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When u have someone say they will send first, and then like 3 months later, u get nothing, and no replies to emails, so then u make a deal to get it someplace else.......

and then lo and behold, the other person FINALLY sends it, but u dont need it now?
Always put a time-frame on your trades. That way if someone sends you something 3 months after the original time-frame, you're safe. That was not the deal you made and you have no responsibility to honor any deals other than the ones you explicitly agree to. If the other party doesn't like it, too bad for them, they're the ones that broke the terms of the deal and therefore are acting outside of any agreement between the two of you. The original deal ends when the initial time-frame passes and no goodies are in your hands, unless there is communication AND agreement otherwise. Just think of it as "breach of contract": after the breach, the rest of the contract is null and void. If the other party still wants to trade, and so do you, fresh negotiations can begin, again.
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