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Originally Posted by justins5256
Just caught this.

I didn't read the whole thread, so I apologize if someone already addressed this, but what do we know about A.J.'s business? The business he owned? Is it possible he could have been involved in something shady?
A.J. didn't own a business; he was a salesman at Earl Williams Clothing in downtown Houma, where I think he'd worked since high school.

Originally Posted by justins5256
His disappearance seems like an abduction to me. I base this on the nature of his car being abandoned, the missing milk (which makes his disappearance seem all the more abrupt), and the eyewitness sightings of A.J. with a group of three unidentified men. Normally, I discount eyewitness sightings, but the witnesses in both instances knew A.J. personally, and one witness even spoke to him briefly. That being said, I don't believe the lady who said A.J. tried to sell her fish. I believe the story itself, but I don't think the man was A.J.

Originally Posted by justins5256
I sort of get an Angelo Desideri vibe about this one. My gut feeling is A.J. was involved in something shady that resulted in his abduction and probable murder. What he was involved in, I can't even begin to speculate. However, I am at a loss to explain why someone, let alone three men, would abduct a male of A.J.'s age, and he would seemingly never return.

That being said, I suppose it is possible that A.J. decided to abandon his life (go figure) and take off for parts unknown. That doesn't explain the eyewitness sightings though, and it didn't seem that he had much motive, and the disappearance is too abrupt as I noted earlier.
I want to say A.J.'s daughters have speculated before that their father may have encountered an unsavory character in AA. Why someone like that would feel the need to abduct A.J. is beyond me, however.
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