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Default John Waters explains why he's playing a Law & Order: SVU pornographer

The filmmaker known as "The Pope of Filth" appears in one scene in tonight's episode. “I play a pornographer so I am definitely typecast,” Waters tells Indiewire. “But I love doing these shows that people don’t expect me to do. I was on The Blacklist, I did My Name Is Earl. I always say yes, especially to big hit shows that I know people will love and don’t expect to see me in.”

Law & Order: SVU crew member dies due to coronavirus

Law & Order: SVU showrunner Warren Leight tweeted that Josh Wallwork, a member of the costume and wardrobe department, died from coronavirus complications at age 45. "Very sad news today," he tweeted this morning. "One of our costumers, and a beautiful man, Josh Wallwork, passed away from complications of Covd-19. Cast and crew send love and prayers to his family and friends. We are heartbroken." Mariska Hargitay added: "Heartbroken we are. I don’t think I ever saw him without a smile on his face. He brought love and kindness everywhere he went. Always ready with the joke. The SVU Corredor will never be the same. We will miss you Josh."
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