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Old 12-20-2004, 03:32 PM   #76
Occasional Poster
blowfish74's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 30, 2004
Posts: 18
Default Re:Beaver post

Hello I'm definately interested in any of the following ...
Bigfoot and wildboy
What's Happening(now)
the gary coleman show
karate kat
I have a few sets of my own available for possible trade contact me as you have no return email
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Old 01-09-2005, 12:33 PM   #77
I Love Carol Burnett!
My Queen
Senior Member
I Love Carol Burnett!'s Avatar
Join Date: Sep 20, 2003
Location: Wishing I was in CA with Carol Burnett
Posts: 5,427
Send a message via AIM to I Love Carol Burnett!

I want the Marilyn Monroe 2hrs please e-mail me
I Love Carol Burnett!

I'm so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song, seems we just get started and before you know it comes the time we have to long. Good Night Everyone!
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Old 01-13-2005, 07:55 AM   #78
Frequent Poster
breadguy's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 06, 2003
Location: south carolina
Posts: 110
Send a message via Yahoo to breadguy

hi there am interested in your eps of
carter country
flash tv series and c.o.p.s. cartoon series

this is what i have to trade on vhs tape
tj hooker
the real gilligans island
remington steele
dick clark bloopers
busom buddies
flip wilson show
thats my bush!
blue collar tv
drey careys green screen
bosten legal
desperate wifes
medical investigations
still brady-brady bunch
disneys swamp fox series
the untouchables 6 eps
the grid
stargate atlantis
phylis-spinoff from mary tyler moore-2eps
jeeves and wooster--eps
dark shadows 90ís series
the apprentice
the blue line--rowan atkinson cop comedy
superman tv show eps-george reeves
shazam eps
carol burnett show
odyssey 5 eps
secret agent man all eps
docter who---35 hours
new battlestar galactica miniseries and lowdown
the fugitive finale ep
tomorrow people series from 70ís and 90's
dave allen at large special
sapphire and steel
pres clintons grand jury testimony
banachek eps
space rangers 6 eps
chips 99 reunion movie
home improvement --finale and bloopers
sherlock holmes with jeremy brett
the prisoner series with patrick mcgoohan
young indiana jones
deep space nine and behind the scenes
jake 2.0
abbott and costello tv show
milton berle show
behind the scenes of batman forever movie
threat matrix
soldier of fortune pilot movie
mi-5 all eps
pilot episode of cheers
best skits from ernie kovacs show
some all in the family eps
timecop all eps
quark sci fic comedy starring richard benjamin
superforce pilot movie
babylon 5 series--all 5 seasons and movies
remington steel-pilot license to steal
jack of all trades all eps
homicide life on the street--seasons 1-4
superboy -1st 20 eps of season one
fantastic journey
six million dollar man-movie and first eps
red sheltons show
dean martins celebrity roasts--deans,bob hopes,lucy, and best of,muhamand ali, frank sinatria and 20 other celebrity roasts
dean martin shows from the 60ís
kolchak the night stalker movies and eps
magnificent seven
avengers series
new avengers
when things were rotten series
ufo scific all of eps series
planet of the apes series
barbary coast pilot and 2 eps
hawaii five o - first four seasons
21 jump street 1st season 13 eps
uc undercover-all eps
sable - 4 eps
inlaws all eps
secret agent and danger man ( starring patrick mcgoohan)
ironside pilot and 35 eps
masquerade pilot and 10 eps
friends most eps
roar series eps
hornblower a&e series all six movies
scarlet pimpernel 3 movies from a&e
the munsters all eps
stargate sg1 season 1-7, lowdown special on stargate
crusade the series and movie (spinoff from babylon 5 series)all eps
battlestar galactica series
galactica 1980 series
birds of prey unaired pilot
birds of prey series-all eps
batman 60s live action series 117 eps and the movie
batman and robin serial chapter 1-15
other batman serial
captain marvel serial
flash gorden all 3 serials(rocketship,flash conquers universe,trip to mars.)
blawkhawk serial
honey mooners series 4 eps
the persuanders 1-ep
v the miniseries
v the final battle
v the tv series all eps
green hornet serial
green hornet strikes back
green hornet tv series starring bruce lee all 26 eps
buck rogers the series-all eps
hogans heroes 102 eps
my favorite martian series 36 eps
space 1999 all eps
logans run movie and series-all eps
mission impossible tv series 140 eps
new mission impossible tv series all eps
kindred the embraced
star trek classic
enterprise season 1-3
spiderman live action series
alias season 1
special unit 2
roswell tv series 2 seasons
sopranos 4 seasons
mutant x
earth final conflict
first wave
invaders special movie starring scott bakula
dune movie and mini series
children of dune mini series and women of dune special
buck rogers serial chapters 1-12
thunderbirds series and movies
probe scific series starring parker stevenson
dempsey and makepeace-all eps
mr ed 4 eps
rat patrol 13 eps
no time for sgts 3 eps
time tunnel
voyage to bottom of the sea series
perry mason tv series 150 eps
2nd hundred years 3 eps
tekwar movies and series eps
vengenace unlimited
legends of the rangers movie from babylon 5
the ateam
scarlet pimpernal 50ís tv series 8 eps
the man from uncle 84 eps and 5 movies
girl from uncle 5 eps
jason of star command
space academy
taken miniseries
captain power and the soldiers of the future
covington cross
human target
deep space nine
adventures of fu manchu
alf tv series
phantom serial
lazarus man
electric woman and dyna girl series
captain america serial
zorro serials
disneys zorro movie
son of zorro
around the world in eighty days-pierce brosnon
quartinmass english sci fic series
sherlock holmes 1950ís series 20 episodes
dark skies--8 eps
new tomorrow people series
tremors the series
the wild wild west 72 eps
the persuanders 1 eps starring roger moore and tony curtis
burkes law 60ís--6 eps
burkes law 90ís-7 eps
secret adventures of jules verne--20 eps
greatest american hero-series
scarlet pimpernel starring jane seymore
various sherlock holmes movies-basil rathbone
earth star voyager

cartoons and anime
roswell series cartoon starship troopers 40 eps xmen evolution
starblazers all 3 series starblazers 5 movies exosquad
star trek animated dungeons and dragons centurions
thundarr the barbarian superman batman hour 60 s batman beyond
batman 90 s cartoon superman 90 s batman and super 7
flash gorden 90 s series flash gorden 70 s wildcats
ultraforce silver surfer avengers
iron man 90 s fantastic four 90 s hulk 90 s
spider woman street fighter series 2 inhumanoids
xmen evolution superman 1967 cartoons gobots
macross 2 and plus new dominion tank police jla

spiderman unlimited spiderman and amazing friends spiderman 90 s
spiderman 80 s spiderman 60 s superfriends
defenders of the earth gi joe series gi joe extreme
transformers headmasters the zone scramble city
robots in disguise masterforce victory
beast machines highlander animated series gargoyles
beast wars transformers 98 eps and movie xmen series
fantastic four 60ís beavis and butthead 40eps iron man 60ís
captain america 60ís marvels 60ís cartoons incredible hulk 60ís
challenge of superfriends men in black cartoons blackstar
wing commander academy phantom 2040 robotix
sherlock holmes in 22nd century ren and stimpy south park
legend of starchaser fushigi yugi-series 1 pat labor eps 1-10
gen 13 jla - savage time movie back to future 2eps
3 stooges cartoons

pilots jla campy wonder woman batgirl aquaman,docter strange,
legends of superheroes 2 eps the roast and the challenge
nick fury fantastic 4 generation x captain america (fighting red skull)
star wars rarities,star wars holiday specials,archie pilot,phantom pilot,shadow pilot
mandrake pilot,mad cartoon tv show,lost in space cartoon,
alexanders the great pilot-starring william shatner hulk lowdown,
unaired pilot wolf lake,power pack, superboy, the bakery

90 min of babylon 5 all 5 seasons of bloopers , victor borges tape
star trek classic and next generation tv skits and bloopers
collected all xena, all highlander , xfiles battlestar galactica ,wings, some hercules,
sentinel bloopers, roswell bloopers,dark shadows, red dwarf, robin of sherwood,
bionic woman bloopers, lois and clark bloopers, bob hopes antics of the stars,
bob hopes laughing with the presidents,bob hopes christmas show, tim allenís home improvement bloopers
carol burnett show, forever knight,flubs,foulups,and bloopers, all time great bloopers,
chevy chase roast 2002, tv game show bloopers,collection of bloopers of abbott and costello,martin and lewis marx brothers, and three stooges,
dorf on golf, dorfs bible of golf, dorf and the games of olympus, 50 th aniversary bloopers special eps 1-2,
cartoon network bloopers,
laugh-in bloopers and various old tv series bloopers
hollywood movie bloopers,red sheltons bloopers flubs and ad libs,
leslie neilsons---bad golf made easier,

british comedys
are you being served? the movie and 60 eps
18 hours of monty python s flying circus
all 12 eps of fawlty towers
are you being served again? 12 eps (also called favor and grace )
24 eps of the good life also known as good neighbors including command performance
open all hours
all eps of allo allo
father ted, black adder series
benny hill show---38 episodes

animal crackers - marx brothers
the phantom
james bond movies
startrek movies
godfather movies
war of the worlds
6 thin man movies
scarlet pimpernal
elusive pimpernal with david niven
scarlet pimpernel a&e series
i survived gilligan s island
harlem globetrotters on gilliganís island
horse feathers
duck soup
alien nation-5 movies
babylon 5 the gathering
titan a.e.
batman movies
mission impossible movies
terminator movies
the third reich
starship troopers
salemís lot
return to salemís lot
flash gorden with sam jones
jack the ripper series starring michael caine
mist of avalon
merlin the mini series
zorro 1975 movie
back to the batcave movie
netforce miniseries
collection of school house rock---multipacation,history,grammer,
blue and gray-stars alec baldwin
get smart again!
willy wonka and the chocolate factory
hitler rise of evil
sherlock holmes movies-basil rathbone
harts war
baffled-starrs leonard nimoy
moonlighting pilot movie
stiches movie with parker stevenson
wishmaster 1-4

on cd rom i have

star gate sg1 first four seasons
xmen 90ís fox tv cartoon series
transformers beast machines
transformers the movie and 98 eps of cartoon series
robotech 2 movies and all 3 series 85 eps
gundam wing series
saga of captain harlock
cleopatra 2525
star wars dark redemption
friends bloopers
batman beyond series 52 eps
the lone gunmen series
xfiles eps
charmed unaired pilot
vampire hunter d
red dwarf complete series- all 8 seasons and unaired us pilot
u.f.o. series british sci fic
enterprise star trek
war of the worlds series
alien nation series
firefly series
time tunnel series

probally left something out but let me know what you are looking for
i get new stuff in all the time
thanks john
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Old 01-14-2005, 02:44 PM   #79
Occasional Poster
Join Date: May 27, 2004
Location: Laredo
Posts: 21
Post shows

I'm interested in


How much episodes do you have
for these shows?
Oscar10 is offline  
Old 01-19-2005, 10:57 AM   #80
Frequent Poster
Join Date: Aug 09, 2003
Location: Tennessee
Posts: 31
Send a message via AIM to u2bonoman

Hey Beaver, I'm interested in both Just the Ten of Us and Doogie Howser MD. Are these complete and what's the quality? Would you be willing to sell copies? Please email me

"Freedom has a scent, like the top of a new-born baby's head."
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Old 01-19-2005, 03:55 PM   #81
Occasional Poster
Join Date: May 27, 2004
Location: Laredo
Posts: 21
Thumbs up shows

Sorry but I'm not Beaver.
You e-mailed the wrong person.
I'm just another person looking
for shows.

Sorry about this.
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Old 07-28-2005, 03:40 PM   #82
GreatSpace Port TV
GreatSpace Port TV
Occasional Poster
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Posts: 21

Hi I am sorry to hear non- serious collecotors /trades did come through for you Bever, However, all are not like them.. I am very intrested on a least 2 series listed, The Fall Guy, & Hard Castle & MC Cormick.. I have a very nice list, I can e- mail you..
Serious trader, new on -line but 25 year seasoned collector/trader. GREG
GreatSpace Port Tv
GreatSpace Port TV is offline  
Old 07-28-2005, 03:55 PM   #83
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 17, 2003
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 1,677

Good luck getting in touch with The Beaver. His post was over 3 years ago and I've never seen him post here.
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Old 07-28-2005, 04:21 PM   #84
Forum Regular
wolf11's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 07, 2005
Location: Meshoppen PA
Posts: 283

i just sent you a email thanks alot curtis aka wolf11
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Old 07-29-2005, 12:13 PM   #85
Occasional Poster
Join Date: Jun 22, 2004
Posts: 23

Originally Posted by GreatSpace Port TV
Hi I am sorry to hear non- serious collecotors /trades did come through for you Bever, However, all are not like them.. I am very intrested on a least 2 series listed, The Fall Guy, & Hard Castle & MC Cormick.. I have a very nice list, I can e- mail you..
Serious trader, new on -line but 25 year seasoned collector/trader. GREG
GreatSpace Port Tv
I have one episode of Hardcastle & McCormick , the one about a block watch. Let me know if you are interested . Tom
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