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Originally Posted by cfr1970 View Post
I always remembered Blair saying how she let the shower run for hours, probably because the first time I saw it, I just wondered why on earth would anyone logically do that?! It made no sense to me.

For one, you're wasting your time standing in the bathroom all that time, and two, your water bill is going to skyrocket. That's not revenge lol.

Originally Posted by valentina warner
You see a real perspective on BLAIR's side: hurt by JO's assumption's that she is only a 'shallow princess', she will go to extreme to prove her wrong, but no SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS for you so you can enjoy watching it
But like he said, you've already spoiled it, lol. Let's try to remember he's watching these for the first time in 30 years, so it's like they're brand new episodes to him.
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