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View Poll Results: Boned When...
Never Boned 2 50.00%
Too Much Singing - When in doubt, sing! 1 25.00%
The Lubbock girls are tramps - Even the one who wants to be a Nun is a tramp! 1 25.00%
Day 1 0 0%
Spinoff of a lame show - Did Growing Pains really need a spinoff? 0 0%
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Question Just the Ten of Us Boned the Fish When...

A spin-off of Growing Pains, Just the Ten of Us is about Coach Lubbock and his large family after they move from Long Island to Eureka, California, where Lubbock takes a job at St. Augustine's Academy, an all-boys private Catholic school. The show aired from 1988 to 1990. From the second season on, it shifted to focusing mainly on the four oldest daughters.
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Never and I still think ABC made a mistake in canceling this show. It hurt TGIF. The show that replaced it, Going Places was pure crap.
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Originally Posted by Stuck In The '70's
Never and I still think ABC made a mistake in canceling this show. It hurt TGIF. The show that replaced it, Going Places was pure crap.
Yeah, I immediately put that on my list of the biggest mess-ups/mistakes in ABC (to make a long story short, Just the Ten of Us got canceled in 1990 after its second season, not because poor ratings, but to apease Miller-Boyett Productions, who produced Full House, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, and eventually, Step by Step for ABC) history over at the general forums.

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Julie,Julie Anne,&Felice 4Ever
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I voted for "The Lubbock girls are tramps - Even the one who wants to be a Nun is a tramp!", which adequately explains my opinion on this matter. Yes, it was funny, but out of character for Marie to be gyrating and cavorting in bars. And she started doing this on a regular basis.
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Never. Though it was a (much better) spin-off of a lame show. Never liked Growing Pains, especially Kirk Cameron and Alan Thicke.
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  • Other Thoughts:

    Steve Marshall here, co-creator of Just the Ten of Us. Been reading the posts, some of which have a good point with others tending to be a bit out there. For example -- the "unbelievable nature" of an attractive woman having sex with an overweight man (who, by the way, happens to be her husband) -- well, I guess we should tell CBS to cancel KING OF QUEENS immediately, given this caveat. Also, I think those of you who said we had the girls singing too much were probably right. They just enjoyed doing it so much that we let them -- probably a bit too often. (Oh, but they sang in a neighborhood pizza place, not a "sleazy nightclub," as someone else posted. As for the believability of our premise, (having the coach's daughters attending an otherwise all boys school), we covered that base early on when the school administrator, Father Hargis (Frank Bonner) was ordered by the church to make the school coed. His admission of the five girls was his way around going fully coed. It was a fun show that consistently won its time slot but was killed by the network for political reasons. They wanted us out to make room for a show by the producers who provided them with the rest of the TGIF sitcoms, Miller-Boyett. That show died in just a few episodes. About a year later, the president of ABC confided to the president of Warner Bros. Television, "I think we probably moved too soon in canceling JUST THE TEN OF US."
    The show was fine when there really were only ten people in the family. But then the writers had to go and add a baby. It ruined what started out as a really corny, but fun show.
    A horrible show, spun off from "Growing Pains," which wasn't very good to begin with.
    This was a cool show, It never jumped and what 11th child throughout the entire series there were 8 kids 2 adults no more no less. What show were you watching?
    The fat coach off of Growing Pains gets his own pathetic spin off? What stupid idiot came up with this one? All those pre and post teen girls made me want to throw up.
    I loved this show but they went all Brady when the Lubbock girls started singing all the time. Sure they could sing but that's not why people watch a sitcom. P.S.What ever happened to Brooke Theiss after she was the sorority president on 90210?
    Those were hot babes. Marie and Cindy epecially, the Connie, and the blonde last, actually. Too bad Jamie Luner grew up and got all slutty. I liked their singing episodes too. In fact I liked their "Just To Dance With You" better than the Beatles.
    I loved those sluts- Jamie Luner and the blond sister. I PRAYED for a lingerie-clad tickle fight episode between them. Alas, my fantasies were never fulfilled. Now I've gone gay and watch re-runs of Charles in Charge
    Y'know, the only reason I watched this show was to get my tug on to the lubbock girls in their negliges, and it just didn't happen often enough. Plus the show was stupid garbage and a spinoff of Growing pains, no less!
    I love this show! There were never 11 children. The mother was pregnant with the 10th when the show began. You gotta watch them all before you can claim to know it all!
    The one where Mom talked to God was pretty bad, too.
    This show never jumped. The transition "Growing Pains" episodes were great as was the series and Brooke and Jaime were serious eye candy!
    The show was always absurdly funny and cute but the episode with the government cheese took it too far. To set the record straight: When the show started Graham and Elizabeth had 7 kids, Marie, Wendy, Cindy, Connie, J.R., Sherry, and Harvey, and Elizabeth was pregnant with the eight, Melissa, who was born later in the series. 8 kids + 2 parents = Just the Ten of Us.
    Matthew Perry was on this show after his short lived FOX sitcom. He probably wasn't doin coke at that time, I know Coach Lubbok wasn't, with that fat ass of his humpin that wife all the time.
    Yeah, this show was pure cheese from day one, but it didn't jump until the Lubbock girls sang. Who cares, though? Those older chicks were seriously hot. And Coach Lubbock was pretty funny sometimes. Remember when he made J.R. the homemade skateboard? J.R. was embarrassed and threw it in the dumpster and told the Coach it got stolen by some Canadians (they had Canadian plates on their car)? And Coach Lubbock uttered the immortal line, "Oh, that does it! I'm sick and tired of these roving bands of Canadians! I'm calling Alan Thicke!" In an interesting bit of trivia, both Chandler and Joey from Friends appeared as boyfriends on this show. Chandler played a stand-in boyfriend to pass the dreaded "dinner test" and Joey was the star scrambling quarterback of the St. Augustine Fighting Hippos.
    I think it was at the beginning of the 2nd season; this strict Catholic family allowed their 4 oldest daughters to tart themselves up and sing extended, bland songs at a dirty-looking nightclub. I mean, come on!
    Actually, it was one of the funnier TGIF shows....especially compared to "FULL HOUSE". Whatever happened to Bill Kirchenbauer? Pretty funny dude! The girls Cindy & Wendy were MAJOR LEAGUE HOTTIES & inspired me (an 11 year old at the time) to have premature fantasies about sex (especially after seeing them in their 2-piece bikinis in that Virgin Island episode). The show jumped the shark, however, by focusing way too much on the 3 older daughters-it seemed as if the storyline concerned them every week in the 3rd & final season. The show lost its luster big time.
    Jumped Jaws from the pilot. Nuff said?
    When the girls were allowed to attend St. Augustine's, an all-boys school. As if that would really happen. And when Connie writes an article saying that the private school's tuition is going up, all boys attending threaten to leave, leaving only the coaches' kids. J.R. was thus the only boy from the family except the toddler Harvey. Granted, nothing on TV is ever realistic, but in real-life the girls would have had to attend the nearby all-girls' Catholic school (I believe Mary Magdelene was mentioned as the name of the school). That they were allowed to attend the boys school just because their father was teacher and coach there was ridiculous! As the only girls, they thus became the cheerleaders for St. Augustine; thye probably still could have done that if they'd gone to the girls' school. An all girls' school cherr squad would be the cheerleaders for their "brother" school. And they had no male cheerleaders at a boys' school?
    Ok, "ten of us fans". There were two episodes that made this show jump. When daddy made the skate board, and his kid refused to enjoy it after he found out who really made it. Thank God, he decided to use it at the end of that episode. Secondly, there was an episode in which the girls all wore a bikini, exposing Jamie Luner's natural body fat. What a cute and pretty girl she was but had no body to be in a bathing suite. After that show, they kept reducing clothing on the girls from time to time to salvage the ratings. A great first season with a catchy opening song, but destined to Jump the Shark in the second year. Ten people trying to fit into a 30 minute time slot is no easy chore, unless your watching the Brady Bunch.
    Must I remind you of the Lubbock sister's singing career?? Oh my God what an awful, awful concept that was.
    A show that was far funnier than ABC audiences were prepared for in the 1980s. It was one of the earliest I can remember that had in-jokes ('Nightmare on Elm Street', 'Growing Pains', the production company itself) and crossed into "reality" numerous times. Remember when Wendy goes to Hollywood and the actors drafted to play her family were in fact the cast as themselves? In a choir audition, one male teen sings the theme to 'Growing Pains', while Doosler says that his parents won't let him near Tracey Gold. This was before 'The Simpsons' and the "nothing" episode from 'Seinfeld', boys and girls.
    awful show. the guy was right-on who wrote above that the show "growing pains" wasn't even all that good to begin with, not with the likes of "family ties". in a world without "family ties" i guess "growing pains" would be decent, but "just the ten of us" was awful. i wanted that Heather Lanancamp (i don't know how to spell her name and i don't care) to get killed by her former enemy FREDDY KRUGER! and then I wanted Fred to kill the fat coach, the mom and all the rest of the family. And then to go to the next set and wipe out the Sievers, except for Kirk Cameron, because he's a Christian and he'd prefer to die. Let FREDDY frame Kirk for the murders. Oh gosh I'm rambling silly. I just wanted to say that I hated the show very, very, very much.
    Just the 10 of Us was crap from the beginning. Why would anyone make a spin-off of Growing Paining, one of the crappiest, sappiest shows of all time (aside from Joanna Kerns). Just the 10 of Us was basically insulting to Catholics. Not even Catholic families had that many kids in the 80s. It is such a stereotype. And even the pope would not require the wife to have sex with that fat bastard 8 times.
    A spin-off of Growing Pains?! And how often did this coach guy actually appear in episodes of Growing Pains? Granted, this show did have its moments, but I think it's stupid to base a spin-off show on some background character who no one gave a crap about.
    This show was insultingly bad from the start. First off, there is no way that guy is going to get to have sex with that woman to the tune of 10 kids. And if that guy ever procreated, in real life or on TV, I don't want to see that kid. That guy couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a pocket full of $100's. Catholics everywhere HAD to be cringing as well. And most importantly - NOT FUNNY, NOT FUNNY AT ALL.
    I used to love this show....even the singing episodes!!!BUT...when the red-haired sister(Jamie Lunar)somehow turned into a man hungry slut to a virginal prude my head was lost in the cloud of confusion.This show always had her prancin around trollin for guys and then in one ep they had her on the beach with a guy who got "fresh"with her and she broke his arm!!!From that episode on she went from slut to just a dim wit.I guess they had already filled their "slutty sister"quota and decided to make her the dumb one.
    This show couldn't have possibly jumped for it always provided what it promised, namely lots of eye candy in the form of the 4 daughters (Marie, Connie, Wendy, and Cindy). The Virgin Island episode was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Oh, and to they poster who found it unbelievable that the father could have had 10 kids, HE DIDN'T. He had EIGHT children. The title, "Just the Ten of Us", refers to the eight children and the father and mother.
    "King of Queens" and "According to Jim" both have similarities to this show; they have repulsive fat guys married to an attractive woman, an incredible stretch of the imagination. Bill Kirchenbauer played coach Lubbock and he was a pretty repulsive guy. The only thing worth watching in this show were the girls especially Brook Theiss(Wendy) and Jamie Luner(Cindy). Miss Theiss especially for me because I'm partial to blondes. She was the object of affection of both Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, not in the same episode. Miss Theiss married Bryan Genessee an actor who fancies himself as an action star mostly in direct to video crap. As for Mr. Kirchenbauer he cannot act and during the talent show episode he did his stand up routine and he sucked big time. Talk about perfect casting; he played the no talent, rotten comic Tony Roletti in "Fernwood 2Nite".
    When the girls were singing in the bar every episode. Also, when they tried to have a few episodes focusing on the teenage son, but they weren't good.
    This show was GREAT! A real 'Brady Bunch' for the late 80's! The girls were all pretty, and the show was wholesome to boot! I'm shocked there have been so many negative comments about this wonderful show posted here at JTS. This show had an ensemble cast if there ever was one! NEVER JUMPED
    I'll say this about Coach Lubbock. He might have been a fat slob but he sure got plenty of nookie off that good looking wife of his.
    Well, I would like to say I am a fan of the show, however, I think the show jumped the shark when Sherry was beginning to look up Wendy as a role model. Also, when Sherry smoked, that was it. This show jumped late for me however, since Sherry only started changing in the last few episodes. Also, did anyone notice the trend of the last part of the third season? Each episode, excluding the shows Snow Job 1 and 2 (The Virgin Island 2 parter), focused on each older kid. Wendy when she dated the Boy Scout, Wendy when she broke her date's arm, Connie when she wore falsies, Marie and the dead guy, JR and his spray painting, and Sherry and smoking. I don't really remember this or not, but if they didn't announce the cancellation of the series beforehand, was this a telltale sign of the show's cancellation?
    I put this down in my book as one of the Worst TV Shows of All Time (along with "Small Wonder"). My in-laws, God rest them, kept their TV on every waking hour and it was at their house that I saw this crock of crap. I found it offensive and seriously insulting to Catholics (oldest girl named Marie, what a stereotype!). But the dorky dad dancing in his pajamas in the opening credits was enough to get my vomitometer going. Forgive them, Father, for they knew not what they were doing.
    "Just the Ten of Us" was a show way ahead of its time. It was cancelled unfairly way too early just when it was gaining a base audience. It is THE most underrated show to ever grace the air. ABC had one of the truly funniest shows ever made and they killed it. Every character on the show had a distinct personality and they all, at one time or another, elicited much laughter. Yes, the show is a spin-off of "Growing Pains." I think the show is much better than Alan Thicke's show. I would rate "Just the Ten of Us" among one of the top five sitcoms of all time. Heather Langenkamp was a true gem who we have not had the pleasure of seeing enough of. All of the characters, from Coach Lubbock down to Sherry, the youngest talking member, were colorful and funny. The show had sophisticated humor, ahead of its time. There were lots of references to other shows/entertainment and plenty of scandalous jokes. I cannot believe such a straight show was created in the late 80s. It ranks right up there next to Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Do not judge the show from one or two episodes. Watch them all, I have them all. Considering this show was made on the forsaken hellhole called ABC and the time period, I'd call this show pound-for-pound the best around, period. Anyone who disagrees is...never mind.
    Cmon, has nobody mentioned Gavin Doosler yet? The show didnt jump the shark because Doosler was one of the greatest characters on tv. With a name like that u can't go wrong.
    My favorite episode featured Matthew Perry (Chandler from "Friends") as a suitor being tested by Coach Lubbock..."If my daughter were a piece of chicken, would she be a breast, a thigh or a leg?" The correct answer, of course, was a wing.
    This was one of the worst of all time... sex-crazed girls running around, throwing themselves at everything with testicles, and then a moral, quasi-religious wrap-up at the end of every show... but I did have a crush on Connie, the nervous middle sister. Bill Kirchenbauer should put his head back in the Shine-O Ball-O
    As is if it wasn't bad enough that someone taught the teenage girls in this show that over the top mannerisms and shrill voices was acting, they then went and made them singers! That's when Just The Ten Of Us jumped the shark BIG TIME. Those poor girls couldn't sing......the show made fools out of them which is a shame because they obviously put their hearts and souls into it. i hate it when the enthusiasm and willingness of adolescent actors to please producers and do whatever they ask of them, is exploited for cheap laughs at their expense.
    Never jumped. They didn't sing every week as someone said above. And I looked forward to the "Lubbock Babes" episodes. The show was great when it went into "absurdity". I wished it went on another season or two. I had 12 scripts ready to send in, who knows, I could've been a hollywood writer! The only possible jump episode was the pregnant cow episode...oops, that was the last one. Also, from what I remember, they didn't know they were being cancelled at the end of the season. They were sent fruit baskets from the brass at ABC at the end of the last season and they didn't know if that was good or bad.
    this show was bad but the Lubbock Babes? the Cats Chorus would have been a better title. These girls couldn't sing!! it was very unkind to let these poor naive girls make such fools of themselves
    There was a show where Jamie Luner's character played the wife in Death of a Salesman. Brrrr. All I remember is her whining over Willy's grave at the end.
    This show was great. It NEVER jumped the shark, because it couldn' it never promised to be more than what it was (a half an hour of fun). Honestly, I felt this show was far more edgy than "Growing Pains," twice as funny, and had a lot of inside jokes for those who paid attention (like the fact that three out of four of the girls had appeared in "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, and they constantly made references to those movies). I say that those who didn't like it probably didn't watch it very closely.
    This show never jumped. It was never on long enough to jump. I really loved this show. It was fun and cute. The cast was well done and you could actually start seeing a dynamic between characters and cast. I missed it when it went and would love to see something like this on now. So many shows attempt to show how smart they are by being "edgy" and this one never really tried that. It was what it was. The several ages of the kids kept the story lines from falling into predictable patterns and the dynamics of parents seemed to be real and genuine. Maybe because I have a high school teacher buddy of mine that reminds me of the coach and his hot wife reminds me of that guys wife. Anyway...bottom line is that this show never took itself too serious and never needed any stunts to risk jumping. OK, I've said my piece, now when do we shoot in Hawaii?
    I really enjoyed watching this show when I was younger. I thought it was great comedy, and the show should have lasted a lot longer. What made this show even cooler is that it was set in a town seven miles from my town (and I have go to the town it was set in often). Altogether, it was an original show, and I would like to at least see it in reruns again.
    I looooooved "Just the Ten of Us." As far as I'm concerned, it never jumped. I watched it religiously (bad pun every Friday night from 3rd to 5th grade. At the tender ages of 8 and 9 I really looked up to those older girls (scary, huh?) but I was probably most like Connie. Some of my favorite episodes were the Virgin Island ones (Marie lost her virginity???!!! Not really, whew) and Connie's fake boobs. I remember my mom wondering who that "cute football player" was. MO-OM!! Boy, did I tease her later when "Friends" first aired and we discovered it was Matt LeBlanc- "Don't you think Joey's 'cute,' Mom?" Anyway, good show- mainly because it makes me wax nostalgic for my childhood and everything 80's. I probably wouldn't have liked it nearly as much if I had been older when it first aired.
    What I hated about this show was the religious influence, they had to have a crucified jesus in every room in the house. This is idolatry! On the other hand I kept watching because I had a huge crush on "Connie".
    The day "Growing Pains" introduced the Mike's fat, bald, ugly coach, I KNEW there had to be some ulterior motive. There was no way a cheese-fest like "GW" would invest so much back-story on a meaningless character unless they had BIG plans for that slob. And boy did they! They sent this no-talented schlep off to teach at some Catholic school with his boring wife and boring (though hot) daughters - I think there was some creepy little son in there too. With that set-up, how could it miss? How about IN EVERY WAY! OMG!! My head is spinning from reading some of the comments for this piece of used toilet-paper that passed as "entertainment." The writing, directing, staging and acting on this kangaroo terd were so horrendous that everyone involved should have been summarily executed as enemies of democracy. "Ahead of it's time??" Are you people all on some form of mind-altering narcotic? This was, by FAR, the worst show ABC, or any network for that matter, has EVER produced. I suppose one COULD argue that being an embarrassment to a network is a legitimate 'political reason' that would cause a show's demise. Food for thought: while this show was airing, a trade journal printed that that the then-head of ABC commented that his network was airing the worst show on TV. Shortly thereafter, this crap-fest was put out of its misery. Plus, ever notice that, with all the constant clamoring for syndicated series to fill empty time-slots, you NEVER see this piece of crap ANYWHERE? Coincidence? You decide.
    This show never jumped. In the three years that it was on ABC it remained one of the most constistently funny shows on the air. While I will agree with some of the others and say that in season three there was WAY too much singing, it didn't stop my enjoyment of the show. I would love to see some kind of reunion show or something to see what the cast is up to now.
    I have read the comments on this page and am stunned by the negativity of so many. It is time to defend one of my all-time favorite TV shows, which never came anywhere close to jumping the shark. •It amuses me when people throw the word "stereotype" around like it is something worse than the Black Plague. One poster complained about "stereotypes", and the only example he/she could cite was that the Lubbocks' oldest daughter was named Marie. This poster would probably accuse JT of being unrealistic if no daughter had that name. •The poster who said it is "idolatry" for the Lubbock home to have a cross of Jesus hanging in every room is as wrong as wrong can possibly be. Idolatry does not refer to Jesus or God. •Those who claim the Lubbock girls couldn't sing need to watch the show more, and listen closely. Cindy (Jamie Luner) had a solo in one of the girls' first performances at Danny's Pizzeria. I don't know the name of the song, but Cindy's singing brought tears to my eyes and brought me THIS CLOSE to breaking down; it was that moving! •JT insulting to Catholics? Give me a break! I am probably as sensitive to sacrilege and blasphemy as anyone. After watching all 45 episodes several times, I have found no sacrilege or blasphemy of any kind. JT was nothing more than what it promised to be or was intended to be: a fun 30-minute show on Friday night. My brother introduced me to JT, and I was hooked right away. The first episode I saw was when Coach (Bill Kirchenbauer) had to go to the hospital to have some surgery done but wanted to hide it from his children. Who can forget the priest saying to Father Hargis (Frank Bonner), "Hargis, you had me giving the last rites to a hemorrhoid!" I'm cracking up just thinking about it. •Bill Kirchenbauer not funny? As he might put it, "Get up off your duffs and watch the stinkin' program." Bill was absolutely brilliant as Coach Lubbock, and his stand-up act at the football team's fundraiser was very funny. The rest of the cast members also played their parts quite well. Those who say Bill is not funny probably think Bob Saget is uproariously hilarious. •The episode with Matthew Perry ("The Dinner Test") is one of my favorites. However, I agree with the poster who said the episode where Elizabeth (Deborah Harmon) talks to God was pretty bad. That is the only JT episode I refuse to watch, because it seemed to me Elizabeth's faith was being trivialized and cheapened. •To those people saying it is implausible that people looking like Coach Lubbock and his wife could possibly have sex: go soak your heads! People like you love to go around to the rest of us and preach that "it's what's inside that counts; outward physical appearances don't matter." Is there anyone who can objectively watch this show and reasonably conclude that Coach and Elizabeth did not love each other very much? I didn't think so. Long live JT!
    Someone posted earlier that "you never see this piece of sh*t anywhere filling the off hours of local stations anymore" that's because it was never syndicated to local stations, it ran continuously on the USA Network from 1990 to 1996 [shown in a hour block on weekday mornings in the summer of 1996 before USA Network cancelled it] and is still shown occasionally on TV Land, I got hooked on it in the summer of 1990- right before ABC cancelled it! Of course I caught up on what I missed on the USA Network, it couldn't run in weekday syndication now anyway because only 47 episodes were produced!! I loved The Lubbock Babes [what guy didn't?] and all of the rest of the characters were funny too, the sly in-jokes about Nightmare On Elm Street [3 of the 4 Lubbock girls [save for Jamie Luner] appeared in various Nightmare On Elm Street movies] their son JR dresses up like Freddy Kreuger in the 1st episode, wears a Nightmare On Elm Street 4 t-shirt in a few episodes and has a Nightmare On Elm Street movie poster hanging in his bedroom], Growing Pains [Doosler mentioning to the girls his parents won't let him near Tracey Gold, a choir auditioner singing the Growing Pains theme song, Coach Lubbock calling Alan Thicke when his son JR tells him Canadians stole his skateboard he made him], and even Heather Langenkamp's movie Nickel Mountain [mentioned in the episode where Marie wants to become a nun] were inspired, why doesn't Warner Bros. release this series on DVD? I'd buy it in a second, the Lubbock girls were just as hot as the Saved By The Bell girls- maybe even more so!!
    I had such a huge crush on Heather Langenkamp that I guess I just never bothered realizing how awful the show was...
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Just the Ten of Us never jumped. I'm sure it would have if it had been on a couple more seasons - but even then, I would have watched as long as Marie (Heather) was on it.
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