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Today it was Global's turn to unveil their fall 2010 schedule and the primetime lineup looks like a very strong one with each night having at least one established hit show from one of the US networks and new series which round out the lineups for each night. The full schedule is found here:

Global TV Fall 2010 Schedule

The primetime schedule begins each night with both the US and Canadian versions of "Entertainment Tonight". Unlike CBC, Global only has 2 other homegrown series scheduled: "Shattered" and "Ice Pilots NWT". Among the many US imports there are 6 new series: "Lonestar", "Hawaii Five-O", "NCIS Los Angeles", "Outsourced", "Love Bites", and "Outlaw". The first 2 have a little irony involved. "Lonestar" used to be the name of one of Global's more popular specialty channels which now exists under a new name. Global is also counting on the new 2010 version of "Hawaii Five-O" to be a hit while at the same time announcing that the original 1960s series will be airing on DejaView later this fall. I'll have more details on that later this week.

Returning shows include: "Glee", "Survivor", "The Simpsons", "House", "The Office", "Family Guy", and the original "NCIS".

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