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Old 07-11-2005, 08:58 AM   #31
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I just re-watched the case from a tape. I found the whole case very disturbing and scary. I think some of the theories brought up here are very interesting, although I did not know she was pregnant at the time of her dissapearance! That would indeed add a lot more to the story, as well as open up more possibilities!

This case is really interesting to me. Does anyone know of any other TV programs that have profiled this case? Or of any books on Tammy Leppert? It seems like you all have a lot more info than that of which was shown on Unsolved Mysteries. I would really like to know more about this case.
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Old 07-11-2005, 10:00 AM   #32
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Well I don't know of any books but I know Tami's sister has set up a website about her. You could probably email her and find out a lot of info. If anyone has talked to her I have a few questions. It appeared that Tami and her family (especially her mother) were very close why do they say that Tami might have been pregnant? As close as they appeared I would think they would have known for sure. If she was pregnant, does the family know who the father would have been? Did she have a steady boyfriend and if so was he ever questioned as a suspect? That is yet another puzzling aspect of this story, the possible pregnancy and if it played a role in her disappearance.
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Old 07-11-2005, 04:23 PM   #33
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Default Tammy Lynn Leppert

My name is suzanne.I am Tammy Lynn Lepperts sister.I care very much of what became of her.I was not around when Tammy came up missing.So i am still trying to find out what happened.thankyou for your kind words.I started a board called I care missing persons cold cases in her honor and to I hope and pray help find other missing persons and Identify unidentified Jane and John does.My board was totally deleted by a violent attack on ezbord.I will have to redo it all.that's ok.It is for a good cause.Here is the link to her board
I wanted to say Tammy was not schizophrenic.She was put in a mental by her mother against her will after they had a fight.The latest lead was someone called in to say they thought someone they knew killed her.tammy apparently wanted money? back and if this person didn't pay she would tell on them.I think she did.This shows me her fear was real.Wouldn't you be afraid of someone if this person tried to kill you too.I strongly believe Christopher Bernard Wilder had nothing to do with Tammy's dissappearance.the police report says she had on flip flops and a grey purse when she missing.If she had no shoes on it was when he got out of the car.If you know anything about what happened to tammy or any unidentified Jane Does that fit her discription please email me at
thankyou and God bless you.

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Old 07-11-2005, 04:32 PM   #34
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Posts: 190


I believe this story goes with the latest lead.I knew when the right lead came in.I would know what happened.

Whatever Happened to Tami-Lynn Leppert?

7 years ago, model says goodbye, hasn't been heard from since

I like this place, I've lived here all my life, and I'd like to stay here. ever since I was a little girl, I've always
dreamed of having a house in cocoa beach and living happily ever after.

-Tami-lynn leppert, march 1983

It was the last interview she gave before the fairy tale disintegrated, And she was good at it: Poised engaging, An easy
smile that could melt glacial skepticism. Naturally she was good. She was a pro. Four hundred-ten talent and beauty
contests since age 4. Two hundred-eighty trophies.
She just turned 18. And she was at a crossroad. Her latest flirtation with hollywood-a cinemetic turkey called
"Spring Break"-had just been released.But she harbored no illusions about it. Her non-speaking role as a bikinied nymphet
carried no more weight than her erlier camoes in "Little Darlings" and "Scarface."
What "Spring Break" represented was the latest stop in a carefully nurtured ascent to movie stardom. If visibility
management meant getting tami's curvaceous hips splashed across a movie poster (Four college dudes erecting a
"Spring Break" flag atop them, Reminiscent of the allied triumph at Iwo Jima), That was good enough for now.
And if Tami-Lynn leppert felt compelled to feign embarrasment over this no-talent coup by crossing her eyes and making a
goofy face, These were times for celebration.
Or so it seemed.
At least three producers were talking major roles in upcoming projects. One critic, Steve Walz, Was projecting her to be
"One of the stars of the 80's" involving her name in the same breath with Brooke Shields and insisting, "She's not just
another dumb blonde"
Model, Dancer, Beauty Queen, Covergirl at age 13. Five-feet five, Hazel eyes, 105 pounds. A can't miss resume. A magnetic
aura that turned the heads of men and boys alike, Pulling strangers and their promises into her orbit.
But somewhere inside those invisible walls, Beyond the curiosity of judges and talent scouts, A bomb was ticking. Those
familiar with the sound never understood until it was much too late:
The weight of expectations.
A web of paranoia.
Broken glass.
On July 6, 1983, Tami-lynn Leppert went for a ride and vanished so cleanly it was as if she'd never existed.
Nearly seven years later, Beneath the cobwebs of distance. There isn't even a shrine to commemorate what was. Only a
question: Was Tami the architect and star of the perfect getaway or the victim of a perfect crime?

Linda Curtis moved from Brevard County three years ago,
Primarily to shake the emptiness she felt every time
she saw something that reminded her of Tami.
Which was always.
curtis lives in orlando, Where she conducts her modeling business from a home she only half-jokingly refers to as
"The Cave." An artist with eccentric notions stucco edifice himself-Its few windows are primarily ventilation caliber.
Having been spotlighted nationally by life magazine and ABC's "20/20" for her talents as one of America's most succesful
child modeling agents. Curtis might well be expected to enjoy a lifestyle commensurate with her abilities.
But nothing ever come easy for Linda Curtis.
After a series of heart attacks, Chronic diabetes and a ruptured tendon in her foot, her mobility is relegated to a walker
and a wheelchair. She doesn't want her picture taken. And there is the heavy emotional baggage to contend with, Which includes
two husbands, Five children and rip-offs by business assotiates
By 1983 only daughter Tami remained a part of her household. Today, Even Tami is a memory-which Curtis is still attempting
to manage, Via book and a screen-play.
Predictably, The story will accent all those magic moments only a mother can recite so well:
The time her nine-year-old daughter surrendered a beauty pageant to the broken hearted runner-up after an official mistakenly
announced the other girl the winner, The time Tami " sold more Girl Scout cookies than anyone else in Brevard County".
Tami as a philanthropist who made special visits to Brevard County Detention Center inmates on Christmas Eve: A popular
little girl who "Was always sticking up for the underdog."
But Curtis plans to unsheathe a more pointed edge in the book. Contrary to what some people think, she insists that her
daughter was no runaway. Tami, she charges, was yanked into the shadows by a conspiracy involving prominent Brevardians
whose names, would make trial lawyers eyes light up with dollar signs.
" I want people over there to know I'm writing a book," She says referring to a project (no actual names used) she's been
tolling over for months. "I want to shake them up. I want the criminal to know they can't absorb my child-or anyone's child-
wothout ulimately paying the penalty for it."

now resides in the computer memory bank of Florida Crime Information center. A comunity of 5,944, roughly the size of Indian
Harbour Beach. She can be found there alongside another cocoa beach entry Keith D. Fleming. who vanished in 1977 at age 13.
Cocoa Beach Police Capt. Bob Wicker is mildly indignant over curtis' allegation that his department blew the investigation
of Tami's disappearance. He says he coudn't find a hint of foul play.
"I can't say there was anything unusual about the case. Other than some faintly problems I understand she was having at
home" Wicker says. "The agent in charge was a real go-getter. He he was the type the sees communists behind every tree,
if you know what I mean."
The case fell into the departments lap when Tami, a Rockledge resident, was last reported seen in Cocoa Beach. Among other
things, Curtis says the young man who picked up her daughter up on the morning of July 6, 1983, was never thoroughly
interrogated. She says that Tami once told her that she feared the same man-A businessman-wanted to kill her.
Wicker dismisses.
"Nothing in the report has him down as a suspect" He says. "We have no reason to believe he did anything wrong, at this
Wicker says he has no current Address on the man Tami was last seen with. Because the case is still pending, he says,
records on the investigation remain closed.

Tami-Lynn Leppert lived in fear shortly before she vanished. Strangers prowled around the eyes of those she knew best.
She woudn't drink from open containers; She only ate food from someone else's plate, Not hers; She stayed in her room and
refused to answer the door. Linda Curtis concedes these things. She says she got her first glimpse of deterioration the
year before, When Tami broke down on the set of Brian DePalma's cocaine-war thriller, "Scarface." A blood-and-guts scene
during the filming sent her into hysterics.
But Curtis insists that Tami's authentic tears were rooted in a confession that would consume her. Tami told her mother that
how in an effort to score points, a friend bragged to her on a large-scale, drug-money laundering operation in Brevard. Cops,
Bankers, Leading citizens-the people in on the take were powerful, powerful enough to make Tami fear she knew too much.
Curtis says she told Tami to make a report with the Brevard County Sheriff's Department.
Officer Mike Wong, now with the department's drug task force , says he vaguely remembers his meeting with Tami. "It was so
long ago," Wong says "and the best I can recollect , the the conversation didn't have anything to do with anyone trying to
kill her. I think she came in to talk about some stolen propety she wanted back."
Wong expresses bewilderment over the drug scenario. "the last I heard, they thought that racecar driver was involved."
That referance is to serial killer Christopher Wilder.
Before he was shot to death in a tussle with a state trooper on the canadian border in spring 1984, Wilder's murder spree
lanced Brevard. The FBI linked Wilder-A Grand Prix aficianado who posed as a fashion phographer-with the abduction and
murder aspiring Satelite Beach model Terry Ferguson , last seen at Merritt square mall.
Curtis filled a $1 million wrongul death sult against wilders astate that year. She says Wilder met her daughter daughter
on the set of "Spring Break" in fort lauderdale and traveled to Brevard in a fruitless effort to convince Curtis to let
him photograph Tami.
Curtis said she never considered Wilder a strong suspect. She says she only sued the Wilder estate luring the manhunt to
force him to answer questions about Tami. She dropped the lawsuit after wilder's death.

WAS one of the few people Tami-Lynn Leppert trusted to the end. "It's hard to say why, really" Adams says. "Maybe it's
because I never really wanted anything from her. "now 27, Adams sifts through his pictures. Pointing out the times he
escorted her to both his junior and senior proms at Cocoa High School. It was one of those hard-to-catagorize teen-age
relationships-not exactly a hot romance, but not exactly little sister/big brother either. He knows only one thing for sure
"She could've dated anybody she wanted to. "They drifted apart after he graduated. Perhaps that was inevitable."Tami had alot
of pressure about her apearance in public, "Adam recalls. "Because of who she was, she felt like she had this image she had
to live up to. Everything she did was, like, fine-tooth combed. Her make up had to be just right, every hair had to be in
place, what she wore had to be perfect. It drove me crazy, to tell the truth. I got burned out on the whole thing, with with
so many people hanging around, so many people coming up to her. It was almost like having to compete for attention, and I
wasn't into that." but shortly before she disappeared, Adams says Tami began confiding in him, telling him that someone was
trying to kill her. He says the fear was real. "I knew it wasn't drugs. I can say for sure that Tami wasn't into drugs. She
didn't even drink. "Finally, on Tuesday evening July 5, 1983. Tami told Adam she had "seen something she shouldn't have
seen" She didn't get aspecific. They went to pray at Rockville Evangel Temple. "Tami cried as hard as I've seen anyone cry
before" Adams says.He dropped her off in front of her house around 11 that night . They made pland to go back to church
wednsday afternoon."And then." Adams says "She looked at me and said. I just want you to know that I may have to go away for
a while. But I also want you to know that I love you."
Then they hugged each other, and held the embrace for as long as it took.
Rick Adams never got a chance to ask her what she meant. He called late the next morning to reconfirm their date.
She was already gone.

had been restless, that her career hadn't advances as quickly as she wanted. She says Tami was preparing to pursue some
acting leads waiting for her in California.
But paranioa engulfed her first. It was the last of June, first of July 1983.
"Tami went outside for some reason-which seemed strange, considering how she afraid to go outside-when the door slammed
and locked behind her. I think a gust of wind caught it." Curtis says. "Anyway, she went berserk. She bashed the window with
a baseball bat she picked up in the front yard, and she reached her and inside to unlock the door. "She came running in,
Yelling and screaming, but before she could do anything I pinned her against the wall and kept saying. " I love you, Tami I
love you Tami, over and over again, And then she went limp."
The next day Curtis checked Tami into the Brevard mental health center for 72 hour observation. " Then they released her and
said she was normal as far as they could tell." Curtis says. "So we were all set to check her with another psycho therapist.
But We were too late."
Curtis was sitting in the house that wednsday morning when she heard a car horn beep out front. Tami peered out the window
and went out the door. she was wearing a light blue blouse, a denim shirt and was barefoot. She stuck her head back in and
said "bye mommy, I'll see you in a little bit, OK?"
"For some reason, I was preoccupied that day and I didn't pay much attention to it, and I'll never forgive myself for that."
Curtis says. On the other hand since her daughter did not have her purse. curtis didn't think she was going far.
Ten minutes later, Curtis heard the car engine crank up. She rose to see what was going on. Tami was riding away in the
car of the young man she suppossedly feared.
It was 11 a.m. Linda Curtis never saw her daughter again.

contact Tami attempted came in a flurry of calls she made that wednesday afternoon.
Three times she left urgent messages for her aunt, Ginger Kolsch, at Kolsch's Cocoa Beach costume shop, Balloonatics. Kolsch
was out of town, Tami said she was calling from a nearby location.
"Tami was definately afraid of somebody," Kolsch says. "It was real, I'm convinced of that."
Kolsch says the runaway scenario doesn't wash.

see her play Peter Pan?" asks Rick Adams. "Linda's got it on video."
The performance in an enduring image in Adams' memory, a special place for the little girl he thought was destined to be a star.
This is the one where Tami-Lynn Leppert, dressed as the famous boy-who-wouldn't-grow-up, is confronted with a dying Tinkerbell
poisoned by the notorious Captain Hook. And the only way to save Tinkerbell's life is to rally the support of the audience.
"Oh, please, please, everyone who believes in fairies, clap your hands!" Tami urges.
Grief and fear come trickling down Tami's cheeks so easily it flows like blood from a fresh wound.
"Please!"she continues with greater conviction, "Louder! Oh please, louder!"
The audience responds with lusty, award-winning applause and Tami's tears of sorrow smear with tears of relief.
Tinkerbell lives.
"She could make you cry, man," Adams says, "That was Tami at her best. She had the gift."
A fountain of sorrow, forever young.

Florida Today March 18, 1990
By Billy cox

If you know anything about my sister Tammy Lynn Leppert.please email me at
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Old 07-11-2005, 05:56 PM   #35
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Welcome suzanne,

I have a quick question if Tammy was not schizophrenic, why did the UM segment portray her basically as one. I have a degree in psychology and from the way the UM portrayed the case it made it seem like all of these paranoiac episodes were creations in her head. Furthermore I would like to state for the record that there are millions of people (my own father included) who due to mental illness have stated that people are out to kill them often refusing to identify the people when pressed. I know this first hand because during my teen years my mother and I went through a living hell with my father as he battled what we now know as paranoid schizophrenia when throughtout this ordeal which latest several years he would consistently insist that someone had a contract out on him but would never say who or why? This horrid mental ailment eventually lead to him taking his own life in 1979.

I'm not trying to question you or cast doubt on what you say but my question still remains why the UM segment isn't very sympathetic in my view to Tammy's insistance that these threats were real.

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Old 07-11-2005, 06:19 PM   #36
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Default Tammy Lynn Leppert

I really do not know why tammy was portrayed that way.Just no one really knew what was going on or what happened.Because tammy was acting paranoid and scared and she did not tell anyone who she was afraid of because she was scared.(she apparantly didn't name names)Her fear was real.She was not schizophrenic.This newest lead tells me she really was afraid of someone and this person threatened to kill her.I would be afraid too.It also shows me the person she was going to tell on was involved with something this person should not have been.I don't know what yet.
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Old 07-13-2005, 01:05 PM   #37
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Default Tammy Lynn Leppert

Here is Tammy Lynn Lepperts web site.May I please ask everyone if they can to Please put this where ever you can ok?and please help and please use the contact person as her sister suzanne at You can make a really can. ((Hugs))

Thankyou and God bless you

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Old 07-17-2005, 10:25 AM   #38
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Default Tammy Lynn Leppert

I know I have been looking for Unidentified Jane Does for Tammy.But if you know of any sightings of Tammy Lynn Leppert or have ever called in a sighting of Tammy and also if you ever called in a tip to unsolved mysteries.Please email me too ok?Please email me at
Thankyou and God bless you.
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Old 08-04-2005, 02:57 PM   #39
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Default tammy Lynn Leppert

If any one has ever called in a lead to the unsolved mysteries or to the police.May I please ask you to do it again.But this time to me at will look into it.Please help me.all I ask is if there is any leads called into please email me too ok?
Thankyou and God bless you.

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Old 09-07-2005, 07:07 AM   #40
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Thankyou and I am waiting for her show to come on again to get her story out there.
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Old 02-05-2006, 05:52 PM   #41
Tap Dancer
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Default Some links




Today is/was Tammy's birthday.

Last edited by Tap Dancer; 02-13-2006 at 02:38 PM.
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Old 02-07-2006, 12:02 PM   #42
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I dedicated a poem to her on the other thread for her birthday.All these boards got thier information from me and the board I care missing persons cold cases.The board I made and dedicated to her.Please use her board.

I am asking to please contact only the family member contact with any leads.

Thankyou and God bless you

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Old 02-08-2007, 11:44 PM   #43
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This was a very interesting case. Tammy may have been worried for her life but i doubt everything that happened like the car accross the road and stuff was all to do with the people that wanted her murdered. She probably imagined a lot of it but she still may of been wanted killed.

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Old 02-10-2007, 05:02 AM   #44
Justice for Russell
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Originally Posted by suzannec4444
I was not around when Tammy came up missing.
Hi Suzanne. Forgive my ignorance, but by "not around" do you mean you were not born yet, or were you just not living with Tammy at the time?

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your sister's case when it first aired on UM and I hope you are able to get closure on this one day. It hurts us just seeing the UM segment and reading the articles....I can't even imagine what it must be like for you.
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Old 02-11-2007, 01:04 PM   #45
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is it possible Tammy may have been the victim of an abortion gone wrong?
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