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Originally Posted by Rieder
The FBI Files program did not explicitly mention Doe Roberts was raped. Charles Lord kept her in his home for a few days. Law enforcement suggested Lord was motivated by a sexual desire. His modus operandi involved travelling to the Roberts residence and informing her Allen was injured in an imaginary accident and he would drive her to the accident scene. Meanwhile, Allen Roberts was at a property waiting for Sam Wagner, a fictitious developer created by Lord. It seems Lord perversely thought he may be a romantic hero when told her he would take her to the scene of Allen's 'accident'.
I just watched those two Doe Roberts 'Special Alerts' last night and that answers a lot of questions--RS mentioned a Sam Wagner being a person of interest in the case, but apparently, he wasn't even real. So Lord fabricated Wagner in an attempt to occupy Allen while he snatched up Doe? Ugh.

That does kind of show, however, that from the beginning police felt the Wagner thing was in fact a ploy. And the strange phone call to Doe's friend (in which she said she was allowed to ask three questions apparently Doe would know the answers to and received the correct answers) does fit with the scenario that Doe was held for some time before her death.

It seems Lord was a deeply, deeply disturbed man. He would've had to have planned this for months in advance in order to pull it off. Poor Allen.
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