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Default What happened to Jennifer Lopez's singing career?

When Jennifer Lopez announced the start of her singing career she was destined to be a smash success and with the release of her debut album On The 6 it seemed that Jennifer Lopez was on the road to stardom and was gonna be the new Selena. And with the singles If You Had My Love and Waiting For Tonight climbing up the Billboard charts Jennifer proved that she could act and sing as well. But with the release of her second album J-Lo in 2001 the Selena comparisons faded when she focused on a R&B sound and still proved success with the song Love Don't Cost A Thing and people thought this new sound would make Jennifer Lopez gain a fresh audience. But I think her singing career has gone downhill ever since her lone Spanish language album failed to sell well and if you look at Jennifer Lopez's singing career she has gone even more downhill and now seems to be focusing on developing her purse line for Kohl's rather than recording new material for upcoming albums
Could Jennifer Lopez's singing be over or can it be saved?
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