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When Making The Band was first launched we had seen a new type of reality show that made ordinary people the next music superstar starting with American Idol and so ABC decided to follow suit with Making The Band which turned groups of people into the new hottest band. And if it wasn't for Making The Band we wouldn't hear bands such as O-Town Danity Kane and the R&B group Day26 become superstars. But I think the two biggest bands out of Making The Band were O-Town and Danity Kane because Danity Kane released hit after hit but other than a second album you never saw a third album from Day26 but if you look at the general picture Making The Band was a successful show other channels tried to copy it with the WB's Popstars which launched the career of teen pop band Eden's Crush and the group Scene23 and who knows that someday Making The Band will be revived in the future
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