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Nodsmiley BLAIR + JO

Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
Jo was definitely written to dislike Blair in the beginning but they made so many episodes where we see Jo care about Blair. They snap at each other, yes, but in the end they really care about each other. Their friendship in real life really showed onscreen. All their friendships in real life did. That's what makes it special As for Bea and Betty, the scenes where Dorothy snaps at Rose or hits her on the head, you can see Bea's facial expression where she wishes she could do more than just that to hurt Betty They're not rumors. Betty went on record proving the rumors Bea didn't like her. What's worst is everyone felt relieved when they got to do The Golden Palace because Bea wasn't there. I'm glad the girls of The Facts of Life didn't have this.

I stopped watching I Love Lucy years ago so I don't remember how they were onscreen. I don't care for Lucy always getting spanked by Ricky just because she wants to do something for herself.

How many minutes are shows in syndication now? They were 20 minutes back in 2000. I remember ION's syndicated versions of Alice were like 18 or 19 minutes I believe. I don't get how syndication can air older sitcoms that ran from 24 to 26 minutes and trim them down to 19 minutes expecting them to make sense. And how many networks have editors doing the trimming that appreciated these classic shows? Or worst, old enough to remember them. God 80s we're getting so old

Very true: i always felt that the friendship between JO and BLAIR was deep and real, and if they snapped at each other it's because they really cared for one another.

BLAIR even said, on the episode 'Magnificent obsession' that it wasn't TED's place to tell her that she wasn't 'perfect', in which JO replies "you're right, it's my place!" (Ha ha ha! that shows how she won't let anyone insult 'her princess' but her).

And yes, i believe the core of 4 and CHARLOTTE RAE were close friends in real life! (you can see how much chemistry the 5 of them have on and off screen)
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