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THe show was launched with a two hour pilot (rare for a sitcom) that was a near total remake of the original 1959 Cary Grant-Tony Curtis movie. John Astin had Grant's role as Commander Matt Sherman, and Richard Gilliland in the Tony Curtis role of wheeler-dealer supply officer Nick Holden. Not only did Jamie Lee Curtis appear in the show, she played the part of the nurse that her father had romanced in the original movie (played by Dina Merrill).

The show's total overhaul in its brief second season has always been one of the more puzzling things to me since you had both male leads (Astin and Gilliland) axed in favor of Robert Hogan and Randolph Mantooth (Emergency). Of the nurses, only Melinda Naud as the well-endowed Lieutenant Crandall returned from the first season, and the only crewmen from the first season who made it to year two were Jim Varney (later to gain fame as Ernest in the 1980s and 90s) as Seaman "Doom and Gloom" Broome, and Richard Brestoff as Yeoman Hunkle (the character played by Gavin MacLeod in the original movie).
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