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Old 12-11-2012, 11:35 PM   #1
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Default The Family Channel 1993-1998

I am searching for episodes of Rescue 911 that either aired on Family Channel or CBS during 1993-1998: These are the episodes I am searching for:

I am searching for these episodes of Rescue 911. I am looking for CBS or Family Channel pre 1995 versions of these episodes, as well as syndicated versions of some of the segments. I have some of these, but am missing ends to some of the segments. Here it goes:

Rescue 911 #110 (Aired on 11/7/89): A funny car explodes on a race track/police use infrared to track down a suspect/a teenage boy rolls his dirtbike off of a cliff/an elderly couple is missing for 5 days at sea

#123 (Aired on 3/20/90): A boy is lost in New Mexico mountains/a ride along with Denver Paramedics when a man is stabbed (this was a half hour episode)

#201 (Aired on 9/11/90): a peeping Tom scuffles with an officer/a young girl saves her sister from a house fire (this was a half hour episode)

#203 (Aired on 9/25/90): an escape artist falls 40 feet when his burning rope snaps/a woman is shot by her ex/a girl dangles from a ski lift/a bear is spotted climbing up a telephone pole

#207 (Aired on 11/6/90): Three teenagers are stranded on a cliff-side/a boulder pins a prospector/an escaped convict takes a volunteer paramedic hostage/a toddler chokes on a hot dog.

#209 (Aired on 11/20/90): A police officer is shot by a car stripper/a tornado traps a family/bystanders try breathing life into a newborn

#216 (Aired on 1/29/91): A man is thrown off of his horse and strikes a tree/an elderly woman is carried away by an undertow/an air ambulance transports car accident victims to a hospital/a dispatcher has a stroke.

#217 (Aired on 2/5/91): two women are caught in a current headed toward Niagra Falls/a police dispatcher tries to stop a suicide threat/Boston veterinarians help various pets

#225 (Aired on 4/10/91): a woman does CPR when her baby drowns in the bathtub/a drunk driver is trapped in her burning truck/a police dog is shot by a suspect/a teen is critically injured when a car strikes his bicycle

#227 (Aired on 4/30/91): a woman must land her husband's airplane when he has a heart attack mid flight/a two year old is severely burned by grease/a raccoon gets its head stuck in a tree

#228 (Aired on 5/7/91): A woman goes into cardiac arrest prior to delivering her baby/a firefighter falls 50 feet down a cliff while trying to rescue an injured hangglider/a boy is caught between the bathtub and bathroom sink

#229 (Aired on 5/14/91): Denver newsteam aides the police in following a bank robber/a two year old girl is found unconcious in a pool/a highway patrol officer pulls two men out of their burning car

#301 (Aired on 9/17/91): A car containing two small children sinks in a lake/bystanders try to help a man who falls on subway tracks (this was a 30 minute episode)

#306 (Aired on 10/8/91): A van collides with a log truck/a boy helps save his friend when he accidentally hangs himself (this was a 30 minute episode)

#305 (Aired on 10/15/91): A man is drug by his horse through rough brush/a woman is trapped by her stalker/a pregnant deer is struck by a car/a boy gets pinned by a garage door

#954 (Aired on 2/7/92): a police officer is shot; his wife is a paramedic at the scene/a boy accidentally inhales freon/a python is living under a house/an ambulance flips after striking a fire hydraunt

#320 (Aired on 3/17/92): an ambulance is struck while en route to the hospital/a woman is held hostage by her ex-boyfriend at her community college/a teenage boy is electrocuted while helping install a boat lift/a ride along where a man is shot

#324 (Aired on 4/29/92): a pipe bomb is discovered outside of a college campus (this was fifteen minute episode)

#304 (Aired on 5/5/92) a girl is bitten by fire ants/a man climbs up an apartment building to save a woman from a fire (this was a 30 minute episode)

#402 (Aired on 9/22/92): a girl is swept away in a drainage ditch/a man falls from a cliff/Denver doctors help treat a girl who fell from a deck/a boy calls 911 when his babysitter goes unconcious

#327 (Aired on 11/25/92): a young Russian emigrate falls from a chasm/an m-80 explodes in a boy's hand/a girl is carried off on a runaway dog sled/a shooting victim is taken to a Miami hospital

#415 (Aired on 2/9/93): a hangglider falls in the trees/a woman is shot by her attacker/a dog is bitten by a nest of rattlesnakes when she protects a girl/a teenage girl falls from several balconies while sneaking out of her condo

#422 (Aired on 3/30/93): a small plane crashes in an open field/twins drown in a pool/a water monitor lizard is caught up in a car motor/a young man is accidentally shot up close while on a camping trip

#423 (Aired on 4/13/93): a man runs into a telephone pole, knocking down power lines/a bank robber takes hostages during a pursuit/a 6th grader does CPR when his teacher has a heart attack/a documentary on people awaiting organ transplants

#508 (Aired on 10/22/93): a man falls from a gorge when trying to climb it/a car is in an accident with a hot asphalt truck/a family is overcome by carbon monoxide/when his wife doesn't arrive to work, a man finds she has been in a serious car wreck

#505 (Aired on 10/26/93): a hot air balloon floats out to sea off of the Australian coast/a minister is shot by his own gun/a dog and a motorcycle victim are treated at a Florida hospital

#506 (Aired on 11/2/93): a couple are thrown from their raft while white water rafting/a girl accidentally hangs herself in the barn/a boy chokes on peanuts/a motor cycle cop skids into an 18 wheel truck

#513 (Aired on 1/4/94): an uncertified scuba diver runs out of air/a mentally impared stabbing victim and father/son injured in a motor cycle accident are treated in Louisville,KY/a girl dials 911 when she's home by herself/while taking their sick daughter to the hospital, the ambulance sees a car wreck in which the victim is the girl's grandfather

#515 (Aired on 1/18/94): a boat explodes, trapping a woman's leg in the motor/a teenager shoots himself/a police dog is shot/a dispatcher chokes on a piece of candy

#516 (Aired on 2/1/94): a clown has a heart attack/a boy falls from a treehouse/a boy falls into a boxcar/a girl chokes on an apple

#517 (Aired on 2/8/94): a woman's car crashes underneath a moving semi/a girl is thrown from her bike and flown to a hospital/a man with Down's Syndrome saves his brother when he's stung by bees/a teenage girl goes into premature labor

#607 (Aired on 11/1/94): a woman is thrown from her mule in the Mexican jungle/a motorcycle crash victim is treated in a trauma center/underage girls take a car and get into an accident/a young girl is strangled by a dog's leash

#608 (Aired on 11/8/94): a young boy is accidentally run over when his twin brother puts the car in gear/a man goes into a cardiac arrest at a basketball tournament/a man falls from a cliff/a paramedic's wife goes into labor

#609 (Aired on 11/15/94) a boy's lifejacket is caught in a propellor/a mentally challenged girl is trapped in a house fire/a bank robbery and high speed chase/a young girl calls 911 on her unconcious mother

#610 (Aired on 11/22/94) a boy is buried in an avalanche/a cat is caught in an airduct/a man lifts up a truck off of a little girl/a woman calls 911 when an "intruder" is in her house

#613 (aired on 1/3/95) a drunk driver causes an accident/a little girl is treated at a trauma center/a man is stung by a swarm of honeybees/a family uses Rescue 911 to get out of their house when over come by carbon monoxide

#616 (aired on 1/31/95) a young woman calls 911 when intruders enter her house/while searching for two missing boys, rescuers find two women, one of who is severely injured after falling from a cliff/a police officer pushes a stalled car off of railroad tracks when an oncoming train arrives/a girl has a severe allergic reaction at her prom

#621 (aired on 3/21/95) a toddler falls into a swimming pool and drowns/two kids deliver their sibling/a police officer is shot during a shoot out/a jogger has a heart attack

#624 (aired on 5/16/95) a snowboarder gets buried under snow/a leopard attacks a zookeeper/a hangglider hits a guard rail/rescuers recall the Oklahoma City Bombing

#625 (aired on 5/23/95) a girl goes missing while hiking in the woods/a robber shoots a restaurant manager/a woman crashes her jeep off of a cliff/a woman goes into labor on an airplane

#707 (aired on 2/15/96) a state trooper is injured in a head on collision/a man does CPR on his wife when she has an asthma attack/a car goes off the road an into whitewater rapids/three kids are trapped in a 60 foot tree

#626 (aired on 3/28/96) a man has a warehouse accident/a man has a heat stroke/a girl falls down 200 ft off a mountainside/a collie alerts a mother when her baby stops breathing

#712 (aired on 4/4/96) a band member is electrocuted by his guitar/a girl calls 911 during a domestic disbute/a woman is thrown from a covered wagon/an air ambulance service

#710 (aired on 4/11/96) a man carrying a bomb holds people in a library hostage/a woman goes into premature labor in her car/a couple on a snowmobile fall into a glacier/a pet lizard locks onto a toddler's finger

#627 (aired on 5/2/96) a baby stops breathing in a parking garage/a runaway car with a small child behind the wheel/juvenile deliquents break into a house with the 13 year old girl calling 911/documentary on babies

#713 (aired on 8/20/96) a boy is pinned under a tractor/a first grader gets her finger stuck in a desk/a police dog is shot by a fleeing suspect/a boy is trapped underneath a tree root.

If you have any of these episodes, email me at I might have something to trade. I have a lot of these episodes with snippets missing. The Family Channel versions started cutting the episodes down a lot after 1995, any of the episodes that aired in 1996 never aired on the Family channel, as that was the short 7th season. I will even take syndicated versions of the fifth and sixth season segment if anyone has them. Thanks.
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Old 10-19-2018, 05:32 PM   #2
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Bump. I have plenty of series to trade for episodes of these.
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Old 04-27-2019, 09:53 AM   #3
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Still searching for these...
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Old 04-27-2019, 09:56 PM   #4
Hazel Anyday
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TV Rescue Who?

Whatever floats your boat. But there's one show, amongst many others of this time period, I could care less about and would go out of my way to avoid.
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