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Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
You know me so well I'm glad The Facts of Life didn't have a lot of those. It is boring watching an episode where it's just clips from previous episodes.

Blair did act casual about breaking Jo's engine. I don't remember what was shown in syndication but how Blair broke it was she stored her belongings under Jo's bed and when she went to pull them out, she knocked over the table that was near Jo's bed causing the engine to break. When Jo was appearing upset, instead of saying sorry, Blair handed her a blank check telling Jo to fill in the amount. Jo reinforced what we all know, Blair is about money and money is the answer to everything.

Now you're really being unfair towards BLAIR: she was definitely 'UPSET' about breaking JO's engine (she even began to whimper when TOOTIE told her JO was back) so much that she even ignored the dress MRS G brought her lol!

BLAIR said "Who cares about the dress!" And if that's not showing concern about JO's belongings, then i don't know....

You obviously only see 'faults' in BLAIR and JO is Miss 'perfect' or?

PS: about the blank check, i thought that was quite classy of BLAIR, she says "it was my fault so i will pay for my mistake", but JO always take it the wrong way when money is involved!
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