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Originally Posted by biffbronson View Post
I seem to recall Fred Ziffel calling out to his wife on Petticoat Junction with a name other than Doris. Maybe in S1, Ep 1 of PJ (or whenever he debuted).
oh, so they DID show the Ziffels on PJ! I asked once on here if they ever did and someone said no.
Well then did they ever show Alf and Ralph Monroe, Mr. Kimble, Mr. Trendle or Newt Kiley on PJ? I know on one of the later PJ episodes they showed Mr. Haney in one scene.
the Clampetts are in a fancy Beverly Hills jewelry store. Granny points to a tray of rubies.

Granny: "How much fer one o' them red diamonds?"
clerk: "Madam, those are rubies."
Granny: "OK ask her kin we buy one offa her."
clerk: " The ruby I am talking about is not a lady."
Granny: "Lissen, how she got them diamonds is her business. I'm just sayin' ask her kin we buy one from her."
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