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Question Dharma & Greg Boned the Fish When...

Dharma & Greg is an American television situation comedy co-produced by Chuck Lorre Productions, More-Medavoy Productions and 4 to 6 Foot Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television for ABC. It first aired from September 24, 1997, to April 30, 2002, and starred Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson as Dharma and Greg Montgomery, a couple who married instantly on their first date despite being complete opposites.
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For me this show "boned' when Shae D'Lyn left the cast.
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I'm going to say never.
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Vaguely remember this show. I do recall the actor who played Burke Devlin was in this one.
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That horrible season when Dharma was in a wheelchair. Awful writing.
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  • Other Thoughts:

    Most shows usually introduce a baby during its fourth or fifth season when their ratings are in a slump. It looks like Dharma & Greg are avoiding the slump and are Jumping The Shark by using themselves as bait. In the first two espisodes, the parents are barely seen, Dharma went from the lovable ditsy-hippy, to Cosmo Maternal Power-Woman (so far, only Greg is the same)
    I actually think this show has gotten better this season and it's because Greg has changed. Last season he was a simp. Dharma got all the laughs and he was just the smarmy nothing Republican. Now, they've given him a dark sarcastic edge which prevents him from losing every scene to Dharma The hippie parents are still highly annoying, especially the Father. I believe this might be a show that has gotten marginally better with age (admittedly, it's not even a full year old yet, but hey).
    This show never jumped!!! I was going to say something about how cool Larry is but...I forgot.
    The show started to jump when it became OUR PARENTS SHOW instead of DARMA AND GREG. Jenna Elfman is the best thing about the show but shes being pushed out by that father who is jumping the shark by changing from a pretty cool hippie to someone who is just plain stupid. And that ponytail it always looks as its ready to fall off. Either show less of Darmas parents or make them better characters SAVE THIS SHOW!!!
    This show is a ripoff of Angie, which had a waitress marry a rich pediatrician. That show, in turn, can be traced to I Love Lucy, which had an "All-American redhead" marry a Cuban bandleader. They thought they'd rip off a short lived show so nobody would know that it was a blatantly unoriginal idea.
    A month or two ago I would not have believed that this show would jump the shark, but I have to say that when I find myself seeing the promo's on TV and saying "Oh look, another very special episode", it's downhill. I watch it for the comedy and general wackiness, not for marital problems.
    this show rules the known universe. not only is jenna elfman TOTALLY hot, but everyone on the cast is excellent. i think greg's parents are the funniest besides dharma. susan sullivan is divine! greg's dad is great too. larry (dharma's dad) is funny, the short term memory weed jokes are a bit stale. (they say marijuana diminishes short term memory... what was the question?) all in all it is totally great. more jane/dharma scenes needed. and fewer clothes on dharma (he says typing one handed...:-)
    When Dharma stopped being a cool, together, Sugar Magnolia-perfect hippie chick character. Just like Phoebe in friends, they had to take that kooky, wierd edge off of her. At first the show was great, because it was like an allegory for the American condition. Our country was once driven by the differences between the liberals and the conservatives. The show was kind of saying "Hey, screw it, these two different types of people can make it work." And the conflict between the parents (both Gregs and Dharma's) were really funny. But now, like our country, the show is becoming a vanilla-flavored, formula-driven mess. It's just a waste of a perfect woman like Jenna Elfman.
    It jumped even before show #1--- It jumped during the airing of the very first promo. Where do you begin with this annoying show? Ever hear Elfman's interviews..?- especially during the junkets for Ed Tv or whatever movie she's been in? She is an IMBECILE. But hey, it's an ABC sit-com-- I guess it SUPPOSED to be annoying.
    Dharma and Greg was a "must-see" show in our house when it began. It was cute, the parents were funny (all 4, IMHO) then it went bad. The episode where Penn (or was it Teller?) appeared as a cat was it. It crossed the line into stupidity. It isn't even in our viewing rotation anymore. The "Kitty" episode triggered an uneasy 'deja vu' feeling when "Just Shoot Me" appeared with "Donny". THAT show, however, went on to be hilarious! Just shows what talented writers can do, I suppose.
    Hasn't jumped YET...but it's getting there! Elfman and Gibson are great and Gibson's parents are uproarious BUT Elfman's hippie parents are trite, annoying and unfunny. It's not the actor's's the crappy outfits and stupid lines they're given. Like I said, hasn't jumped the shark YET, but it's getting there!
    Jenna Elfman is annoying as ****. Yes, I've heard those press junket interviews. What a moron. Somebody glue her mouth shut.
    I'd like to think it's only on the diving board and hasn't actually jumped yet, but so far the third season has been D-U-M-B dumb. Not funny at all. I loved Dharma and Greg up to this point. Edward gets the best lines. They need more Jane too. I'll be very sad if Dharma doesn't get enlightened soon.
    I always thought of this show as an update of "Bewitched" or "I Dream of Jeannie" -- the earth-bound husband has to cope with the messes wrought by his "magical" wife. So what were they thinking when they decided that Greg should quit his job and become like Dharma? They're draining all the dramatic tension from the show, for what's obviously a ratings-driven stunt. "D and G" was never great but it was cute and funny. I can't say that now.
    Greg & Dharma (or Dharma & Greg--who cares) started out as an amusing little show with an enticing babe. AS soon as it caught on, however, it became less of a comedy and more of a "let's see just how cute we can make this couple." Also, they have an excellent supporting cast that is not utilized properly. Too many cheap jokes and obvious "wackiness" when it could have really been something. Oh well.
    This whole 3rd season has been BAD! What's with all the musical stars? Kitty and Edward are priceless and don't show up nearly enough. The defining moment for me was the drum show, where Bob Dylan appears at the end and Jenna Elfman pounds on the drums for the last 5 minutes of the show, then COMES BACK during the credits and does more. Ughhhh!
    Let's write in a baby! Okay, the baby didn't work, let's get rid of the baby!
    It has always jumped the shark - every episode does. I stopped when Dharma was supposedly a vegetarian but doing non-veggie things or being ridiculed for her concerns (environment, etc). The wasteful stereotyping took any credibility away from it...the flighty but emotionally-secure hippies, the emotionally-repressed but crafty rich family. Amazing how stereotypes can seem so different practically from week to week ...and never more solid or more interesting - just weak in a different way. The Show Without Backbone - that just keeps coming back. Too bad for us.
    NEVER JUMPED!!!! All of the women on this show are hot. Dharma is a GODDESS! So is Greg's mom. Really. Susan Sullivan is remarkably well preserved, and for a 50 year old, she's really hot. Even Jane and Dharma's mom look pretty good.
    This show started strong, but then the writers thought that we would forget what the roles were for the actors. This would have been a better "after school special".
    when dharma got a makeover about mid-season. i didn't recognize her at first, i thought they'd changed actresses!
    best show on tv. right now. Plain and simple. Each episode is funny and leaves us all in stitches. Whoever can't hack it is missing out...
    The second season is when it jumped the shark. The first season, ya, it was a bit hokey, but it was still funny. Now it's so ridiculously stupid, trying to funny when it's not, and making Jenna Elfman's part a total airhead.
    I guess just that the whole show lost it's purpose at that point. I mean, the whole point was that Greg was the responsible one. It's just another dumb show about flaky young couples now.
    The most annoying female character on t.v. today. And definitely in the top (or bottom) five of all time.
    Dharma and Greg jumped the shark hours before it even premiered believe me. I mean someone must have had a death wish for this show when they gave the lead female character on the show the name Dharma. Dharma? Must have been used to get everybody's attention. Sorry people but the woman who plays Dharma, Jenna Elfman, is not hot stuff by any stretch of the imagination. They got Greg right but Dharma, with her Chinese like eyes and her horse teeth is all wrong for this show. It is hard to imagine how the actor playing Greg can stand her all the time. The show isn't all that funny either. Plus its' on its' last legs and everybody knows it. ABC doesn't put Who Wants To Be An Millionaire on all the time these days for nothing. All of the sitcoms on ABC, including Dharma Ugly and Greg aren't worth what your dog just laid on the front lawn.
    Attention Jenna Elfman....sticking out your tongue and doing silly dances DOES NOT make you a comedienne! Since Lucille Ball is your supposed idol, why not watch her shows and learn a few pointers! What sets Lucy and Carol Burnett apart from wannabes such as yourself and Jenny McCarthy is comedic timing and T-A-L-E-N-T!!
    When the whole family pretended to be southern to impress the judge. I've never seen an episode as good as that since then.
    dharma and greg has to be the most un-funny, boring thing on television. it jts the day it was released.
    Dharma is annoying, I want to put my shoe through her face.
    I don't think Dharma and Greg has jumped the shark yet. But the move from their totally cool apartment in the first season to their 2D studio audience apartment in the second season was tragic. How Jane continued to live next door remains a mystery.
    When Dharma and Greg moved out of Dharma's old apartment and into the current place. Then if that wasn't enough, it jumped even further when Greg went soul searching.
    The show jumped by having the very obnoxious, self important (can't remember her name at the moment) playing Dharma. She's not funny, and she thinks she's a talent like the world has never seen. It's truly not funny.
    When Dharma cheated on Greg with the professor
    Dharma and Greg- When Jane no longer was on the show. The funny exploits ended, no more '50's housewife trips to the grocery store' or 'German tourists'- 2nd jump the shark was when Greg quit working for the feds.
    When Greg rolled the car to avoid hitting a deer in the season finale-- that's a cliff-hanger, all right. How on earth are they going to continue a show called DHARMA and Greg when they've got Dharma seriously injured in a horrible car accident? This show is a comedy-- what's funny about that?
    You could see it coming in the final moments of the 2001 season finale when D & G, while driving home from a wedding (of course!), where they resolved their big hairy fight (of course), crashed their car on a wet, two-lane road. So predictable.
    This show was fun to watch until the dreaded fight between dharma and greg, it is now way to serious, it now has the friends theme fun to comedy soap, so it has jumped the shark big time.
    The show jumped when Greg leaves a cushy government job to "follow his bliss." For the next dozen episodes he just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Show jumps a second time when Kevin Sorbo appears.
    When they adopted that baby and then the child was taken away - this show was never THAT good, but the plot lines just got ridiculous at this point.
    Season Finale, Dharma sleeps with Hercules, 15 minutes is
    The jump started when Jenna started to look sexy. (Did she want to keep the wardrobe?) The premise was she's a hippy chick; he's Mr Izod. The producers began looking for every opportunity to dress her up in high heels and dresses. Now, don't get me wrong--she is kind of hot and that outfit with the red boots is pretty amazing, but here it's a distraction. The producers are just dressing her up now with no attempt at keeping to the premise, unless she goes to her parents' house. SHE's NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE FANCY STUFF! The Sorbo episodes just completed the shark jump. I do not need drama in my comedies--what a hopelessly contrived episode! It was just not in character--for me, the Greg thing was believable (hippy influence finally sets in), but their love was kind of the center of the show--binding force. Now that she questions it, the show is just in way too much limbo and uncertainty.
    When Greg quit his job. No doubt about it. What made the show work was that he was a buttoned up nine to fiver and Dharma was a child of old hippies with a unique perspective on life. The chemistry was in how they reacted to each others perspective on things and how Dharma helped Greg to expand his horizons a little. That he suddenly became a big flake ruined that ying/yang thing they had going!
    Does anyone know the deal behind the odd paragraph that gets flashed for about five seconds at the end of each episode? My wife and I videotaped it and freeze framed it a few times...perhaps we have too much time on our hands, but's always an odd diatribe, written in first person, about some banal observances totally unrelated to the show. -Sort of like Jerry Seinfeld on a bad night. My guess is that some friend of the show is getting a writing credit, or something. Anyone?
    This show jumped when ABC failed to realize that it had a great show in the making. All they had to do was find a way to write out the whining, and simpering stars of this show, both of them, and concentrate on the parents. The weekly five min. a week of the four parents almost make this a watchable show.
    Dharma and Greg have never jumped the shark. The show is a very good one. If 90% of people watching t.v. with rating boxes weren't old or hermits, then they would probably have much higher ratings, along with Will and Grace. These shows are funny, and that's all there is to it.
    Dharma kisses Hercules to make his ex jealous? How many times are we going to see that lame excuse for making out? Does anyone ever actually do that? Then she has to get all serious and confess. And of course this puts their marriage in "crisis mode". I thought I was watching Mad About You. Now the show just totally sucks.
    This show hasn't jumped yet but has come dangerously close, I'm sorry to say. The best part of this show originally was that it was about a couple who really loved each other and all the rest was peripheral. Why every almost every series on TV needs to portray major marital problems in every series is beyond me. There ARE people who are just happy out there.
    God, Jenna Elfman has to be the single most annoying actress on television! All the dancing and cutesy bullsh*t is just SO cloy and lame. Every line sounds like its being read right off a cue card, and she waits for the laugh after every predictable inane joke. Dharma in the hospital racing in wheelchairs has got to be the dumbest point ever. Christ, kill me now.
    It is on its way to jumping back over the shark by having dharma get over her health problems resulting from the accident unusually fast. By doing this they get away from a story line that no one wanted.
    This show jumped the day ink went to paper to create it. It not only jumped the shark it is the SHARK. They have plot lines that make the writers of Three's Comapany look like geniuses. How more wacky could the show be: "I am an uptight lawyer. I am a crazy hippie, now let nutty hi-jinx ensue." This show is proof of the educational problem we have in this country. Please America stop watching.
    This show is supposed to be light-hearted, but the drama involving the character of Kevin Sorbo just made the show too serious. As a result, they blew the chemistry between the couple and should just have ended the show by having the couple died in the car accident. I would be surprised if this show comes back next year with this year's awful ratings
    i don't watch that much T.V., but i do make a point of watching every dharma and greg on wednesdays. the show used to be awesome, but ever since the parents started getting along and greg quit his job, the show doesn't have that same spark that it used to have. the major character differences made the show great, but it is hard now to see such differences between them now. and what is with dharma in a weelchair?? it doesn't make sense...
    This show jump the shark more than once! It jumped when Greg quit his job (What up with that?!) and it jumped AGAIN when Maggie had the baby (It would have been funnier if everybody BUT Dharma had a baby (her mom, his mom, the dogs, the cats, etc.)) I used to like this show but now it sucks the big one!!
    This show was sooo funny, before the car accident. Now it sucks ass. You think there's gonna be this whole dramatic thing, but she recovers perfectly, and is now stupid and even more corny than before. I think that deer in the headlights look is all over the producers.
    Dharma is one of the most obnoxious females on television. How the show has remained on is a puzzle? Greg and Dharma are about unbelievable as a couple. I cant imagine them as friends! How Elfman got her own show is also a mystery - wait a minute dont they hold drawings to see who gets their own sitcom?
    The chemistry between Dharma and Jane was priceless. bring them back! And get Dharma naked! Come on, that's what many of us want to see! BYT: The vanity card at the end of every episode is Chuck Lorre, the creator of Dharma and Greg and the old Cybill Shepherd show. He had such a horrible experience with Shepherd that he used these vanity cards as a way to vent. Plus, it was unique and he hoped people like the poster above would tape it and read it. Now, it reads more like a cross between bad Deep Thoughts and Look At Me, I'm So Deep and Awesome! Don't You Want To Live My Life My Way?
    As soon as that little spark of mental energy entered the show creator's ignorant mind to actually attempt to pull this trash heap of a rip-off. Oh, and the stupid babies (both of them). All honesty though, Dharma and Greg were pretty funny the first season (and the first season only). This fantasy world where Dharma is crippled one day and then next month is running the Boston Marathon is just plain ridiculous. This filthy unfaithful piece of vomit should have died in that car accident. I think Greg wanted to get in that car crash to kill the bitch, that's why he was so quick to ask her "Dharma, are you alright"? I bet when she answered "no" he had so many tears in his eyes because he failed to off the piece of human dung that he could have filled the Pacific Ocean. Just kidding, I don't think that weak effeminated ?man? ("yes Dharma I forgive you for sticking your tongue down Hercules' throat, I've actually thought about kissing him too Dharma dear") could have ever got the gonads up to yell in justifiable anger at her (which he never did by the way) let alone try to Wack her ass.
    This show jump the shark from the start. Jenna elfman is no lucy, 15 min. of fame is up.
    I love this show but I must say it came real close to jumping the shark in the episode where jenna elfman's real life husband Bodi Elfman plays an artist with a show about living in an art gallery and Dharma is his bunkmate. Not only was this episode unfunny, but every scene D&G appeared in with him was unbelievable. It killed any believability that this two where a couple.
    Once ABC had a hit on their hands, they made sure to remove every element that actually made it a hit. The friends disappeared, the chemistry disappeared, everyone got along, the perfect love goes sour, lets add annoying stereotypical co-op friends [that Asian chic makes me cringe] and on & on...i was hoping that Dharma would come back after the accident as a vegetable [a nude one, at that] and that she shows would feature Greg getting turned on by her catheter tube, Kitty spoonfeeds her strained beef by accident and that Greg finally comes out of the closet.
    Tonight's show (3/5/2002), with Edward having a heart attack and Greg taking over Montgomery Industries, would have been a great way to just wrap up the series. Given that this wasn't the final ep it shows that the idea well has simply run dry. This show is so forced now. It's beyond no original ideas, there are no funny ideas either. Tonight reminded me a lot of the Phil Hartman tribute episode of NewsRadio. It would have been a great way to end the show, but by not ending it proved once and for all that THIS SHOW HAS JUMPED. Please, ABC, put it out of its misery.
    "Miss Elfman? Miss Jenna Elfman...? Time's up!" - The Fame Fairy.
    This show jumped big time when Kevin Sorbo did his guest appearance. This show and "Mad About You" are the only ones I can think of where the female kisses another guy and then throws the whole relationship into turmoil, but it is quickly becoming a cliche. The only way it could have been worse is if Dharma had gotten knocked up after the reconciliation, but still, the show went on a downward spiral after Hercules appeared on it.
    when Dharma had an affair. I thought it was a total betrayal of the founding principle of the show which is that their love was pre-ordained.
    I watched this show regularly for the first season or so. I thought the young couple and both pairs of parents were funny and appealing. Dharma's father has one of my all-time favorite TV lines "The so-called Olympics." It was cute to have this couple who got married on the same day they met, and are now getting to know each other week by week. Three things happened that made me unable in good conscience to ever spend 1 moment on this piece of trash again: 1. The baby they had for a while. I don't think that having a baby has to mean the end of a show's quality (married people in real life DO have babies) but the part where Dharma's mom gathers approx. 50 hippie freaks in the apt. to be the baby's "village" was so stupid, it was just as well for the baby that the real mother changed her mind and took him back. And that was that! We never heard about the baby again. Reason 2, stemming from the baby, was when Dharma and Greg moved out of Dharma's cool, funky pad, into some completely bland boring yuppie luxury apartment. This was a sign that Dharma and Greg was headed to becoming just one more of the limitless number of sitcoms about youngish, white, "quirky," unrealistically wealthy, self-absorbed dullards in the "big city" (cf. Friends, anything following Friends, Sex and the City, Mad About You, etc.) Reason #3: Jenna Elfman and her idiot husband Bodhi Elfman are big time, hard core Scientologists!! What more needs to be said...I can't watch any show or movie starring Scientologists, I can't bear to gaze upon any actor whose ego and greed has obviously so overpowered their sense of logic, humility, and values, that they would join this insane passel of extortionists and thugs!
    This show was great because it was one of the few shows about married people who were happy. It was funny without relying on all the bad things that can happen in a marriage. Like Mad About You before it, the show introduced marriage problems into the mix and low and behold the show started to suffer. I'm not sure I understand why two people can't be happy on a TV show. It definitely doesn't make the show funnier to have people contemplating cheating and disliking each other!
    Watching the promotions from ABC for the season finale (airing on 4/30/2002) showed what seemed like another marriage crisis for Dharma and Greg (in the special 1 hour season finale) when deciding on having (and raising) a baby. After watching the episode, that clearly did not happen, as it had a happy ending for Dharma and Greg. Why must ABC make something out to be so big when it really is not? Improve ratings for a failing show, perhaps? They did the same thing for Home Improvement a couple of years ago when Brad got his drivers license, and ABC lead me to believe that he was in a serious car accident. Turns out that it was just a small accident (he hit someone else, but told Tim and Jill he hit a telephone pole or something).
    You know it's in trouble when there's a one hour episode that ends with "Let's make a baby!" Because either, they're going to have a baby, or, they're going to be all sad because they don't.
    Now the D&G writers have done it again. Cheese and crackers, you D&G writer!!! Why does a SITCOM have to end every season with some major life changing crisis for the main characters. And they are hardly original crises at that. What, do you guys keep a little Twister-like spinner in the writing room so that when you get to the final episode, you give it a little spin and thus decide what the big crisis this season will be? And I guess the only two things listed on said spinner is "Car Crash" and "Marital Problems."
    When Greg quit his job and went on his quest to find himself. Too many growing pains. Not funny.
    While I'm sad to hear D&G has been cancelled by ABC I can hardly say I'm surprised. The producers, writers and network screwed this show up royally and it paid for it in lost ratings. The show premise was so original, witty and funny the first two seasons. The third season (2000 - 2001) ruined the formula by introducing too much drama with the "will she/won't she with Kevin Sorbo (yuck) that turned me off. WTF did they do that? Why did they have to make such a lovable character as Dharma behave so horribly. Then there was the "make room for baby" storyline, that again was achingly sad and another turn off. Then the season ending cliff-hanger with the car accident. Make up your friggin mind?! Is a comedy or a drama? In fact the whole Wednesday night lineup went in the toilet that season. What a waste!
    This show definitely jumped when Kevin Sorbo came of as Dharma's professor. I realize shows what to grow and change, but this show has grown and changed in all the wrong ways! The baby for Abby, the accident, all down hill after Kevin's appearance. I guess that's why the show has been canceled (as of May 13th, 2002).
    Chalk up another vote for the car accident. It is a shame every sitcom writer/producer in the world over the past 10 years has felt the need to have a "very special" cliffhanger, every season, even when the show is a gentle farce and such heavy drama is not appropriate. In addition, we all know that the show can't go on without a hyperactive Jenna Elfman, so they weren't fooling anyone anyway. Poorly conceived, and without a doubt ran the audience away, judging from the 2001-2002 ratings. Kind of a shame, because some fine episodes did remain that were in the vein of prior seasons once they got Dharma out of the wheelchair (i.e. The Blonde Tornado episode).
    Definitely jumped during the episode where Dharma is talking to her mother–in-law, Kitty, about her attraction for her professor (special guest star Kevin Sorbo) & whether or not she wants to stay with her husband. Now, I know Dharma wasn’t supposed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but just WHO is stupid enough to tell some poor guy’s MOTHER that you’re thinking about leaving *HER* SON?? Especially when she has never even liked you to begin with. Hmm…maybe Kitty was behind the cliffhanger car wreck, after all!
    When they switched apartments. Very funny at first, but never grew, and they ran out of material
    This show was ALWAYS dopey, but it had a quirky charm. After a while though Jenna Elfman became insufferable.
    dharma cheated on greg and it was over from then on...her yoga practice should have been used to show her stability
    D&G JtS with the multi-episode arc when Dharma decides to run for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. ("Multi-episode arc", for a show that's usually stand-alone episodes, could be another JtS sign!) Such concepts may work with shows focused on actual politicians (i.e, "West Wing"), but become trite in other shows. Doors slamming in candidate's face! Candidate is dispirited! Candidate won't take campaign contributions from the rich relative! Until she has to! And opponents are just too weird for words!
    It's as if Dharma is Jeannie, Greg is Major Nelson and Pete is Roger Healey...
    Dharma and Greg was such a cool show until Larry got stupid, the parents started getting along, there wasn't enough Jane (she was DA BEST!), and Dharma got in a car accident. It stinks now!
    The episode where Abby gets pregnant and disavows Dharma's childhood and the hippie-ness that is supposed to be fundamental to her character. they milk it to the point that Dharma actually doubts the childhood that supposedly made her a happy, well-adjusted, free spirit...thereby unhinging the show.
    Whne they decided to have Dharma question her mariage to Greg. Come on the whole premise of the show was that from the first time they bumped into each other she knew that they belonged together. So much so that she married him first before getting to know him. As if it was not bad enough that Dharma gave up her old apartment and started to live it up.
    When Greg quit his job. He and Dharma were the cute, perky couple and he balanced her quirkiness. Then the show tried to flip them around and it just didn't work. I wasn't buying it at all. I used to love this show - never missed an episode and now I can't even stand the reruns past this point. What a disappointment.
    When Dharma (that goofy bitch) ended up almost having an affair with the Hercules guy (Kevin Sorbo). It would have been great if they had showed her inhaling his man sausage and him turning her around and hammering away!!! Now that's entertainment!!
    When I saw the first ads for that show, I thought "Any show that tries that hard to come up with a cool and different name... is a show I won't watch." When you name your characters after guitarists in Blue Oyster Cult, it is time to give up the writing job.
    when dharma met that professor and kissed him. that set off the entire chain of events that led to her and greg getting into that car accident and her not being able to walk.and then after all that they realize they still love each other and all if forgiven.
    At its best this show was hilarious, but for some reason the writers kept wanting to make it more "relevant." (i.e. less funny). The baby episodes were bad, but the show could recover. In the Kevin Sorbo episodes, however, they mixed a humorless script with jaw-droppingly out of character behavior, ruining the show forevermore.
    When the producers neglected to mention the undercurrent of hidden homosexuality that was the character Greg. Are we to believe that a redblooded hetero American man would not continuously be in the sack with that little minx Jenna Elfman (her bizarre Scientology beliefs notwithstanding)? BALDERDASH!
    Nobody wants to see a COMEDY become a DRAMADY. Why do they do this? When I want to see something serious I watch Lifetime (which by the way jumps the shark every time they have lighthearted theme movies on holidays, such as Easter or Mother's Day.) People need to laugh to relieve their daily stressors, and turning on to a funny show, should never wax serious.
    This show is so screamingly awful & obnoxious that I have never been able to watch more than 2 minutes of it. Maybe it's unfair of me to comment on that basis -- but to me, one minute of Dharma & Greg is like living with the East Lake cheerleaders from Saturday Night Live.
    Dharma and Greg was a great premise and had the funniest sitcom line ever...Kitty has a benefit to save the wild ducks. They lose their guest star and Dharma gets Andrew Dice Clay to appear. A snotty woman at the benefit says to him, Did you know that second hand smoke is worse than smoking itself?" He says,"Hey, looks like I made the right choice." I love Greg's parents and the show had lots of promise then they had the cheating thing and then the accident. Hey dudes! It was supposed to be fun...DUH! I'm surprised they didn't make Dharma a double amputee with a colostomy bag...that's fun stuff.
    The first season was charming. An uptight attorney and a freespirited yoga teacher get married the very day they meet. It was nice to see them learn about each other, deal with inlaws, and settle down together. Part of its appeal was that Greg and Dharma were obviously crazy about each other and very affectionate, and it's a rare thing on TV to see a married couple who can't keep their hands off each other. And then it jumped, when that innocent state of newlywedded bliss became frequent mentions of Dharma's many previous sexual exploits, looooong and graphic discussions of Greg's lack of experience, and just plain crude talk. For an early prime time slot, they got away with some pretty raunchy commentary, and while it was funny, it didn't fit with the first season's innocence.
    I get off work late at night and this show is one of the only things on. And even at that, I turn it off. It just plain sucks. The whole premise is lame and Jenna Elfman is a craptacular actress/comedienne. Blech.
    I thought the show was better when they got away from Dharma and Greg and show more of the parents. When they had episodes of both set of parents together, it brought a total conflict of interests. Here was the big, rich, corporate couple socializing with the natural, anti-establishment, free-loving couple. It would never happened unless their children were married.
    The "Kevin Sorbo saga", leading up to and including the accident, absolutely destroyed Dharma and Greg. This was such a cute and charming show with a simple, yet effective, character dynamic. Why oh why must sitcom writers resort to extremely heavy handed doses of melodrama as a series matures? Is it so difficult to understand that the viewership that has come to enjoy and support a lighthearted show about opposites attracting is really not interested in seeing infidelity, broken marriages and crippling car crashes? I think the stars themselves should have stepped in to stop this travesty; it ultimately destroyed the show and it's hard to imagine that *no one* saw it coming.
    I never miss an episode during the re-runs. I wish they had given it some time to recover from the poor choice in story-line initially sparked by the appearance of Kevin Sorbo (not his fault). Everyone on the cast was very good and it is one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh. As a counterpoint to some of the comments here about Jenna Elfman I'd like to say I think she is very attractive and a terrific comedic talent with a lot of potential. I just hope she is given the right opportunities to develop that potential.
    Dharma and Greg jumped the shark at day one with the whole marriage within hours of meeting. It could have climbed out of the water and almost did a couple of times but between all the celebs trying to play themselves, the really bad storylines (and stereotyping) involving the baby, and Dharma having having an almost love affair with Kevin Sorbo, oh, and the wreck, the show sank lower than whale poop really quick.
    This show was doomed from the start. Shows like these, with culture clash relationships, have a limited shelf life before they run out of ideas. As soon as they all became adjusted to each other it's obvious the show had to become a conventional sitcom with plots that could be taken from any other show. And when Dharma almost cheated with her professor (Kevin Sorbo), it jumped. The show had been lacking since the third season when Greg quit his job, but it was still in good order, then Dharma went to college and made all these friends with some very unfunny and irritating people, everyone basically adjusted to each other, and they had to result to plots like this, plots like this which created no laughs whatsoever, and it was all downhill from here.
    Marital problems. Didn't they learn the hard lesson taught by "Mad About You"? Ecch!
    This is one of the stupidest shows I've ever seen. Dharma is a ditzy slut who seems to have screwed just about every guy on the planet and Greg is a stick-up-his-ass jerkoff who couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fistful of fifties! Even more annoying are the parents (both sets). Thank God this abortion was cancelled. Too bad it made it into syndication though
    I always loved this show because it's just so much FUN! I'm an extremely busy medical student, but on the days that I could squeeze in a few extra minutes, it was such a great escape from reality... a great reward for a day of hard work. I really appreciate how they don't take sides but make fun of both the liberal and conservative parents (perhaps a first for any media genre!!!). I loved the way that Dharma and Greg appreciated each other, even when they didn't quite understand the other. The show was great when it focused on their relationship. I'm too busy to watch it all the time, so I was so sad when I turned on the show and saw that they'd adopted a baby! As a pro-lifer, I love to see adoption encouraged on tv, but the focus should be on Dharma and Greg, not on a new character! It changes the dynamic of the whole show.
    What an incredibly moronic show! Ditsy Dharma is so damn smug I just want to smack her upside the head. And Greg is so *****-whipped, I'm surprised his testicles don't fall off! Are we supposed to like these two chuckleheads? They're repulsive and so are their parents and friends. How this show lasted beyond one season is a complete mystery to me. Ugh.
    Hair Care Dharma - she looked very good blonde and then went what looked like an orangey of colour kind of colour and had her hair all limp and yuck. it just wasn't as flattering.
    Dharma and Greg may quite possibly be the worst show ever broadcast. The actress who plays Dharma is totally devoid of any thespic ability who things talking loud and grinning like an idiot equals comedy. Dharma is the most condescending, self-righteous, self-centered egomaniac I've ever seen. Greg is a spineless jellyfish who grovels at his wife's feet no matter how much crap she dishes out to him. The remaining cast of characters are equally obnoxious, especially Dharma's father. This show should never had been made.
    Dharma & Greg is without a doubt the worst show in the history of television and jumped on the first second of the first show. Jenna Elfman is a talentless bimbo who has no discernable comedic ability and tries to overcome that fact by constantly grinning like a brain-damaged idiot whenever she delivers one of her "comic" lines in her thoroughly annoying voice (a voice that makes Fran Drescher's seem almost soothingly melodic). The rest of the cast, particularly Dharma's parents, are equally talentless and annoying. How this show ever made it to the air is a complete mystery to me!
    Hmm. Most of the time, I'm on this web site to rip people, shows, producers..etc. Not the case here. Jenna Elfman may be one of the finest actresses around. Yeah, so maybe she played a ditz in this show. Look past that. Read her biography. She's genuine. She's got energy, personality, and most of all, class-- a tough thing to find out of Hollywood these days. There's too many mail-it-inners in Hollywood these days. Not so with Jenna.
    Simply put, Dharma and Greg is the worst show that ever was or ever will be on TV. There is not one redeeming feature to this piece of crap. The "actors" can't act, the "writers" can't write, a completely amateurish production. Special discredit must go to the voluptuous but talentless Jenna Elfman. If there was ever a more annoying actress and character on TV, I haven't seen it. Every copy of this show should be burned!
    Greg is the blandest character since Will of "Will & Grace." It doesn't seem like he'd be able to stick to the video tape. Dharma puts off a look-at-me-I'm-too-cute vibe that's kinda irritating. The parents are by far the best thing on the show. The hippie one's are a scream, and Greg's mom is hilariously smug.
    This show has JTS many times. When Greg quit his job to go find himself. When Dharma had the auto accident - I didn't watch much after that point since it was no longer humorous or entertaining. When Abby got pregnant and Larry got totally stupid. The characters were totally destroyed by the writers as the show evolved. Jane was a little hottie though. I stopped watching it when it got off on the Abby baby theme.
    D&G jumped the shark when the little guy from Penn & Teller appeared as a cat. Totally moronic. Dharma is supposed to be a free spirit, not a caretaker for imbeciles having a psychotic disassociation episode! I tuned out after this episode and never went back.
    Dharma & Greg jumped during that 2-parter with special guest star Kevin Sorbo. Now don't get me wrong, I would have paid good money to see that hottie Dharma dump nebbishy Greg and slurp away at Hercules' throbbing love gristle but it's kind of against the whole "instant cosmic love" premise of the show.
    When Greg quit his job. The whole premise was they were 2 opposites who nonetheless were meant for each other. Greg becoming more like Dharma killed that.
    The problem began in episode 1 and just worse... but it took time to become enough to drive me away. The problem is that Greg is such a WIMP! Dharma is interesting, even challenging to a strong man, and Greg was meant to be a strong Republican conservative. Yes, it's Dharma's show, but Greg need some kind of backbone to make it work.
    The affair? what the hell? and then after the affair was over, there was the car crash, guilt, and issues. Others argue that when Dharma became all country club and less hippy it was ruined. Dharma! How could you do this to me??
    This is one of the most infuriating shows ever. It began with a cute, if cliched premise, and attractive performances in the leads. Then, all hell broke loose. The acting of Alan Rachins and Dharma's mom was appalling and annoying. Then, the character of Dharma morphed from being a wacky, but lovable young woman to a heartless and completely self-centered person, the very thing that Dharma was not supposed to be. Then, Jenna Elfman's performance went into overkill, the mannerisms teetering into neurosis. The "dislikable" parents, Greg's, ended up being much warmer and more likable than the "hippy ones" (and could anyone ever believe that Rachins' character had been a Woodstock type flower child?). Dharma became something of a monster, constantly virtually ruining the long-suffering Greg's life. The ONLY character that made more connection as time went on was Greg, because he seemed so reasonable and put-upon. The flirtation with Kevin Sorbo was the finishing stroke, especially when Dharma managed to turn her own infidelity into a club with which to hit Greg (for not "understanding" her). Hint to future sitcom writers: Lucy and DESI broke up, not Lucy and Ricky. The only plot factor this show had going for it was the LOVE of the two characters. When there was no reason for Greg to ever love Dharma anymore, there went the show.
    Jenna Elfman is NOT funny!! She has this "look at me I'm cute" air about her that is so annoying and it comes across in every single roll she plays and she is totally unwatchable as an actress!! This show should have never made it to air and the fact that it lasted as as long as it did is a testament to the fact that people will mindless schlock to fill their time.
    From the very beginning When Dharma and Greg tried to adopt that baby and then ended up not doing it. When Dharma's mother got pregnant The part when Dharma was interested in Kevin Sorbo and Greg got huffy and then they had the accident and she was seriously injured
    I think I previously felt it was when they started focusing so much on Dharma's obnoxious parents. I watch this show now late at night, and I am more and more finding it impossible to believe that I ever liked Jenna Elfman in this role. Part of it is the fault of the writing, which is mostly dreadful. However, the show completely betrays Dharma, who was supposed to be the tree-hugging, open-hearted one of the pair. Instead, she became rude and obnoxious, caring only about her own feelings and denigrating any of Greg's. Yes, the worst example is when she is unfaithful to Greg and she (i.e., the writers) manages to turn Greg's confrontation of the problem into GREG'S insensitivity--talk about blaming the victim!! But almost every episode after season one has Dharma ramble on in a "charming and kooky" monologue in that annoying, flat, whiny voice, and we are supposed to just go gaga over her and forgive her self-centeredness.
    This show heralded the decline of nearly all prime time network TV for me when it jumped the shark in an episode where Greg had quit, and Dharma got a job that paid her more than Greg had ever made. She bought a giant screen TV and told her friend that she had to take it back because when they were watching porn, a man got inferiority complexes when he saw an 80" penis. On prime time!
    I liked watching this show until the last season. It started out as the “total opposites” attracted to each other show. But when Dharma started compromising her interest for Greg, I lost interest. Also, I thought the Kevin Sorbo episodes were good for what they were—a test of their love for one another. Let’s face it; Kevin is a real “HOTTIE” and a nice guy who would tempt any woman to cheat on her husband. But the conflict was “how” she felt about Kevin and how strong was her love for her husband. I think married person has faced this dilemma at least once in their marriage. Her parents (the hippies) suggested having a “three-some” to get it out of her system, which actually would make things worst. But the most surprising and best advice came from her mother-in-law who was the number one person who would like to see Greg dump his wife—“If you going to leave him, do it now. You have to make the decision to stay or go, because if you stay that is real love.” The Kevin Sorbo episode did make the show jump but it did make you think. PS: Why did Kevin go after a married woman in the first place? He is such a hunk he could had any single woman he wanted.
    This happens over a bunch of episodes one after the other. First Dharma wants to go to school, she's accepted in college and falls in love with her professor. They kiss, she breaks it up, Greg finds out, they have a fight, then they have a car accident because Greg was going too fast, Dharma breaks his hips, Greg feels guilty and overprotects her. Everything from there is history...
    This show was mildly funny comedy ,with the interesting situation of what happens when hippie kids grow up. Her parents were too cartoonish as old hippies clinging to the 1960s ,while Greg's parents were impossibly stuffy as country club types . However, the paradox furnished an occasional good laugh . The show was sexy , and some of the exploration of that was funny and endearing . Yeah , this is sexist ,but Jenna Elfman had the most beautifully draped "headlights" on TV .If the episode sucked that was worth tuning in for!
    Dharma and Greg jumped the shark when the Montgomery Family maid went on strike, Mrs. Montgomery became a lunatic, and I saw scenic sets that were recycled from "Dark Shadows".
    The show jumped really when they introduced those obnoxious friends of Dharma. I hated them, and they were the worst thing to ever happen to the show. This show is another example of a good idea gone bad. Also, the friends appear to have been a bad influence on Dharma, because she becomes more manipulative following her friendship with those idiots. Also, the writers thought it was necessary to add a baby, so they had Abby become pregnant. That was incredibly STUPID!!!
    I had a friend that ran into Jenna Elfman in the ladies room of some restaurant. This was back at the time when her show used to be on primetime. She tells me how much "Ms. Elfman" hogged the mirror...And how the lady friend she arrived with (after managing to wedge her way in to a corner of the mirror) was freshening up her makeup and offered some to Elfman, staring at herself in the mirror, to which she replied, in the most conceited tone you could possibly imagine "MAKEUP?!? I don't NEED any makeup! LOOK at me!! I am HHHHHHHOT!!!" With that considered, and hearing her idiot babbles on interviews (what an airhead!!), seeing her fortune (or misfortune) finding work as an actor looks a little more like justice to me. And WHO SAYS she has "great headlights"?? Has anyone SEEN any of the episodes in her show where she's wearing a negligee or a shirt without a bra??? She has DROOPY BOOBIES!!! Seems to me Dharma oughta trade her "OHM"s for a NEW chant: I MUST, I MUST, I MUST improve my bust!
    Dharma and Greg was one of those odd little, fluffy shows where the supporting characters were far more interesting than the main characters. The only reason this show was even tolerable was due to the main characters' parents, and even their friends, who were at least somewhat funny, could act, and were not remotely cute. Not to mention, in the 90s, remotely interesting middle-aged characters were a way too rare thing. Come to think of it, they still sort of are. The show really hit the shark when Dharma and Greg got into an accident. I actually missed it being cute.
    When I first saw it, I thought the episode where Dharma punches out the loudmouth woman, and then boxes Jane, was stupid. But after a second viewing, it was clever. While they're in the ring, Jane tells Dharma that she only wants to box because she thinks she's above violence, and thus above everyone. She then pushes Dharma into taking a swing at her, and flattens her with one punch. While still succumbing to the "women fighting in the boxing ring" cliche, there was still a lesson for Dharma. (Of course, in real life, tall, yoga-toned Dharma would pulverize Jane in a boxing match, but it IS a sitcom...)
    Great Show! For those of you that study sitcoms as history you will recognize this type of sitcom as being in the tradition of "All in Family" and "Family Ties." These type of sitcoms were not meant to be light laugh fests. They throw diverse characters together to explore our limits of tolerance to our fellow men, In D&G not only did the characters learn to appreciate each others differences but were able to take life lessons from one another. I would hope we see more like this!
    Never really jumped... it got close with the affair/car accident bit but it would have recovered given time. Now I have to make do with re-runs.
    Dharma & Greg jts when Kevin Sorbo started appearing on a few episodes. That did it for the show because it was already far from good like the first season. We then get the love triangle thing, then the car wreck (which I thought was the last episode so I laughed my ass off) which was horrible. The next season after that we get to watch Dharma struggle to walk again? I couldn't help but yell at the tv. What were the writers thinking? I'm starting to believe they just wanted to ruin the show so they could get steady paychecks from syndication.
    Dharma & Greg JTS upon the exit of Jane. She was a little hottie! Much sexier in a quirky way than Dharma. Probably airhead egomaniac Jenna Elfman was jealous of her. Of course the exit of Jane coincided with other changes to the show like the new apartment, Dharma's yuppie makeover, etc. The first season was pretty funny but the series went downhill rapidly after that.
    D&G never jumped but probably would have had it continued for another season. It did get close to jumping with the accident and that whole Kevin Sorbo thing. But the parents were hysterical, even if Larry did appear to be almost brain dead by the end of the run. Am I the only one who thinks Dharma's mom was very hot? And so was Greg's mom - although she did appear to be a bit of an icy dominatrix.
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