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Question FOL opening scene

What is everyone's favourite opening scene on FOL?

Mine is the one from season 1:
I just love the facts that we see the 7 girls running towards MRS G (who is sitting with a whistle) babbling non stop, and we see her rolling her eyes overwhelmed.

Another great scene is TOOTIE rolling with her skates and almost loses her balance, but luckily BLAIR and SUE ANN prevent her from falling.

The other scene is when MR BRADLEY leaves the school entrance and is surrounded by running girls.

And on the last one you see BLAIR and SUE ANN on the floor giggling with some of the girls on top of them: i believe that was during physical education.

It's a shame we never get to see any of it during the show, but at least it felt like a real school (unless in the rest of the seasons where we never get to see any scenes shot outside the building).

Season 5 is my next favourite: we get to finally see 'EDNA'S EDIBLES' and the scene on the table from the episode 'The chain letter', when MRS G is testing the girls is memorable!

Season 4: i love the scene when the NAT and TOOTIE are sitting on the sofa with MRS G, and standing behind are BLAIR and JO smiling!

Season 2: the best scene, is the kitchen one, when MRS G goes round each girl, starting from little TOOTIE to the oldest BLAIR, smiling at them while she puts her arms around them briefly.

Season 6: i like the bit where they all seat at the table like a real family smiling at each other and the 'Working it out' scene too.

Season 3: I like their group hug in the kitchen.

I don't recall season 7, 8 and 9 as i only watched bits on YouTube....

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