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Default Least fave. Father Knows Best eps.

1. S4Ep12 (#112) "Kathy Makes a Wish" - Kathy looks to be 11, nearly 12 by this time. A man is going around with his pony, taking pictures, and Kathy has wished for a pony, using an old horseshoe. Kathy thinks this is her pony due to the wish, and it doesn't help that the pony returns since it found food.

Sorry, the kid is too old for for this kind of nonsense. To the writers' credit, Betty told her so. But Jim and Margaret baby her, as usual, and Jim ends up sleeping with her and the pony in the garage, the man having entrusted the pony with them overnight.

Bad plot, written by Paul West, normally a better writer.

2. S4Ep27 (#127) "A Friend in Need" - the Andersons meet more than their share of strange guys, and here is another one. A traveling old man selling some kind of elixir. The cops are after him, and his trained little dog, Duchess, appears to have rung the Andersons' doorbell late at night (this is never explained). The Andersons take a shine to the dog, but she eventually answers her owner's call (the owner had evidently somehow managed to satisfy the cops and got out of jail). That's it, no more to it, but dragging it out to 22-25 minutes.

Another clunker, this time courtesy of writer Dorothy Cooper.

Dishonorable mention:

S5Ep16 (#149) "Kathy, Girl Executive" - now she's 12 going on 13, it appears. Bud is mowing lawns, and convinces the family to invest in his "corporation." They vote Kathy as chairman, and somehow she thinks she can dip into the till and buy her boyfriend a gift. She seems to be of average intelligence and should be mature enough to not do this, and is eventually found out, but Jim and Margaret manage to blame Bud for blowing his top at her. She deserved it.

This episode is from the head writer Roswell Rogers--I guess all his scripts can't be good.

Any others?
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