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Well I had heard it was solved but didn't really know anything concerning it to post. I can't find out anything about the update on the net so if someone comes across any articles concerning the neighbor who apparently killed her, please post them. I suppose the motive was money unless he just had some sort of hatred towards the couple.

I can understand your theory too Corky. The husband almost came across as suspicious because of his pauses in the second alert concerning the case but I think he was just so angered to have been implicated in the crime he was trying to keep his temper in check for the interview. I think the reason he even mentioned wanting to know where she was buried (if dead) wasn't exactly typical but maybe given her advanced age and the fact that she had bad asthma and needed daily medication made him assume the worst.

I'm curious if the neighbor was a suspect from the beginning. Another thing I'm curious about is how long Martha was kept alive. I would think given her medical condition and lack of medicine she didn't live long but in some of the calls the kidnapper made to her family and friends they would ask him specific questions and he would then find out the answer. I wonder if Martha was still alive then and answering them or he had just researched and knew the answers. Really sad case and a lot of similarities to the Annie Laurie Hearin one.
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