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Originally Posted by Rieder
The FBI Files program did not explicitly mention Doe Roberts was raped. Charles Lord kept her in his home for a few days. Law enforcement suggested Lord was motivated by a sexual desire. His modus operandi involved travelling to the Roberts residence and informing her Allen was injured in an imaginary accident and he would drive her to the accident scene. Meanwhile, Allen Roberts was at a property waiting for Sam Wagner, a fictitious developer created by Lord. It seems Lord perversely thought he may be a romantic hero when told her he would take her to the scene of Allen's 'accident'.

Charles Lord maintained a facade of respectability acting as the treasurer for the local church. In reality, he embezzled church funds and had a history of fraudulent behaviour. He thought abducting Doe Roberts for financial gain would reduce some of his debt. During the investigation he told investigators Allen and Doe experienced marital problems. It was another example of Lord's manipulative and deceptive behaviour.
This is truly a heartbreaking case! I can't imagine the horror that Doe Roberts was put through and how Allen Roberts must have felt eventually finding out his beloved wife was very nearby and alive the first few days she went missing. Then to find out she was possibly raped before being buried alive! If all that wasn't enough he goes out of his way to try and cast suspicion on the grieving husband. I truly hope Mr. Lord received the death penalty and is no longer with us.
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