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Old 05-12-2006, 12:31 AM   #31
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 11, 2005
Posts: 1,490

Originally Posted by cartoondvds
I agree 100% with Savage's comments and for the record I had 2 good trades with Angie last year BUT

If this were 1 person or maybe even 2 people complaining about a trader then I would feel obligated to post in Angie's defense, however when there are multiple people with the same issues it does not matter about the past good trading experience. Obviously something has changed and people deserve the right to come out and state their bad experiences.

If Lamont, Savage,Loren, etc... starting making bad deals or crappy discs I would expect that the facts would be brought forward regardless of reputation or popularity. Just because you are a good trader at one time does not make you forever and always a good trader. The whole purpose of this forum is so we as traders can keep current with our hobby. It seems to me like the current situation calls for Angie to step up and make things right.
very true

i feel a person must prove themselves in every deal they make

i also had some good deals with angie

its the reason i didnt whine about her much earlier

shes very nice, she seems to try to do correct, but just doesnt make things happen lately
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Old 05-12-2006, 05:58 AM   #32
Lamont says Smile!
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Join Date: May 28, 2005
Location: Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
Posts: 5,075

well EVEN AFTER all this

she STILL STILL STILL is NOT replying

and its very annoying

ALL I GET IS THE SAME, "can u send me these discs? how about just these? can i just get these only? send me these and ill go away?" over and over and over and over and over

its reallllllllll frustrating here
because I know she has read this all and seen my questions, I know she has gotten my emails and PMs and seen the same questions, I know the moderators have been in contact trying to resolve and all she does is IGNORE IT ALL

and keep asking about discs that SHE needs----- I understand that she apparently ONLY cares about the stuff SHE NEEDS, not the sets im still waiting on fixes for

BUT FOR THE RECORD---- i am STILL not sending anything out to her, UNTIL i get what is owed to me--- THAT IS NOT BEING A JERK, OR BULLY, OR MEANIE or anything else

THAT is the deal that SHE AGREED TO months ago--- if she had a problem on her end--- SHE CAN ALWAYS EMAIL ME DIRECT and EXPLAIN IT TRUTHFULLY and we can work something out--- BUT ALL I HAVE HEARD is that the stuff was COMPLETED AND FIXED and was going out to me almost 2 weeks ago--- well it doesnt take 2 weeks to go 2 hours from her to me

It doesnt matter if she wants 1 disc from me or 100 discs from me, we had a deal, we made an arrangement

COLLINWOOD2003--- PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT OR POST HERE DIRECT OR PM ME DIRECT and let me know what is going on, IF YOU DROPPED THE BALL and cannot fix this mess, tell me so, so I stop wasting so much time on this matter

I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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Old 05-12-2006, 06:17 AM   #33
Cutest Couch Potato
Senior Member
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Join Date: Oct 21, 2003
Posts: 2,083
Default Trading

As much as I hate to add any fuel here- I also have not heard from her-

I emailed directly, to see if there was anything that I could do.
So I emailed point blank, as I have received complaints.
Some are here, some are from users who have not yet posted, or felt posting was unneeded. Each has their own peragative-
However, as this is public I would like to state 2 things.

1-Sometimes there is pressure, once something comes to the public forum. Sometimes people are afraid to say anything, they are worried of being judged- and they are worried of being attacked.

I would hope this isn't the case here- as many have said- Angie HAS come through many times before.
she has had some great trades- and although there are complaints here- there is NOTHING here that isn't fixable
There is nothing here, that isn't work throughable.

It can be overwhelming to have so much criticism at once, and the fact is- no one but Angie, knows what personal emails she is getting.
So if a few complained here, there is the chance a few people confronted her privately as well.

Although this post was made, and it can be overwhelming-
I am also going to disclose, NOTHING here hadn't been mentioned previously.
And nothing said, hadn't been said, asked, requested and stated privately- many times before this came to the forum.
So ample time, and offers were made.

I say this, becuase Lamont just made the comment about fear of being viewed a bully for not sending particular items.
And I myself, discussed the situation with both before this, anda ny items not being sent are not for therat sake, but simply becuase obligations weren't meant.

The simple fact is this- we ALL get overwhelmed.
We ALL get eager, over eager, sometimes greedy.
I am sure many of us has counted on a trade, and been a little presumptious we were getting it- counted on it and maybe traded it before checking it.
And i KNOW many of us in larger trades have lacked the responsibility of checking each disc- and fouble checking quality or episode counts.
Its going to be a low percentage of users that know EVERYTHING they have, and know it burns, works without doubt.

In this case, I feel the best thing to do, is start with the basics Angie-
Which is take a deep breath and start from scratch so to speak
Make a list

What do I owe to who
What replacments am I getting
How can I resolve this?

No user here is cursing you out saying ban her-
The only thing I have heard is frustration and that you might* be a canidate for the bad trader list- which is still redemable.
But I can't impress this upon you enough, communication is going to be the best tool here.

I think some people are waiting for things still, and quite honestly sick of waiting.
And when they collectively compare notes-

Its very frsutration to hear that you have started, and completed other trades, WHILE they were still waiting.
2-Hearing some trades did get completed and resolved, makes one wonder why they aren't on that list-and that can build resentment

3-when a direct question or complaint, or confrontation is made- and wether private or public nothing is stated as to a direct asnwer to help resolve things-
That more than ANYTHING else makes you sound like a bad trader.

So if you can, make a list-
Contact people with your intentions and an offer of what you can send- and one by one you will find the frustration fade- as well as your tarnished reputation.

Just my opinion.

To avoid channel surfing Wipeouts!
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Old 05-12-2006, 09:34 AM   #34
Lamont says Smile!
Senior Member
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Join Date: May 28, 2005
Location: Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
Posts: 5,075
Default well

it does anger me
when a trader has MANY MANY people waiting on stuff for MONTHS AND MONTHS
not just 1 or 2 or 3 BUT MANY people for months

and they do not reply to questions and do not attempt to resolve these messes made by trading sets you dont have yet, and then trading the stuff u r SUPPOSED to get in return for that

BUTTTT they have time to sell stuff on other sites and time to set up NEW TRADES (as i am aware that she just set up a 50+ disc trade this week-- EVEN AFTER all this came out)

and yet all i get is the same tired emails, asking me the same question CAN U SEND ME THESE DISCS? and ignoring my questions

that does get me mad, and YES

she is a nice person and has done some nice trades with some people, BUT THIS THREAD WAS STARTED a couple of days ago, and so far collinwood has NOT made any attempt that I can see to resolve any of it

I have gotten half a dozen emails from her since this started and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM answered a SINGLE ONE of my questions to her

all she has done is keep asking me to BREAK THE RULES OF THE TRADE that SHE and i set up and both AGREED TO, and to send her some discs she needs--- EVEN THOUGH I AINT GOT SQUAT YET----

if this keeps up, and nothing changes, then it looks like it will end up ugly
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Old 05-12-2006, 11:02 AM   #35
Lamont says Smile!
Senior Member
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Join Date: May 28, 2005
Location: Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
Posts: 5,075
Oh No UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!! (lamont pulling his afro out!)

Sometimes I feel like People CANT POSSIBLY be the way them seem online--- because it just CANT, CANT, CANT be.....

i get and email this afternoon

i open it up
EXPECTING that she is actually going to reply to my questions or tell me what is going on

and all it says is

ok I did say I was going to sleep early last night. I will fix everything

so ONCE AGAIN (is anyone else that has read this confused or UNCLEAR on the situation besides collinwood????)

please, please, please I beg of you

answer the questions to me about what is up

simply saying you will FIX EVERYTHING is not, i repeat NOT an answer
just a delay, put off, or brush off

after all these months, i am sure that is more than fair?

i have sent the questions in PMs, emails and posted here, i have fwd'd them to moderators who have ALSO asked the questions, loren--spooky-joker have asked questions too

the way to "FIX IT" is.......................

lets try to play Karnac here and guess

ANSWERS???? the first reply to questions is answers

not just ILL FIX IT

i mean YES i do want you to fix it, BUT id like to know more than just that please-- u know like who? what? where? why? when? and how?

Holy Moly, after all these years of trading, I am 100% sure that she knows EXACTLY what is going on, and EXACTLY what everyone wants to know
so please just fill me in

it aint that hard--- either u sent them like u said, or u didnt
either u transfered the 3 vhs episodes to dvd like u said and mailed them, or u didnt
either u have the missing discs or have them on the way like u said, or u dont

its not some big mystery, we do not need to call in Perry Mason to figure this out do we?


I know im just a poor uneducated Junk man, BUT
i do think im being as clear as a a glass of cold ripple!

***************** UPDATE----
35 minutes later she emails me back AFTER I ASK HER AGAIN TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS and she tells me " I WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION AT 8 PM TONIGHT, i do not have TIME now"

it never ends, she emailed me 35 minutes ago, then 35 minutes later, she does again--- YET in those 35 minutes she couldnt tell me YES i sent what i owe u, like i said i did??? or NO i didnt send u a dang then at all, even though i said i did???? come on, GET REAL AND STOP LYING TO ME--- i guess it takes longer to type whether or not you sent the stuff then to type that she is too busy to email???????

what has really irked me here is the CONSTANT LYING, just be honest for once
******************* update will be forthcoming after her LONG AWAITED 8 PM answers to the whole mess

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Old 05-12-2006, 08:15 PM   #36
Lamont says Smile!
Senior Member
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Join Date: May 28, 2005
Location: Deep in the Heart of Nowhere
Posts: 5,075
Default ---- BIG SUPRISE-----

Well 8 pm came and went, with (SHOCKER) none of the PROMISED info from her on the trade

i just do not know what else to do

I tried to resolve it through direct communication--- no resolution

I defered to a moderator for assistance---- no resolution

I posted the problems Publicly here, hoping that might help ---- no resolution

I have emailed and Pm'd all week, and all i have gotten is more of the same---
I'm Still waiting here, and nothing has arrived, collinwood lives about 2 hours from me--- she SAID the missing discs were going out last monday--NOT this past monday BUT the monday before that, she also SAID the other disc was going out THIS monday, BUT thus far--- NO delivery confirmation #s, and NEITHER pacakge has arrived, and i do not believe either has been sent--- and im doubtful that the items are even in her possession

I even emailed her and told her that if this deal was NOT going to happen, to be honest and just let me know and i would try to work something out to help her out with the discs she needs, BUT NO REPLIES, NO ANSWERS and worst of all NO HONESTY at all on this

its a real shame, she seems like a nice person, but she has really painted herself into a corner and it looks like she promised the moon to a bunch of us, and cannot deliver any of it, because she pre-traded stuff that she didnt have yet and it all fell apart


any ideas of what can be done to fix it???? I know savageamusement ASKED her several times to provide a list of

1. what she owes to who
2. who she is supposed to get those things from
3. what she is supposed to send in return

savageamusement was TRYING to help her straighten the whole mess out and make it all right---- so i will ask Savage also,

Savage----HAS COLLINWOOD given u that information??????
If there any way that Savage can help fix this nightmare????? If not, then I will make an Official BAD TRADER POST about it, because if there is NO solution possible and NO HONESTY coming from the other party, i do not know what else to try!
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Old 05-12-2006, 09:25 PM   #37
Cutest Couch Potato
Senior Member
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Join Date: Oct 21, 2003
Posts: 2,083
Default I have

Lamont I have written you and Angie a possible compromise-

Maybe it will help resolve things, please contact me after you read it-

Sometimes things get SO tense and SO frsutrating a simpler solution helps.

What I am proposing is in essence, she owes you at this time I believe 6 discs.

She feels you owe her 3.

My suggestion is send them to a third party.
Myself or another whom is willing.

Once BOTH sets of discs are received, the party should check them, verify them
And then on the same day with delivery conf send to the opposit parties.

Therefore meeting the obligations, and neither party has to be the first to send, wondering if the other will

I offer my time and the postage cost to do this- if it will help resolve this.
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Old 05-12-2006, 09:39 PM   #38
Lamont says Smile!
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Default Truth

the TRUTH ( i know that is a word that Collinwood2003 is NOT familiar with at all) but the TRUTH is that she owes me this EXACTLY

1. JUST SHOOT ME, about 6 or 8 missing discs--- This set came to me "Complete" over 2 months ago--- I told her THE SAME DAY IT CAME--- ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) that the set had only 90some episodes--- out of about 140 or so--- she has had over 2 months to get me the missing discs--- BUT apparently she got them from Spooky in the UK and hes been waiting LONGER THAN ME for stuff from her--- so i fully understand why he does NOT want to send her the missing discs---- so she owes me those ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed)

2. she owes me several discs of GROWING PAINS-- she said she sent me 11 of them a few weeks ago---- she sent 9, so she owes me all of the 1st season and there are still 2 missing discs, that she owes me, so thats, what? 4 total ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) she said she was sending those 2 mondays ago and never did

3. she owes me 3 missing growing pains eps that she has on VHS tapes, and she "supposedly" transfered them to DVD-R last friday ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) she said she was sending those on monday and never did

That is all that she owes me, and the deal we had in place (set up like 3+ months ago now) was that she would send me the JUST SHOOT ME and GROWING PAINS sets and then i would send her the set she wanted + 3 Heres Lucy discs, + 3 redos she needed + 2 redos she needed that she never got from me, but i was gonna toss in to her for free

I WILL GLADLY send them to Savageamusement and allow you to hold them until its resolved (BUTTTT that might be years), however, i do not think you should have to pay the extra postage for HER mess, i think its fair that she pick up the tab

ALSO, i Have emailed collinwood2003 and i have told her that if she CANNOT fulfill the trade to JUST BE HONEST and tell me, its not the end of the world, and i would much rather have her tell me I SCREWED UP AND CANNOT GET THE STUFF and be honest, then have her keep me and dragging it on for eternity

i have asked her to tell me HONESTLY what she CAN and CANNOT send to me--- if she cant send something BE HONEST AND TELL ME and we can STILL work it out so that she gets what she needs (because im sure someone else reading this is owed it by her)
all she has to do is start being HONEST and i will gladly work it out so that both she and i get what we need

Tonight I got several emails from her

FIRST ONE tells me that

You don't have to give me such a hard time after all the favors I've done for you.
well, im not giving her a hard time at all-- i tried EVERYTHING I COULD for months to resolve this, and ONLY after I learned that MANY OTHERS were getting the runaround to did i even make it public, and I STILL havent posted a BAD TRADER report or anything, just trying to get this resolved

SECOND tells me

I will only send the growing pains if you send the replacements. and also that

I don't have to fix things if I don't want to do this anymore but I am.

which i think is a ROTTEN Attitude to have, I have told her OVER AND OVER that OF COURSE- i will still send her my 1/2 of the deal, i will send it all to her--- im not gonna stiff her, and to say she DOESNT HAVE TO FIX THINGS????? that is just thumbing her nose at me, and telling me that she doesnt care at all if she does right by me at all--- she will ONLY send them to me b/c she needs stuff from me---

HOW ABOUT, Lamont- i will send the stuff asap, because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! and because you have been telling me over and over and over again, that you were sending the stuff for months and havent??? i mean that kind of crappy attitude is EXACTLY WHY SHE IS IN THE MESS SHE IS IN NOW!! because she apparently doesnt care
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Old 05-12-2006, 10:23 PM   #39
Senior Member
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i have a better suggestion, mr lamont

toss the crap in the junk box

block her emails

move along to something else

if she had your stuff, she would have sent it long ago

its unhealthy to worry about this stuff so much

your not out much

instead of all the fretting on angie, email 10 people and try to make some other swaps

the one set you cant live without, ill have when i get home from vacation

and the other two are no big deal either

the horsey has died

stop kicking the dead horsey, she just will not giddy up any more

move along little doogie

post your feedback on the other page, have an ice tea, and go to work on some new deals

go find me some good stuff

if you send the stuff to a third party, its a waste of effort and shipping

you know that already
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Old 05-12-2006, 11:30 PM   #40
Cutest Couch Potato
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Default Yeah

Yeah he can just give up (shrug) it was just an offer.

Sometimes mediation helps - it isn't for everyone.

No offer I make has to be taken- and I doubt either Lamont or Collinwood will be trading each other after this, but I was trying to help resolve this last trade-
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Old 05-13-2006, 07:41 AM   #41
Lamont says Smile!
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You are right Savage, NEVER EVER EVER again would I trade with Collinwood2003--- Nice person or not

she is a Compulsive Liar ---- she told me the stuff was sent weeks ago, then last night she tells me she will ONLY SEND IT if i send her what she needs

she has been doing this for SEVERAL YEARS and has been suspended on CPS and other trading sites for the VERY SAME THING--- this is NOT a 1 time thing, THIS IS JUST THE KIND OF TRADER THAT SHE IS--- and by that I mean a BAD trader (and NO, Not BADDDDDD as in "Damn Rollo, that leather vest is BADDDDD ) i mean BAD as in, Angie is a BAD trader so avoid her like the plague

SO THAT EVERYONE KNOW, just this week, she set up with another trader a 50+ disc trade==== u see, shes too busy or too behind to make right by all the people that she owes-- me, loren, joker, spooky and the others who emailed me privately but wont post---- BUT shes not too busy to sell stuff I SENT TO HER on ioffer! shes not too busy to set up NEW trades, shes not too busy to reply to emails from people that she DOESN'T OWE!

ALL I WANTED WAS HER TO JUST BE HONEST WITH ME---- if she had said to me "lamont, im sorry i cannot get u the stuff" --- i would have STILL sent her what she needs-- AND I TOLD HER THAT!!!! but i guess the TRUTH is realllll hard for some people

and YES, this might be a dead horse, but the way I see it, its been read almost 800 times as of this morning, so that is a WHOLE LOT LESS People that will get stuck in nightmare--4 month long--- never get the stuff u r owed deals with Miss Angie.

Savageamusement has contacted me and said that Collinwood2003 has agreed to send what she owes me to the moderator and I will do the same----NOT HARD FOR ME since I actually HAVE the stuff she needs! So, I will do so---- Do i Think there is ANY CHANCE IN HELL that angie will send it???? I would have to say NO---- No Way Jose. If she had it, she would have sent to me BEFORE this thread got started, and before everyone knew the THREE CARD MONTY trading game she is playing!

BUTTTTTTTTTT, to make it official, I will send my stuff to savage--- and IF by some miraculous act of God, angie does send it--- then finally this trade from hell will be over. If not, then I supposed Savage can make the decisions on how to proceed.

Regardless, a Bad Trader Post will be coming regarding this mess, so check the FEEDBACK Section later this weekend.
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Old 05-13-2006, 08:17 AM   #42
Cutest Couch Potato
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Posts: 2,083
Default agreement

She has agreed to send me her end, as you have agreed to send me yours.

What it comes down to is this

1-she obviously made mistakes in your trade., a clear enough asnwer wasn't being given to you- and she wanted items from you that you weren't sending till you got hers, and she felt/feels you wont send her those- so by me recieving both, eliminates any trust.
Especially since this is known publically.

2-Your right Lamont, I don't think trades should trades with you should have been started when she had outstanding items. I agree.
And while this is an outstanding issue, I don't think she should have traded another. Let alone selling.
I agree, and have told her- My standing is take care of all obligations, before getting more.
but then again, its easy to get into debt, when you already are -

It is her choice to do so, and your choice or mine or others to share that opinion.
I was told by her yesterday that a package was sent out to spooky, Chris, and another.
So I am hoping (fingers crossed) you are last, on the owing too list- other than her now, current trades.

3-A history of being removed, or suspended at other boards does matter, and does show a history of problems- which is why I am so involved in this-

She has been trading a long time, which is why SOME of this shouldn't be an issue.
But then again, that is why some of this IS an issue.
People gave more leway, and some trades were set up based on trust, not performance.

It is a shining example of how as time goes by, our expectations drop, and trust replaces quality.

But I think that has been made abundantly clear to her, and drilled in- and I would hope with such awareness this is a reality check for her her- through reputation, and repetition.

But ever the same, she is willing to work with me/you on this- and that does say something.
So I am willing to give her the opportunity to fix this through me at my time and effort- in the hopes that because this became such a big deal she will utilize the feedback to be a better trader next time.
Or, I'll be honest, that should this happen again, she won't be trading here at all.

Either way, change will be forced. But I am willing to give it the beenfit of doubt.
It's always a shame when a trade gets this frustrating.

And at the same time, I bet there are a lot of people who read this, who are learning or nodding their heads. SO maybe this will be beneficial vicariously
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Old 05-13-2006, 11:25 AM   #43
Lamont says Smile!
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Thumbs down Maybe she should have ALL her trades fo 3rd party though a moderator!

PS im ONLY sending them to you because I trust YOU

not that I have any faith left in angie at all

not 1 iota

she has a pattern of lying, she lies repeatedly to everyone

its not just that she got behind or overextended
she flat out lied to everyone in order to get more stuff, and she figured shed just B.S. us all, until she got the stuff in that she owe

if she had any interest in making right by me, she would have fixed the Just Shoot me 2+ months ago when I told her it was bad

if she had any interest in making right by me, she would not have told me falsely that Loren made the set (i guess she didnt realize id just call him up and ask) and trying to pass the problem off onto him

if she had any interest in making right by me-- she would NOT have told me to get with Spooky to get the missing discs because it was his fault (again, passing the problem off)

if she had any interest in making right by me--- she wouldnt have asked Loren to BACK DOOR Me and get the discs she wants from me and send them to her, in secret

if she had any interest in making right by me-- she would have replied to me and been honest --- it aint like i didnt make myself clear

if she had any interest in making right by me-- she wouldnt be selling the stuff i traded her on ioffer and setting up many new trades and just leaving me, joker, loren, spooky, etc hanging here

if she had any interest in making right by me there would be no need for this thread at all

so i will say this She is a total TRAINWRECK of a Trader
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Old 05-13-2006, 01:44 PM   #44
Cobra Kai Never Dies
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im still waitin for discs from her too.. shes must be infamous with missing discs.. cause thats what ive been on and i keep hearing everytime that she is sending them but when i ask again its just o im sending them this day.. i mean damn just send them already. this has been over a period of time too..
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Old 05-13-2006, 02:23 PM   #45
Lamont says Smile!
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Default please

email the moderator


she is taking note of all angie-issues and might be able to help resolve
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