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The new Comedy Gold schedule is out today and I have to admit that it is a big improvement over TV Land Canada but overall I would still consider it slightly below average---not terrible, just disappointing. However, I am very pleased that "Andy Griffith" and "Phil Silvers", the only pre-1970s shows on the schedule, have remained from the TV Land lineup. The only other shows that I would want to watch on a regular basis are "Mary Tyler Moore" and the 2 Bob Newhart series and that surprises me because the channel's announcement last week came with much fanfare and excitement that I was expecting a better---and more varied---lineup. Instead we get something like Dejaview 2. I think if the bosses at CTV took more time to plan the schedule instead of rushing it just to make it look better than Global---whose new Global Reality Channel debuts tomorrow---they might have come up with something better. As it is, we might have to wait about a year or two before we see some improvement, unless CTV completely ignores it like they did with TV Land. If that happens, they should change its name again to Tragedy Gold. Here's the full schedule which takes effect August 2, 2010:

Comedy Gold --- Fall Schedule --- As of Aug. 2, 2010
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