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Originally Posted by tsaun View Post
Kinda unrelated but I think that's what happened to Robert William Fisher too.
Without a shadow of a doubt I think Fisher committed suicide and his body is yet to be uncovered in Tonto National Forest.

Bishop I'm not so sure about. Logically, suicide makes sense in the light of his mental health problems, and several people have disappeared from or in the Smokies without a trace. I wouldn't be particularly surprised if what's left of Bishop's remains are hidden beneath soil and layers of heavy underbrush, as Mike Riemer's were. Parts of the park are so steep and overgrown I am absolutely certain they haven't seen human footsteps in decades, if not a century. Sometimes I think his bones could be up there, just 40 minutes away from my house, and it kind of gives me the chills.

But Bishop's first attempt to hire a hit man, his perhaps pathological streak of competitiveness, his inclination toward Europe and ability to speak several of its languages give me pause and I just as well wouldn't be particularly surprised if he's buried in a pauper's grave somewhere in Italy, either.

I used to believe Harrell's account implicitly. I'm about 75% on it now. I'm not sure he made it up completely, but I wouldn't be shocked to learn that some of the details may have been remembered differently than what actually happened, or that they were flat-out embellished.
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