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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "New Year's Eve Party" & "This Is Your Life":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "New Year's Eve Party" & "This Is Your Life":

Episode #68
TV: In 2019, Decades started airing this in a half-hour format with presumably all the songs edited out.
VCR: Attached to "Two-Family Car." On the Readers Digest VHS tapes, it is attached to “Letter To The Boss” (’53), “Norton Moves In” & “Pickles”
DVD: Attached to "Champagne and Caviar", "Finger Man", "Two-Family Car" & "My Man Norton." On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to "Game Called On Account of Marriage", "Brother-in-Law" & "Peacemaker." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set it is attached to “Finger Man”, “Honeymooners Xmas Party” (’53 version), “This Is Your Life”, “Santa & The Bookies” (’53 version) & “Cottage For Sale.”
Air Date: 12/26/53

"New Year's Eve Party":

I do remember in the 1997 or so, searching through an on line TV guide and finding out that WPIX was going to air this episode right before Christmas 1997 in two parts. I would understand it if WPIX didn't air it considering that the last part of this episode is nothing but musical numbers and they cost $$$ to get the rights to air them.

I will also point out that when this episode was released on VHS, MPI decided to put most of the video package in red. For the video that has "New Year's Eve Party", they put that video package in green. I guess they did that since that they are holiday episodes, the might as well decorate the packages with holiday colors. I like that. They didn't do the same thing with the DVDs though.

Alice is home after exchanging Christmas gifts. Trixie comes by and she doesn't know what gift she exchanged that she got from Ed. It was wrapped in a newspaper. Alice explains to Trixie that she found a briefcase filled with music and the music is the Dorsey brothers. She explains that last year Ralph supposedly brought those brothers back together after their sibling rivalry. She called the Hotel Statler (where the brothers were playing) and they were told that one of their managers or somebody was going to come by to pick it up.

Trixie then tells Alice that they haven't made any New Year's Eve plans. Trixie: "What did you wear for New Year's last year?" Alice: "Slacks. We painted the kitchen." Gee, that's a GREAT way to spend New Year's Eve. Ralph and Ed come home and Ralph says that he doesn't know how long he can go on driving a bus. Ralph: "I think I will quit my job and write a book." Oh boy! Ralph tells a story on how a man came on board the bus and just revealed that he just became a father so he handed out cigars to every passenger. He said to one guy, can't you see the "No smoking" sign. He says with all the smoke, who can see the sign. Ha! Alice and Trixie go upstairs and Ralph immediately thinks they are starting with that New Year's Eve business. Ralph complains that wasting one week's pay on one night's entertainment. Ralph: "One year, she insisted on only the best. The most expensive nightclubs, riding all night in a taxicab." Ed: "How much did it cost you?" Ralph: "I don't know. I didn't take her." What a great husband, huh? Ralph and Ed will think of a plan to aggravate the wives so much that they won't take them out on New Year's Eve. Ed: "That's fine. Soon, I will bring Trixie down and we can have an Australian Tag Team Match." Ralph says that Alice will use his paycheck money and make it up by costing some of Ralph's lunch. Ralph: "You know what's going to happen Norton? One afternoon, I will get a fainting spell and I will have to be sent to the hospital and Alice won't even visit me." Alice comes in. Ralph: "One of these days Alice, one of these days, pow right in the kisser. That is for not visiting me at the hospital." Ed leaves.

Ralph tries everything to aggravate Alice but to no avail. He says that they are not going out for New Year's. Alice says that they should. Ralph goes into the bedroom. A knock on the door is heard and it's Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. The audience applauds for the two guest stars. They said that they didn't have trouble finding the place because all they had to do was follow the sound of Ralph's voice. Ha! Alice gets Ralph to come in. Ralph comes out and continues to yell at Alice until he sees the brothers and acts all nice. Ed comes in and says that Trixie won, they are going out for New Year's. Trixie hit Ed on the head to win the argument. The brothers invite every one for New Year's. Ralph likes it, especially when it's free. The brothers leave and Alice said that she thought that Ralph couldn't stand the smoke and the loud noises of night clubs. Ralph says that he didn't but he didn't want to upset their feelings. Freddie Muller comes in and says that Ralph has to work on New Year's. Ed: "Don't be upset. If you work on New Year's, you are bound to get Saint Valentine's Day off." Boy that makes A LOT of sense.

The next day at the office, Ralph comes by and Mr. Marshall says he got sixth calls asking for a night off. One of the workers actually worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Boy, what a team player. They can't have a night off unless they are pretty sick. Ralph feigns an illness. His back is hurting him. Mr. Marshall believes Ralph and asks him to take the night off. Ralph leaves and Mr. Marshall calls his secretary and says he and his wife are going to the Hotel Statler to see the Dorseys. Oh no!

At the Hotel Statler, the Marshalls come in. Mrs. Marshall goes to the bathroom. Mr. Marshall reads a newspaper. The Kramdens and Nortons arrive and the girls go to the bathroom to put on their lipstick. Ralph thinks it's dumb because he and Ed will want to kiss the girls at midnight and then the girls will say: "You will smear my lipstick." Ralph says what the hotel will be without all of these fancy things." Ed: "Your apartment." Ha!

The boys go to read a newspaper. Ralph is on the left and Ed is on the right of Mr. Marshall. Ed asks Mr. Marshall questions and asks Ralph questions too. Question: How could Mr. Marshall NOT recognize Ralph's voice and how could Ralph NOT recognize his boss' voice especially since they WORK together. When Ralph hears that Mr. Marshall is sitting next to him, he gets really nervous. Mr. Marshall spots him and knows that he was lying to get off work tonight, so he is fired, or is he? The girls come back and they have Mrs. Marshall with them. Ralph says that he was fired. Mr. Marshall explains that he was fired because Ralph lied to get off work. Mrs. Marshall then says that Mr. Marshall lied to her mom because they can see the Dorseys. Mr. Marshall says he was a bit hasty in firing Ralph, so he reversed Ralph's firing. Ed: "Why don't you two liars shake hands and make up?" They do that and they go into the night club to hear the Dorsey's music.

This is the boring part of the episode for me because I am not a fan of this music. Songs like: "Isn't she sweet" & "Puddle Wump” play. I like the former song though. After all the music plays, one of the brothers say: "It's 12am." "Alud Sang" plays and every husband kisses their wives just as a banner says: "1954" is unveiled. I heard that this performance was supposed to be the Dorsey brothers auditioning for Gleason. When I saw this episode for the first time during the 1997 holiday season, I found the "1954" banner being revealed at the end of this show to be strange considering at that point, this episode was shown 44 years ago. (This holiday season, this episode will be 66 years old.)

Episode #69 (Syndicated episode #71)
TV: In two parts.
VCR: Attached to "Halloween Party."
DVD: Attached to "Boys and Girls Together", "Anniversary Gift" & "Pickles." On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to "Game Called On Account of Marriage", "Brother-in-Law" & "Peacemaker." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set it is attached to “Finger Man”, “Honeymooners Xmas Party” (’53 version), “New Year’s Eve Party”, “Santa & The Bookies” (’53 version) & “Cottage For Sale.”
Air Date: 1/16/54

"This Is Your Life":

Alice is home with Mr. Wilson the host of "This Is Your Life" TV program. They are going to do Ralph's life. She tells Trixie about it. Alice then thanks Mr. Wilson for agreeing to meet with her for lunch and they set a lunch date again. How are they going to get Ralph to California to be on the show? Mr. Marshall will send him there on business. Ralph doesn't know about this and shouldn't be told about it either. Alice leaves a note of where to meet him and where. Mr. Wilson leaves and Alice tells Trixie of all the prizes that they will get from that program.

Ed Norton comes in and says that the lunch that Trixie made was the most he ever had. After saying what he had, Trixie says that he accidentally took the bag of groceries and left the bag of lunch on the table. One complaint though, the little round cookies were very stale. Trixie: "Those were brillow pads!" Ed said that he didn't eat them; he gave them to his foreman for his lunch. Trixie leaves while Alice goes into the bedroom. Ralph comes home and says that he saw Alice meeting another guy for lunch. He thinks that Alice is seeing another guy behind his back. He calls is Alice and asks her of what her day is. She lies about what she did all day just so not to spoil the surprise. She goes back into the bedroom .Ralph says to Ed if he can have that man, let her. Ralph (yells): "I'VE GOT TO GET HER BACK!" Ralph sees the note that Alice left just to remind her of where to meet Mr. Wilson for lunch. The place is an Italian restaurant. Ed sees two tickets to California. Ralph says that's that more proof. When Ralph sees that guy, he says he will kill him.

The next day at lunch in an Italian restaurant, Mr. Wilson and Alice meet and have lunch. Ralph and Ed come in. Ralph spots Alice but not the guy. Ed: "Now, here's a good chance to jump him." Ralph and Ed have lunch in the booth next to Alice's. Ed takes off his hat. That is one of the rare times you see Ed without his hat. Waiter (to Ralph): "Let me have your hat sir?" Ralph: "It's my hat. I'll keep it." Wow! That's being nice. The waiter asks Ralph and Ed for food. Ed asks the waiter to bring him A LOT of food for lunch, things like pizza and some spaghetti and meatballs. Oh boy! As Ralph tries to hear the conversation of Alice and Mr. Wilson, Ed eats his food LOUDLY. Alice and Mr. Wilson leave and a new couple comes in, unbeknownst to Ralph. Ralph comes out and belts the guy and finds out that he hit the wrong guy. Ralph, sans his jacket and Ed are thrown out of the place for causing a disturbance. Typical Ralph and Ed folks.

Ralph talks to Ed at a bus stop. He says that the place where the neighborhood congregates is the pool room so they will meet that gigolo there. He already knows that the mystery man likes Italian food and is going to California. Phil Cucco (pronounced Quock-O and played by George Petrie); the man responsible for getting Ralph and Alice together, comes in and says to another man that he will be going out to California to be in a This Is Your Life episode about Ralph Kramden's life. Ralph and Ed arrive at the poolroom. Ralph stands by the door in hopes of catching the person and asks them two questions. Are they going to California and do they like Italian food. One of the people is so big, that Ralph is afraid to ask him the questions and another one is a wrestler. Ralph spots Phil and finds out that he likes Italian food and he is going to California. Ralph invites Phil to his apartment later tonight for dinner. Ralph, Ed and Phil leave.

At the apartment, Ralph instructs Ed to go to his apartment and when he yells out the window: "It's a wonderful night out!" (kind of like in "Oh My Aching Back") to come down and say that he needs Ralph to get his sister who got in a car accident near Jersey just so Ralph can look on the fire escape and catch Phil in the act. Ed does that and leaves, but not before he asks Ralph that if he catches the guy real quick, could they go out bowling? Kind of like in "House Beautiful."

Phil arrives and Ralph instructs Alice to kiss him, which she does. Phil jokingly says to Ralph that he should have been married to Alice or something to like that. Ralph goes to the window and yells: "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!" Alice gets suspicious. They sit down and Ralph commends Phil for getting him and Alice together. Phil: "One of these days, I might surprise you Ralph." Ralph goes to the window and says: "IT'S A WONDERFUL NIGHT OUT!" The way that Ralph goes to the window and says those things, you can tell there's something up. Ed comes down and reveals the phony story that Ralph told him to say that being; he needs Ralph to get his sister who got in a car accident near Jersey. Alice: "Was the baby with her?" Ed: "I don't know. Ask Ralph." Ha! Ralph says that he will be back with in at LEAST an hour. He says that a couple of times. Ralph listens near the door, unbeknownst to Alice and Phil. Alice opens the door to find Ralph there and asks him for some ice cream. Ralph: "I'll be back in at LEAST an hour." Isn't it funny when Ralph said that "in at LEAST an hour" three times? Phil and Ralph go over old photos just as Ralph looks on from the fire escape. Ralph thinks that he knows for sure Phil is his culprit. Ralph goes back to the apartment, but by that time Phil left and Mr. Wilson came in. Ralph, without looking at who he's hitting, belts Wilson. Ralph looks and sees it's not Phil so he thinks that there are two men. Ralph wants to beat up Mr. Wilson and Alice explains that Mr. Wilson, the host of This Is Your Life, was going to do a show about Ralph. Looks like, Alice was afraid of Mr. Wilson's safety. Ralph now can't be on the show and the vacation plans for everyone involved with that episode gets canceled. Ralph is upset at himself at rightfully so. He apologizes and says the thought of Alice looking at another guy drives him nuts. Alice: "Ralph, it's all right. Not every woman is lucky enough to have a husband that is still jealous of her after 14 years." She said the exact same thing in "Brother Ralph" and an earlier episode called "The Ring." They hug and kiss.

Credit I believe goes to the old Bill 'Mooners Archive,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet, Yahoo! Groups You’re A Riot! &
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