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Originally Posted by chacha6581 View Post
Sorry if this had been touched on, but I read on fb that Beverly Noe was released from prison already . After murdering 3 women ?!
Wendy Camps sister has a fb page that she updates. The page also had a picture of the skeletal remains which was so sad. I do believe I have seen it before.
She also replied to a question about how Wendy’s son felt about his mother and such (she was murdered sometime after seeing him or attempting to).... Wendy’s sister said he is in denial and doesn’t believe his family murdered his mom even though her remains were found on the family property. She also said he is a bedridden drug addict.
This case just never seemed to get its justice. Wendy’s ex husband got off and his grandma got out the easy way. What a messy bunch of people !
Anyways Here is the fb link
It is extremely troubling that she is already out of prison. These victims suffered very brutal deaths. So Chad Noe was never charged? This whole family is pure evil.
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