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Originally Posted by ghosthouse View Post
When I was younger I was all about the conspiracies -- Oswald didnt do it, Sirhan didn't do it....James Earl Ray didn't do it.

But flash forward...all the evidence points to the guys they got ... and the only defense is ... evidence 1 was planted, evidence 2 was forged, evidence 3 was altered...and pretty soon you are just fruitlessly trying to explain away the only evidence available, which keeps pointing at you.
You mean.. Like the OJ Simpson case?

That one cracks me up when people say he didn't do it. Listen.. I can give some leeway and MAYBE say that evidence collection was so screwed up and the prosecution did such a poor job that they didn't exceed the reasonable doubt threshold and that therefore the verdict could have been correct..

MAYBE I could say that, not having been on the jury and hearing all the evidence presented. Noone can argue that was a pretty screwed up case by the police and prosection.

But saying he didn't do it.. Actually believing someone else killed them? No.

Big difference between Innocent and Not Guilty.

I can buy, as XCalibur says.. There's always the possibility that we don't have all the information.. But, the basics.. James Earl Ray fired the shot? Yes. Oswald fired the shot? Yes.
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