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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl
Phase 1 and 2! I really didn't like the later episodes much, esp. the last season. It got weird IMO! I think it started to go down hill after Becky and Mark eloped to Minnesota. And the next season was OK, I liked the two neighbor girls, Charlotte and Molly, than after that well I wasn't as big of a fan anymore!

I liked the early "small town" feel of it, and it just got lost in the later seasons!
Charlotte and Molly were great. Molly was played by Danielle Harris (who has been in many horror films, including Halloween 4 and 5), and their dad was played by Wings Hauser, who I thought did a good job at playing a single father who is a bit overwhelmed by raising two teen daughters.

I agree about the weird, Jackie's character went completely bonkers.
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