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Originally Posted by XCalibur
I think you are generalizing a bit. Not everyone in our society views it that way.

But in defense of those who do, I think there are some things to keep in mind. Many times women who are victims of domestic violence often bring some of it on themselves, by refusing to go to the police themselves or even defending their partner's actions, or lying for them.

So reporting actions of domestic violence can sometimes be tricky. Cause you never really know how an abused female is going to treat the situation, its entirely possible if you do report such a thing the victim may turn on you in defense of their partner. As sickening as that is it does happen.

The important thing to remember is, there is help out there for abused women, but ultimately its up to them to seek it. Because for those who refuse and want to tolerate these scumbags in their life, there is really only so much you can do, unless they are caught in the act by law enforcement. You might report something, the wife may deny the whole thing then all of the sudden you and YOUR credibility are attacked.

Now rape on the other hand, there is absoloutely no excuse to ignore that. But you have to be careful to if you witness it and make sure what you are witnessing is rape and not some form of kinky sex, or that can get you in trouble as well. Because there is little way of distorting rape, an unwilling sexual partner is an unwilling sexual partner.
OT but I think it's important to avoid any sort of victim blame. For outsiders, it's easy for anyone to say, "Oh, why doesn't she just call the authorities?" However, people in abusive relationships are often simply too frightened to go to the authorities. The abuser may have beaten them down, emotionally and physically, to the point that they feel helpless. The abuser may even threaten the victim's loved ones. (mother, father, etc.) I tend to think that the abusive lover feels the need for power over their victim.

It would not surprise me if the original night stalker was an abusive individual.
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