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Originally Posted by 70s show watcher View Post
i have to say that the police squad tv series was a fantastic spoof of the whole cop drama genre and shoul have lasted a whole lot longer than it did thats why i felt so letdown by the naked gun movies for some reason i felt that while police squad was very smartly written and you really had to keep your eyes on the show least you miss a great joke or sight gag the naked gun movies for me anyway just seemed to be dumbed down for the mass movie audience and just got very boring and tiresome after awhile in short i will watch police squad the tv series any day of the week the naked gun movies not so much does anyone else feel the same way?
Yeah, you make an interesting point. Police Squad was better and Airplane was better than Naked Gun because of the R rating. I mean how can you have a 1980's ZAZ movie without boobies!
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