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Default Season 5 Pretend Episode Guide

The show needed at least one more season to close things up. This is how I see season 5 being...

Season 5 (1988-1989)

89. "Brandon's Babies"

Brandon and Brenda have more puppies than expected, so Punky, Cheri and Margeux try to find homes for all of them.

90. "Alan's Return"

Alan comes back for a visit with his mom to realize things have really changed in Chicago in two years. Now that everyone's all growing up, he's more into women, and Punky, which causes Cheri and her to clash. In the end, Alan's Mom announces she's moving back to the city and Alan will be going to school with Punky, Cheri and Margeux again.

91. "Video Game Nerds"

Punky, Cheri, Margeux, Alan and even Brandon get video game crazy, causing Henry to go Bananas. This also causes Punky's grades to start slipping in school until Henry pulls the plug on the console, but not before he gets addicted to the thing himself.

92. "The Dance"

The big dance is coming up at school and Alan surprises everyone by asking nobody other than Marguex who agrees. To get even with him, Punky and Cheri both get dates of their own from their class and at the dance everything turns into a shambles when they have a tag dance where all the girls begin fighting over Alan. In the end, Alan and Cheri have a heart to heart and recall how they were as kids and how different they now are as teenagers and Alan decides to dump Margeux who still is hung over for the fact she's rich and chooses Cheri, his first real love to spend the rest of the dance with.

93. "Going Steady"

Alan and Cheri, who've only been dating a week, decide if they should go steady. Once Mrs. Johnson hears this, she's furious, and takes all the kids aside to try to explain to them what that means. Feeling left out, Punky decides she will go steady as well, and chooses Spud for that but in a way she's only pretending to like him. In the end, when they four ironically meet up at the movies, it's a disaster when Spud tries to kiss Punky the way Alan and Cheri are kissing.

94. "Henry's Will"

After a visit to the doctor and hearing he has high cholesterol, Henry frets and makes out his will without telling Punky. When she finds it, she thinks he's dying. The two then have a talk about what would happen if he really died and she was under age and he tells her that he's talked to Mrs. Johnson and she'd get custody of her if anything happens to him before she turns 18 so she'd have nothing to worry about and she'd always have a place to stay.

95. "Margeux The Snob"

Margeux's snobby ways get too much to handle after she shows her true colors to those less fortunate kids in the neighborhood who meet up in Punky's back yard for a neighborhood block party picnic which Margeux also is invited to attend. In the end, Margeux realizes that her snobby ways may cost her friendships with Punky, Cheri and Alan so she decides to change for the best and drop the snobby way since she's getting older and is no longer a kid.

96. "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"

Punky and Henry recall past Christmases when they get snowed in at the apartment building and invite Cheri and Mrs. Johnson over for dinner, consisting of whatever they have in their fridges because nobody can get to the market because of the storm.

97. "Teen Pregnancy"

Punky befriends a new classmate named Gina, who's been keeping a secret from everyone that she's pregnant with a boy she met at a nearby school's dance a few months ago.

98. "Disney World Part 1"

Henry, Punky, Mrs. Johnson, Cheri, Alan and Margeux go to Disney World for vacation. Henry contemplates moving to Florida after seeing how lovely the weather is, which causes Punky to feel sad she may move there with him and be far away from all her friends in Chicago.

99. "Disney World Part 2"

Henry decides not to move to Florida, at least not until he retires which is more than 10 years away, which makes Punky feel better and everyone enjoys the rest of their vacation at Disney World.

100. "One Hundred Memories"

A look back at Punky Brewster hosted by none other than Soleil Moon Frye herself. Soleil remembers the past good times as she talks with Brandon in the Living Room.

101. "The Return Part 1"

Punky, Cheri and Margeux have a sleep over even though Henry goes out of town and is still not back. While the girls laugh and have a pillow fight, there is a phone call and when Punky picks the phone up, she realizes it's her Mom and that she's come back just as Henry comes through the door and everyone is shocked.

102. "The Return Part 2"

Punky continues talking to her Mom on the phone and Henry tells her not to let her hang up. Punky tells her to come over to her apartment and gives her the address, but Punky finds out her mother is too upset to return to her. Punky starts to cry and tells her it's okay. Then her Mom hangs up. Punky realizes her Mom is very much alive. Henry rushes to call the police and alerts them what happened. They track the phone call but it was from a pay phone. Later that night, when Henry's asleep, Punky can't sleep and there's another phone call from her Mom. Punky answers the phone and talks to her. She tells her she understands if she had to abandon her when she was younger. She tells her mother to just come over and everything will be okay. Henry wakes up and sees Punky talking to her Mom and gets on the phone and talks to her. He tells her who he is and how he's raised her for the past 5 years and they would be happy if she comes over right that minute. Henry finds out that Punky's Mom is leaving and doesn't want to tell anyone where she's going. Punky gets on the phone again and tells her Mom not to leave again. As Punky talks to her Mom, Henry rushes to Mrs. Johnson's apartment and calls the police. They track down where she's calling from and rush to find her. Henry gets a call from the police a few minutes later saying they have Punky's Mom and that they're bringing her to his apartment.

"The Return Part 3"

In the conclusion to Punky Brewster, the police arrive with Punky's Mom at her apartment. Punky and her Mom hug and she finally tells her why she abandoned her 5 years ago. She was financially in trouble, Punky's father had run out years ago on them, and she didn't know what to do for work, so she left Punky at the market and took off to find work. She struggled for a few years and worked different jobs, then finally started making good money until she was laid off again. She had seriously been thinking about suicide which is why she called Punky at her apartment. Punky asks how she knew where she was and she tells her she hired a PI when she had some money a while back to find out her location, which explained the Christmas gift she left for her several years ago. Punky tells her that everything will be okay now, she's back and she now has both her and Henry. Henry then brings up the subject of custody and what will happen with Punky now that her Mom is back. A vacant, low income apartment in the building becomes available, and Henry tells Punky's Mom she can live there with her and that way they can all be together all the time in the same building. Punky's Mom agrees. The next day, Henry throws a party in the yard for the return of Punky's Mom and everyone is there, Alan, Cheri, Mrs. Johnson, Margeux, Spud and even Mike.
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I'm liking this.
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