. It must be someone she meets during the day. Now, who could it be?

Maybe its Charlie, the butcher. She sees him every day. I know how we can find out. Gimme the envelope.

Ralph [Exasperated]
How can you tell it's from the butcher by looking at the envelope.

Maybe the envelopes got sawdust in it!

Norton, you got sawdust in your head... I wonder what this guy sent to my wife...

[Ralph rips package open eyes bulging as he peers into box.]

What is it, Ralph?

[Ralph extracts pink slip from box and comments.]

It ain't lamb chops! Norton, this is a terrific blow to me. When I married Alice thirteen years ago I worked hard so I could give her everything in life. There are only two things a man lives for... his wife and his job. Your wife and your job have one thing in common. When you find a pink slip you're thru! The handwriting is on the wall. Norton, I'll move into the Y.M.C.A. tonight.

The Y.M.C.A. is a good place. If you make up with Alice you can move back here. If you don't you'll become a very good handball player.

[Noticing hors oeuvres, lifts one... examines it.]

Hey, she made hors do’euvres. That means she's having some people over like she does every birthday... And if I'm right... The rat that sent this package will probably come over for some cheese and crackers! The Y.M.C.A. can wait. I'll stick around and expose this home wrecker. Now the first thing I'll do is hide this package.

[Ralph crosses to bureau puts gift in drawer.]

How are you going to expose him, Ralph?

Very simple. He'll probably be here tonight. All I have to do is mention the words "I love you now and forever" and the one who reacts must be the guilty party.

What if that don't work?

Then I'll use my ace in the hole... This card. [Extracts card]. I'll compare everybody's handwriting to this.

[Alice enters carrying several glasses.]

Oh Ed, Trixie told me to tell you dinner's on the table.


[Norton starts to leave. Stops and sympathetically gives Ralph a keep your chin up punch. He exits.]

I notice you're wearing your best dress. Any special reason?

I know you always forget, Ralph, but today I'm one year older.

Well, today I'm five years older.

Aren't you going to wish me a happy birthday?

Ralph [Sarcastically]
Happy Birthday!

[Alice with glasses in hands leans forward and puckers her lips. Ralph stands there with feet planted and ignores her.]

Alice [Puckering]
Ralph, I've got my lips puckered.

[She puckers them again.]

You got your lips puckered, huh? Well, you can whistle Dixie!

[She sets glasses down on bureau.]

Ralph, what's eating you?

Alice, What do you do all day?

What do you mean?

What did you do today for instance?

Well, after I did the breakfast dishes, I made the bed, waxed the kitchen floor, washed your shirts, hung them on the roof, then I came down and washed the windows, mended your socks, went out to pay the gas bills, then I did the marketing, and when I came back I took your shirts down from the roof and ironed them.

Ralph [Challenging]
Yeah, but what did you do in your spare time!

What did I do in my spare time? I went down to the employment agency and interviewed butlers!

One of the days... One of the days, Alice... Pow right in the kisser.

[Knock on the door.]

Ralph, I think some of our friends are here. Now stop acting stupid, and go in and change your jacket.

[Ralph goes into bedroom. Alice crosses to door and comments.]

Come in.

[The door opens and five people enter. Two women and three men. Two of the men are rather attractive and the third man is fat and an unlikely suspect. The people ad lib "Happy Birthdays" and "Helloes", and hand Alice presents and she thanks them.

First woman
Where's Ralph?

He'll be out in a minute. Help yourself to some hors do’euvres and I'll get you a cold drink.

First woman
Alice. You never seem to get a day older.

Thank you.

First woman
You now what they say… A woman carries her years so lightly because she loses so many on the way.

[They all laugh. Alice comes back from icebox with pitcher, and starts pouring drinks into glasses on bureau. They start sipping and eating some hors do’euvres and engage in small talk, as Ralph enters everybody adlibs helloes.]

Ralph [Down]
Hello everybody.

First man
Ralph; you certainly are a lucky guy to have a pretty wife like Alice.

Ralph [Suspiciously]

Think I got a pretty wife, Huh Frank? Can I speak to you for a minute alone?

First man
Sure Ralph.

[Frank crosses to Ralph. Others and Alice stay in group and engage in small talk. Ralph looks Frank up and down.

So you think I got a pretty wife, huh?

[Ralph laughs like he's got Frank trapped.]

First man [Puzzled]
Yeah. I think you got a pretty wife.

[Ralph reaches into pocket pulls out card holds it away from Frank, to remind himself. Then puts it back in pocket.]

Ralph [Entre hous]
I love you now and forever.

[Frank reacts.]

Does that mean anything to you?

First man
Yeah. You're drunk.

[Ralph takes out card from pocket.]

Frank have you got a pencil and paper on you?

First man
Yeah, why?

I'd like you to write down your address for me.

First man
What do you want my address for? I live right in the next apartment.

Ralph [Stuttering]
Well... Um... Um... In case I ever move.

First man
Well, all right, if you want it.

[First man takes out pencil and pad and writes. Ralph turns away from man and taking card in one hand compares it with mans handwriting.]

Ralph [Chuckling]
Forget what I said Frank. Go over and have a drink... And oh... You can have your address back.

[Ralph hands back slip of paper back to first man. Man returns to group as he regards Ralph curiously.]

[Calling] Oh, George!

[The fat man in the group crosses to Ralph. Ralph looks him up and down sparingly.]

No… It couldn't be you. Forget it, George. Go back and dig into them hors do’euvres.

[George reacts, and goes back to group.]

[Calls] Oh, Henry, Can I see you for a minute?


[Henry crosses over to Ralph.]

What can I do for you, Ralph?

I just want to ask you a question. Um... What did you give Alice for her birthday?

Didn't it arrive yet? I didn't bring anything. I told the store to deliver it.

Oh, so you're the one!

[Takes John L. Sullivan pose with fists clenched.]

Put up your dukes!

[Group reacts and turns]

Ralph, What are you doing?

Stay out of this Alice. I'll prove to you who the better man is.

What's the matter with you Ralph?

Put up your dukes! Now start fighting!

Well, if that's what you want Ralph.

[Henry gives Ralph a light tap in the face. Ralph instantly goes into pain bit… holding face. At the conclusion of pain bit, Henry speaks.]

I think I better go.

I think we'd all better go.

[They ad lib goodbyes and exit.]

Ralph, have you gone out of your mind?

I haven't gone out of my mind. But you've gone out of yours. You're in love with Henry Cidermann.

Alice [Puzzled]
In love with Henry Cidermann???

Yeah and I can prove it.

[He storms over to bureau and pulls package out.]

This is the package that came for you while you were up at Trixie's. It's a pink slip. And he sent [Pulls card from pocket.] this card along with it. You want to hear what it says?

I'll tell you what it says... "To my darling Alice... I love you now and forever. This is just a little something from the man who adores you."

Ralph [Amazed]
How did you know what it said?

Because I sent the package. Ralph, you’ve never remembered my birthday since we've been married... And every year when people give me gifts, you get embarrassed because you didn't get me one. I bought this gift and had them enclose that card so you wouldn't be embarrassed... But instead you had to humiliate me.

[Alice sits down in kitchen chair. Music sneaks in. Ralph is lost for words.]

Gee, Alice I certainly ruined your birthday. You're right I always do forget your birthday. But it's not because I don't love you. It's just that I'm... Uh... I guess I'm not very bright that's all. I'm sorry I acted like I did in front of our friends... But you know how I feel about you... And when I thought Henry Cidermann… Well, you know I'm jealous if anyone ever looks at you... I guess I'll take a walk.

Alice [Rising]

[Ralph turns]

I'm all puckered up.

Baby, You're the greatest.


Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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