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Originally Posted by RetroGuy2000 View Post
Yeah, from what I recall, the first season was almost halved, because they banned so many episodes.
Idk if they were all banned or if I just missed those eps being rerun. I remember looking at the ep guide on and Dope was noticeably missing a synopsis. I definitely didnt see Overachieving, Dieting, Flash Flood, or Running but I suspect I just missed those when they were cycled.

Originally Posted by 80s Dude View Post
Dope, Facts of Love, Rough Housing were banned. I think the return of Mr. Garrett was also banned because of kids gambling.... And they probably cut off the Blair Industries Langerie scene of Adoption.
Nope, I distinctly remember watching all those episodes on Nick. I even recorded Facts of Love on a VHS tape. The lingirie scene wasnt cut either. The only episode definitely banned was Dope.
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