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Originally Posted by Mike82 View Post
For a long time I was 100% convinced that his sighting was legitimate. Recently, I have conceded that while I still believe his story, it was likely a case of mistaken identity. I recently saw a photo on that is a doppelganger of my father's coworker and close to 100% of witnesses would finger him in a photo lineup. In fact, someone even commented that they saw the person in my hometown and reported it.

If I was in Italy and had someone yelling at me in a foreign language and running towards me in a confined space I would have probably taken off too. Given that Bishop was apparently a very smart man I would suspect he would have calmly said something like "no English" with an accompanying puzzled look.
If it was Bishop, he was likely caught completely off guard. I don't think its inconceivable he reacted that way out of surprise and shock.

Plus, this was the guy who murdered his whole family. He could very well have gone insane, maybe even committed suicide later, even if he didn't right away while he was still in the smokies.

I still say if Harrell is telling the truth, then It was him. Obviously its just speculation though we got no way to know for sure.
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