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Originally Posted by Hazel Anyday View Post
Wednesday is my Green Acres day, today's episode was 4.13 "Birthday Gift". What was unusual about it was there was a talking horse in it supposedly Lisa's birthday gift. This talking horse not only looked like Mr. Ed but the voice of the horse was that of Jimmy Stewart! Or at least an excellent imitation.

There were a lot of in Mr. Ed TV show jokes, this horse was supposed to be the star of Mr. Ed and he complained about the producer and the network cancelling him. He (the horse, that is) called the show Mr. Fred, guess they didn't want to be sued. Interestingly both Mr. Ed and Green Acres were both "Filmways Presentations".

If this was the real Mr. Ed in the show it was really great to see Mr. Ed in living color!! Now, question of the decade is, Was this the real Mr. Ed? By the way, if it was, I wish they had gotten Rocky Lane to once again do the voice for the horse, as good as Jimmy was it would have really have been wonderful to hear Rocky Lane's Mr. Ed voice again.

Was this the real Mr. Ed?

What a strange coincidence ! On METV today they were advertising upcoming celebrity guests on their shows . On Thursday they are showing the "Mr. Fred" ep. on Green Acres ! They say the horse is voiced by Rich Little (Good impressionist , sounds a lot like Jimmy Stewart !

And they briefly showed Mr. Fred and from what I remember from seeing this ep. before he is too dark to be Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed being a Palomino, which are blonde colored horses! But than I just found these two pictures and they really do look alike! Maybe Mr. Ed was darker than I thought??

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