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Why are you sad about it becoming Comedy Gold? While I would have preferred to see the old TV Land logo and name stay, the fact that it will be all sitcoms is very nice.

Also, they already are going to have sitcoms that we haven't seen on Canadian TV in quite some time.

To announce on June 21 the rebrand, and launch on August 2 gives them about 6 weeks to acquire shows and produce a schedule. Isn't that just a little bit rushed? They have the 7 sitcoms that you mentioned but in the press release, it said more were to come.

Do you know if Happy Days or any of the TV Land Canada shows will carryover?

Are they, like Dejaview and other channels, going to have to air a specified amount of Canadian content? If so, how many hours and would it be shows like Whatever Happened to? or will they air rare Canadian sitcoms?

Please post the schedule whenever you get it. I will be checking Channel Canada closely for any updates as well.
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