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EAR-ONS took a three-toed dog (known as 'Woofy') with him to a few of the crime scenes.

A local hoodlum called Brett Glasby apparently also used 'Woofy' as a guard dog when he went to raid marijuana 'farms'.

One of EAR-ONS' victims was a Dr. Offerman.

Glasby was a patient of Offerman, and was convicted of a serious violent assault on Dr. Offerman's janitor.

Glasby was 'killed' in Mexico in 1982 (so couldn't have been EAR-ONS who was still murdering in 1986) although I would like to see Glasby's 'death' officially confirmed, as the circumstances surrounding it are somewhat mysterious...

I am fairly convinced that Glasby and EAR-ONS knew each other (or at least knew of each other) due to the 'Woofy' and Offerman links.

The three-toed dog lead (pardon the pun!) has IMHO never been fully examined.

There are other aspects of the crimes involving the dog which lead me to suspect that EAR-ONS possibly had family living in Goleta.
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