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Originally Posted by valentina warner View Post
You have spoken from my heart once again cfr1970!

JO went way too far in this episode, and i HATE it when someone is nasty or cruel to BLAIR!

that goes for TOOTIE too: she really annoyed me in this episode, when she says to JO "I'll handle BLAIR, leave it to me" (she made her sound like the bad guy man!)

And yes, NAT handled the situation with maturity and dignity: after all, we all know she has a 'slightly' preference for JO (probably cos they've very similar) but still, she was very supportive and loyal to both her friends!

TOOTIE, on the other hand normally has a 'preference' towards BLAIR than JO (probably cos she's similar to the blond princess and scared of the Bronx girl ha ha ha!)

That BLAIR is a better friend than JO doesn't surprised me at all: she has always shown how much she cares about the 'Bronx girl', and has seek for her advice more than i can remember....

PS: i'm glad to read your love for BLAIR is getting stronger (that girl has a heart of gold!)
I didn't really think much about it but you're right. Tootie took Jo's side to the point of defending her in court over Blair! At least Natalie stayed impartial and wanted none of it. I liked that about her and she went up a couple of notches with me. And Mindy Cohn's acting has improved a lot from the previous seasons too.

Blair was probably also hurt that Tootie chose Jo's side so quickly when she should've seen how Jo's insensitive reaction obviously hurt Blair. She didn't seem very sympathetic to her at all. Bad Tootie!
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