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Originally Posted by TeeVeeCloset View Post
As a major contributor to the project, I say honestly I spent about 12 hours with Sam, gf & dog and toured him the town of ridgefield park and still standing teaneck road home.

We had alot of conversations that i must leave "off the record" but can say his ambitions were real, maybe a bit too premature or naive out of innocence.

What I can say from our day of conversation, I was taped for the dvd extras, he had total intentions of releasing one season at a time, I showed him the O&H board here (he wasn't aware) and yes we discussed when all done, a hopeful "new" syndication package for Metv, Antenna, etc.

At the time, Sam had not gone through the entire film cans, so he discovered that many were beyond repair and just red dust, there were family estate issues, he came through with every item i was entitled to being a "large" contributor.

We conversed for awhile, but haven't followed up with him in years, but please trust me the Sam I spent that sunny day with, was 100% sincere intentions.

PS.....I would like to add without writing anything too personal or private of the Nelson family, the stories Sam shared with me growing up being very close to his grandma Harriet are something so heartwarming I will never forget.
I envy you. I would have loved to meet Sam. And I am in agreement; I think his intentions were good - he just bit of more than he could chew without realizing it.

I hope he’ll reach out, or create an opportunity to meet with fans of the show.
Thank you SHOUT! & Antenna TV

xxoo You both Rock!!
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