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That is a coinky-dinky. I watch the DVDs so I don't know where Me TV is in their showings, I don't rely on TV broadcasts to watch my favorites, if I did I'd be constantly frustrated as they are always taking them off. In my world I watch only DVDs in episode guide order and only once a week do I watch a particular series. I watch many different classic TV series' every week but only one episode of a particular series once a week.

Yes, I thought the Green Acres horse MIGHT have been a little darker than Mr. Ed BUT Mr. Ed being b/w it's really impossible to be certain his exact coloring, I still say it may very well have been the original Mr. Ed. Like the Lassie's you can tell one from the other by the white markings on their face above their nose. Are the marking on the Green Acres horse and the Mr. Ed horse the same? If so it must be the original Mr. Ed. The pictures you kindly provided do offer a good clue that both of these horses do have the same coloring as far as their bodies are concerned. But color in photographs can also be off, either dark in one picture or light in another not to mention color fades or color changes that happen to photos over the years. So hard to judge Mr. Ed's shade color just by photos.
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