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Originally Posted by Kane View Post
Last night, the recently-revived Forensic Files aired a new episode called "Family Tree," documenting the 1987 murders of Jay Cook and his girlfriend Tanya Van Cuylenborg. Genetic genealogy on a public web site resulted in the identification, arrest, and conviction of William Earl Talbot, who is now serving two life sentences in a Washington state prison.

As you'll recall, UM featured the double homicide in 1989. Jay and Tanya were on a trip from Canada to Washington state, where they were found murdered. Their loved ones received taunting letters over the next year. For years, it was believed that the letters were written by the killer, but they eventually turned out to be a red herring: The actual author was a transient with mental health issues. No evidence linked the transient to the murders, and he was ruled out.
I had a feeling this case would be one of the first to be featured on the new Forensic Files. Did they interview any of the family members of Jay or Tanya?
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