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Originally Posted by Edward216 View Post
I absolutely love her version of We'll Sing In The Sunshine. One of my older brothers had her album We'll Sing In The Sunshine in his record collection when I was a kid, but I couldn't tell you what any of the other songs on it were. LOL.
Yes, Helen's version of We'll Sing In The Sunshine is a pleasant listen. I've always considered her as mainly a hit singles artist because unfortunately her albums tend to be on the mediocre side with more than the usual amount of unmemorable/forgettable tunes. My two favorite hit singles of hers are "Angie Baby" and "Aint No Way To Treat A Lady". "Peaceful" is a nice tune also.

Helen is mostly known for slower tempo type of songs but occasionally she'd speed up the tempo and record a snappy tune like this good one which is the flip side of "The Happy Girls" 45 RPM single:
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