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Nodsmiley BLAIR

Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
Very true. Blair says a lot that her dad will pay for something. It's obvious she was grown up watching him use money to get what he wanted. Monica had a lot of marriages and boyfriends. Blair took that trait from her mom as she entered the dating field. She didn't have actual role models until Mrs. Garrett came along.

Well saidChristopher!

BLAIR didn't have any role model (instead she got shipped to boarding schools at an early age) and when MRS G came along she was already 15.

Actually, on the episode 'Gamma gamma' from season 5 (when MRS G and BLAIR have their first fight) MRS G even tells TOOTIE that she 'helped' raise BLAIR, which implicates that she was an important mother figure to the 'spoiled rich girl'.

PS: all MONICA ever was to BLAIR, was a 'play pal' telling her own daughter how to seduce men lol!
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