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Originally Posted by valentina warner View Post
Now you're really being unfair towards BLAIR: she was definitely 'UPSET' about breaking JO's engine (she even began to whimper when TOOTIE told her JO was back) so much that she even ignored the dress MRS G brought her lol!

BLAIR said "Who cares about the dress!" And if that's not showing concern about JO's belongings, then i don't know....

You obviously only see 'faults' in BLAIR and JO is Miss 'perfect' or?

PS: about the blank check, i thought that was quite classy of BLAIR, she says "it was my fault so i will pay for my mistake", but JO always take it the wrong way when money is involved!
Blair whimpered because they were discussing how hot headed Jo is and was worried Jo would go postal on her. Her saying who cares about the dress was not about Jo's feelings, it was about Jo's reaction. Blair is one of my favorite characters as well, but you can't deny her first choice for every problem was using money to make it go away. Also Blair never said that line. Her quote was, "it's ok. We'll simply buy you a new engine" when she saw Jo was upset. She then gets her check book and hands Jo a blank check saying to fill in the amount. Natalie then says "bad move Blair". That kind of response is buying your way out of a problem you created instead of trying to resolve it like friends.
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