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Default Why Designated Survivor devoted Season 3 last year to a pandemic

Showrunner Neal Baer met with experts from Johns Hopkins University, Harvard and MIT in preparation for writing the season, and found that they were so concerned he decided to revolve the entire third season -- the first on Netflix -- around a pandemic. “It’s amazing that we can be so technologically advanced in some areas, but we’re asking people in Boston to make (protective) masks out of clothes like we’re in the time of Betsy Ross,” he say of the coronavirus pandemic. Baer adds: "I’m hoping that COVID-19 provides us with a drill. Even though it’s caused terrible calamity, it’s also preparing us for what could be much worse. That was my idea in doing it in Designated Survivor."

ABC canceled Designated Survivor after showrunner Neal Baer pitched his pandemic storyline

"ABC was trying to decide whether or not to pick up Designated for a third year," Baer recalls to EW. "I went in and pitched the story line for the pandemic. That was Maggie Q's story for the whole season that intersects with Kiefer's story line. Are we prepared for a pandemic? How are we going to deal with this? ABC went, 'Woo, that's pretty tough.'" The pandemic storyline ended up running in Designated Survivor's third and final season that was picked up by Netflix.

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