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Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
I don't like Molly but it's not because of the type of character she is. I don't find Molly Ringwald a good actress. She's annoying that first season. I consider her on the same level of acting as Mindy. Out of the lost girls, she's the one I was most happy about getting fired

As for the main four, my list goes:
  1. Blair
  2. Jo
  3. Tootie
  4. Natalie

I know the Nancy fanatics from years ago consider her the star of the show, but when rewatching the series it's very obvious Lisa is the star of the main 4. Blair had the most interactions with the girls and had just as many episodes each season centered on her. Out of all the girls, Blair is the only one this show could not do without. The only reason the character of Jo worked for fans is because of Blair. Blair brought out Jo's spunk a lot. There's noway Jo would have had the same success with fans if it wasn't for Blair to bounce off of. I also think Blair helped Jo grow a lot as the series went on.
I agree, not the Molly stuff but that Blair is absolutely the star since season 1. I actually voted that same exact order.
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