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Wow, this is pretty cool - we won't have season six in our greedy little hands for another two weeks, but we already know what the cover for season seven will look like. A far cry from about a year ago, when we were wondering when/if season four would even be coming out.

I will say that whomever is designing the cover art for the Cheers (and M*A*S*H, for that matter) sets needs to be slapped in the face with a wet trout. Repeatedly. Either use someone better-versed in Photoshop, or use an actual cast photo from the corresponding season. Honestly, it's not hard.

So far, all seven Cheers releases have had really ugly, altered cover art.

Originally Posted by TV DVD Fan
Unfortunately, we have another season four kind of cover with only four of the cast members gracing the cover--- Sam, Rebecca, Frasier and Carla.
Funny - Carla looks a lot like Woody in this picture.

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