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Originally Posted by cfr1970 View Post
Thanks. I'm sure i'll have tons more questions watching these edited episodes until I get the box set. 5-6 minutes snipped from each show can really get you lost.

Do you watch the 4 episodes in order every day or just pop in any dvd at random and play what's on it? I'm like that with All in the Family. I must have seen each episode dozens of times, but I still watch 2 episodes each night right before bed.

I grew up on the show and Archie & Edith remind me of my grandparents so it's comforting to watch. I view in episode order each night and when I reach the end, I start over from the beginning again.

I watch in order. Today I just finished season 1. I don't play by discs though. I have the whole set in digital copy on my hard drive that's plugged into my TV. There's so many episodes of The Facts of Life and it's not always the same show. I think this is how I never get bored with it because it changes shifts either every year or every couple of years. I think it does a good job staying fresh until season 9 when it just doesn't seem to feel right anymore.

I grew up on The Facts of Life. I think why I really love this show is because of the friendship the girls have and their need to want to stay in each other's lives. Plus it shows on camera that these women really enjoyed working together. I think it was 80sSitcoms I told this to, you can see in some shows like The Golden Girls and Alice onscreen where performers don't like working with each other. You don't see that on The Facts of Life and instead you see when they get together how much they like the other in real life.

Originally Posted by WriterChick78 View Post
I've done that with Three's Company myself. It's the first sitcom I ever remember watching in my life and I have loved it for 40 years. It always played somewhere on some channel on my lifetime, usually at night, so I developed that habit. Now they moved it too early on Antenna and knocked it down to one episode a day ��

Not to be contradictory, but they did say that the record player was broken and that Jo couldn't fix it. I, too, watched it today and heard that. I have two questions though: Why didn't they tell us what Jo's teacher thought of her filling the airtime? I was expecting him to come in and praise her and her friends for their creativity under pressure. My second question is this: what college would encourage a student with a full course load to stay up all night without sleep?
I like Three's Company too. I like the Chrissy seasons the best. Whenever I put it on, I go to those years most of the time. I wish there would have been more Chrissy / Furley seasons than just the one. The Ropers are ok, but I like Furley best and Chrissy over the other two replacements for her.

As for your questions, I don't think the purpose of the story was what the teacher thought of her performance that night. It was more of her taking the class seriously since she was putting other things before it. For the second question, I'm sure they worked around her college schedule in order for her to be able to do that. Maybe they had her do it on a Saturday night since most colleges don't do classes on weekends?

Originally Posted by '80sSitcoms View Post
=I honestly don't see how you do it. I mean, more power to you, lol. I just know I couldn't do that with even my most favorite show.

Yup that can come in handy, lol.

cfr, you'll appreciate the DVDs so much! I know FOL and "Golden Girls" and "Mama's Family" so well that it really hits you when the "director's cut" material is suddenly on the screen!
It's easier to watch shows more often when they're not cut and don't have those annoying animated onscreen ads that networks love. I grew up with this show though. It's like a security blanket. As long as I have this show to watch, it'll always keep me happy

Agreed about seeing the cut material you don't see on TV. There's still scenes in the episodes I'm finding that I don't remember in either syndicated version on USA and N@N.
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