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Originally Posted by XCalibur View Post
If it was Bishop, he was likely caught completely off guard. I don't think its inconceivable he reacted that way out of surprise and shock.
For someone who is allegedly as smart and psychopathic as him, I highly doubt it. I know a few people who are capable (emphasis on capable) of murdering their family without a moment of guilt and they all have one thing in common: they are all excellent communicators and expert manipulators: these are the kind of people who are able to stab someone in front of group of cops and convince them they are the victim. This is not the reaction of someone who is highly skilled and has had plenty of time to plan going into hiding because he would have known that eventually someone from his life would have recognized him and planned accordingly.

If he is not a cold blooded psychopath and just killed in a fit of rage, I have no doubt he would have committed suicide once he fully understood what he did and if he didn't he would not survive long as a 'zombie' in the desert. The older I get the more I suspect this is what happened. I was skeptical because no body was found but there are multiple cases where it took years to find it. The first case that comes to mind was Phillip Kramar: he literally called 911 telling them he was going to kill himself, was not far from the USA's second biggest city and it took over 4 YEARS for his body and vehicle to be found!
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